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The Swedish 4-piece band High High Heels is dropping their debut single “Tic Tac” – opening track to the upcoming album Scandinavian Lipstick.

The up-beat instruments of the Stockholm based newcomer band catapult you in a mood of early summer. It’s like a shallow breeze that lifts you up in the first beats of the track, it surrounds you and recharges you with bubbly energy that leads you to – although you might have been about to take the beginning dusk as time to leave the bar under the bridge – just slip over your summer sweater, flip back your hair and – with your open bottle of beer in your hand – begin to bounce through the crowd of blissful people high on the summerish air.
The beat is trotting and melodic, lead and background vocals mesh and take over your heart and feet, feeling the fun the 4 guys have playing it.




The B-side to the single – titled “Benni Versus Good Love” tells a feeling about, quite likely the same, frisky summer night – just later, when your feet are tired, your hair is tousled and your heart is full. Full of the wish to fall for the weary dancer you kissed all night – finding it just full of beer. and summer. Well, that’s not too bad!
Lead singer, Benni’s voice is ambient, soulful – almost in a sensual, sultry vibrato, like the purring of a tomcat. The lyrics follow the cheerful ironic style of the post-punk band, which lets the track escape the glimpse of folky tunes.


Benni (Vocals), Mathias (Bass), Bobbo (Drums) and David (Guitar) succeed in making their debut with these sweeping first tracks. Lighthearted they sing about the country up north, where bars close at 1 am and clubs – well, if you’re lucky – at 5 am, telling bright tales about the hunt for love on Stockholm’s dance floors. As nights up here are shorter, even rough ones can wear high high heels while drinking elk snaps.The aptly lyrics don’t lack self-irony, playing with the beauty of a Scandinavian night out, where the Peter Pan syndrome hasn’t spread yet like in Berlin, where all ticking clocks that might remind you of the fact that you get older and that you at least should go home at some point, got smashed a long long time ago.



We are excited for more tracks to follow!

To see more of this Nordic eye candy live, come to their debut gig on the 24th May at KGB in Stockholm. More info about the gig here.
You can also follow them on soundcloud and spotify.



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