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We were just discussing the situation of construction works in Berlin when we ended up having not enough bikes and due to the crazy weather circumstances were stuck in one traffic jam after another.

The new location of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin (which we have to say has never been as good as this year) is actually situated quite central in Wedding but the 4 kilometres could easily take one 60min. In the end I missed two shows. One due to a traffic jam in front of the PREMIUM fair (due to its new concept they had big days). The other one because I could not find a parking lot.

The Bread & Butter turns up with big news every season. And this year they say ‚Bye Bye Berlin. We are moving back to Barcelona!’. The mayor of Berlin had his own style of answering by not showing up for the fair’s opening and dancing on another event. A moment of loss but who knows they might come back sooner than they expect themselves.

And the PANORAMA fair. Successful at the most miserable location (Yes it’s true the new airport did still not open yet.) just moved to the Internationale Congress Centrum Berlin in former West Berlin and rocked with a expanding portfolio of brands. Congrats!

Another point to be mentioned is of course the weather. Berlin winters used to be freezing and summers hot. From year to year the climate seems to change but on Fashion Week the weather sticks to the rule. This year again: heavy rains, thunderstorms, sun and sticky air in a row. What to wear? How to keep hair and shoes dry? But as Berlin is a relaxed city one did not get any comments on bad hair days. The more you meet and discuss which rain or heat did what harm to you and your outfit.

Lessons learned. A swedish guy has beer for breakfast, lunch and supper. Get one of those fancy transparent rain coats to wear while cycling from one spot to another or use the public transport instead. Have a cool story for your wasted outfit and wear it with style. Even people talk Berlin Fashion Week dead and big players are moving on there is still so much more to explore in this pulsing city of change. We are not dead we are just about to explode.



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Winters in Berlin are long and cold. Time to pack your clothes and escape to sunny places. That does not always mean to go to Asia – we went to Marrakesh and enjoyed the oriental breeze.


Marrakesh, Morocco. March 2013

The souks of Marrakesh; aromatic, colourful, noisy, tight and angled, full of surprises, strangers and seem never ending. To get an idea and escape from the hustle and bustle get on one of the rooftop bars and enjoy the sights of the atlas, buildings and busy city while having a glas of fresh peppermint tea (Café des Epices or KOSY BAR).

A must see is the Jardin Majorelle formerly Yves Saint Laurent’s home and inspiration. Still not tired? -take a carriage to the Menara Gardens and watch the sun go down. You even can ride a dromedary. Finishing up the day at a cosy hamam or with an oriental dinner (Le Marrakchi).
Home is far far away.



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