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Like the tooth fairy exists, right?
Good things come to those who start doing things!




Are you a designer / DJ / pastry chef / artist / musician / creative fool / dancer / performer / cook / fashion designer / tattoo artist / writer / beer brewer / model / bandleader / illustrator / wine maker / stylist / anythingelse, just tell us your new projects and we may be able to support you!




Have a sunny weekend!

/ Milano
/ Zoe
/ Lola



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For Love & Lemons
took their brand name literally this time!

Heart shaped glasses and juicy boobs shot in Texas’ summer sun.

Sure, it’s the Lolita-checklist in perfection:
▽ Beautiful girl
▽ Plump boobs
▽ Bubble gum bubble
▽ Bows in the hair
▽ Braids
▽ Lingerie
▽ Lolling on a cowl
▽ Socks in plateau sandals
▽ Tan line
▽ Brigitte Bardot hairstyle
▽ Lace
▽ Sexy pout
▽ Tiny tooth gap
▽ Suspenders
▽ And the classic: sucking some jam from the finger

But does following the Lolita-checklist compromise the magic of these images? No, not at all! They warm our hearts and make as crave for summer (and Hailey)!



















































Model: Hailey Clauson
Photographer: Zoey Grossman
Stylist: Ashley Glorioso
Makeup: Stacey Tan
Hair: Ramsell Martinez

A bus, a tent, a very old analoge camera, two weeks time and four brave friends looking for the adventure of their summer.


Berlin/ Glashütte/ Wien/ Graz/ Piran/ Orsera/ Porec/ Rovinj/ Bale/ Outlook- Fort de la Punta/ Prematura/ Pula/ Plitvice Lakes National Park/ Linz/ Lochau/ Berlin, July-September 2013


Starting right after work we arrived late in Glashütte, a little town in Saxony traditionally known for its clock crafts. First critically eyeballed ending up in the only open bar – having beer with the locals.

Next day after a nine hour drive on the czech motorway we arrived to Vienna. Mission Viennese Schnitzel; as big as the plate, with potato salad on an extra plate and beer. Unfortunately it was raining.

Starting of with a desire of sun we stopped in Graz and stayed over night; climbed the castle hill and enjoyed the 360 degree sight over the city, went shopping in the old town with its little alleys and shops. Walked the bridge of the Murinsel by night and imagined the frightening power of the Mur.

Back on the road, music up, windows open, leaving Austria heading to the Slovenian coast. The seaside appearing in front of us- Italy on the right Croatia on the left. A stop in Piran to take a first fresh breeze of the sea and to buy kilos of Fleur de Sel (Piranske Soline) which is gotten from a near by Fleur de Sel plantation.

After leaving Slovenia, just passed 100 metres of nowhere, we entered Croatia. Not beeing prepared at all we were driving along the coastside. Already night time we got a space at a camping ground in Orsera and a fat thunderstorm on top. The next day brilliant sunshine, our tent up in the second row to the sea (many campers come to the same ground for decades- which made us unprepared just arrived birds of paradise to an attraction).

Based in Orsera we explored the urban hinterland. Porec is on the World Heritage List. In Rovinj we lost our hearts – what a beautiful town on a rock, a spiral road leads one to the top. In charming bars one can watch the sunset while having a drink. Bale – reported to be a artist town – was rosting during lunch time.

Time to move. The next camping ground emerged as Fort de la Punta which was hosting the OUTLOOK Festival 2013 at that weekend. Time to dance at that amazing breathtaking location. Pula the city with an well sustained amphitheatre is worth visiting.

In Prematura (a national park in the very south of Istrien) it was time to enjoy this unbelievable crystal clear water again. Swimming in the sea after getting up from a tent is the best morning exercise in the world.

Final stop in Croatia was the Plitvice Lakes National Park in the very west of the country. Lets do not talk about how and when we got there. Fact is we arrived at Branka’s Appartment House (Branka is an old slavic name and means armament- just for the few of us who had their doubts and expected a giant). Branka an unbelievable nice host (found on airbnb). At the Plitvice Lakes National Park the Winnetou movie was shot. An unbelievable natural spectacle with blue blue clear water.

Time to say goodbye. On our way back a stop in in Linz: expecting a perfection of Linzer Tortes. Not successful, learning effect – do not think in stereotypes.

Last stop of our trip a tiny village in the Upper Palatinate. Nothing to see, nothing to do but two weeks laundry.

Arriving in Berlin Saturday night, more than 3000 kilometres behind us we are still friends and willing to do it again.


The bus was us a great home.

The tent is bigger than expected and waterproof.

The very old analoge camera did not survive the trip. R.I.P.

Two weeks time are not enough to capture this delightful spot.

Four brave friends found the adventure of their summer.

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Guess the Crystal fighters are still stuck in my ear! Anyhow, although not much clothes is needed on the beach, choosing a look that reflects that summer’s feeling and mood we are in is worth thinking about 5 minutes (or even 15). Our this year’s favourites are these four looks: tough, strong, rough and wild.
A beach look that is you is 10% your bikini – or if you go topless just 5%. The rest is hair (10%), make-up (10%), jewellery (10%), accessories (10%), including your parasol and beach lecture (10%), and fuck yeah of course your poses, your moves (20%) and your body (20%). As we can choose so damn much, we SlashMuse peops don’t get the hustle with the ”beach body” and ”the right bikini”, just puzzle your look the way it fits your summer. It’s the look that bedazzels your sourrounding not one particular 10% detail! Beach now.



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