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Sebastian Lechner, bavarian artist running his riots on different surfaces, ornamented with an inked sausage.
He lives and works in Munich as Kor Izoh.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Seb?

A world without Pommes Frites is like…sooo coool….man!!! fuckin awesome.
Trance is a feeling of…dj asterix from israel.
Everything has and end but…ja ja ja,….the wurst has zwei.
Britney Spears is…kanye west.



/ Ok, first of all where does your name ‘Wurst’ come from?

▽ milan! i am a weener!


/ Talking about Wurst, could you be with a vegetarian?

▽ no, only if she would be a butterfly.


/ What are you working on at the moment?

▽ roses are red,
violets are blue,
i hate rhyming,


/ Do people show you their work and ask for your opinion?

▽ sometimes, but only if they are still in kindergarten.

/ Who was your childhood hero?

▽ Thomas Gottschalk, because his nose is big.

/ Do you feel very Bavarian?

▽ yes, but only in the ‘fitness studio’ Dachau (Munich).


/ These wide Jeans that hang somewhere under people’s butts, you call then saggy or baggy pants?

▽ sauna sweating in bad ailing makes me feel uncomfortable, they call me sweaty pants.


Do you believe there are dark forces out there that influence our behaviour (and I am not talking about the strong gravity that stops us from getting up from the couch)?

▽ 24 Stunden, Sat 1, lesbian couple with cheese soup that collects trash? No, i am afraid of the rabbit which turns up on easter.


/ How many tattoos are too many?

▽ kids can be horrible sometimes!


/ Ok, hand on the heart: snoop dogg or snoop lion?

▽ for shizzle.

/ Are there any exhibitions coming up soon?

▽ team titanic, 29.11….snakes, spiders and britney spears.

/ I can’t picture you with a moustache – ‘movember’ is coming up, so will you grow one for the good cause?

▽ bon jovi is giving me a hard time!



/ Cheers for checking in with us! Looking forward to your next show on the 29th November in Berlin!





Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Flipping through some beautifully arranged ‘coffee table book’s and ‘inspiration magazines’ in a Stockholmian high end minimalist clothing store I stumbled on some irritating but at the same time inspiring drawings of a handful sushi porn



Yes, sushi, geishas, bondage in a way the link is rather obvious but still these drawings exhilarating fascinated me.
The creator I discovered is the German artist, Boris Hoppek, coming from the sphere of graffiti, provoking in drawings, paintings, photographs, as well as videos, sculptures and installation art pieces. The reoccurring topics are sexuality, violence and racism expressed in a clear style that seems almost innocent at the first glimpse. ‘Photos showing women with problems or just being beautiful’ he sais on his homepage.
‘just the plain accurate artwork, seriously!!’



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