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Viktoria Spasova Ahlenius, Stockholm based photographer. Marlene pants + perky smile + camera = wow.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Viktoria?

If pigs could fly…I’d fly a pig!
I always dance when …
Coffee smells like…
Home means… Sorry, I’m not that creative 



/ If I’m right you had your first bigger exhibition this summer, so you are quite fresh in the ‘business’. It seems that photographers like to make clear distinctions on which kind they are. So what’s your label? Is it important to distinguish from the start?

▽ I think that it’s important to have a width. According to me the best photographers have it.
But it’s also important to have a peak. Otherwise you won’t succeed. But that doesn’t mean you have to put a label on what you are doing. I haven’t. I’m still studying so I’m still exploring. Maybe I’ll change my stance in a year!


/ If you can choose to have a crazy tea party and the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions – with who would it be?

▽ Duane Michals, Beyonce, Joyce Carol Oates and Marina Abramovic!


/ Berlin and Stockholm. You grew up in both places, what would you say is the biggest difference?

▽ The atmosphere! Berlin has a more vibrant street life. I guess its because of the size and also the mix of people.


/ Talking style, which city dresses better?

▽ Stockholm!


/ Do you believe in coincidences?

▽ Yes!


Ok, now the important stuff:

/ American Dad or the Simpsons?
▽ Simpsons.

/ Cardamom or Cinnamon?
▽  Cardamom.

/ Mario Testino or Terry Richardson?
▽ None of them..


/ What’s the most interesting part of the human face?

▽ The eyes.


/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ I’m taking portraits of teenage girls in their rooms. Im interested in how they create their identity and femininity.


/ Are there any exhibitions coming up soon?

▽ In spring!!!


/ Soon the new Lars von Trier movie comes out. Which of his films did you like best (or should I rather say traumatised you the most)?

▽ Magnolia..I was quite shaky when I left the cinema.


/ Ok, last question, as Halloween is coming up. What will you dress up as?

▽ Don’t know yet..but I want glitter and glam!


/ Thanks a lot for checking in with us, Viktoria! We are looking forward to your new website!





Black&White photographs: Viktoria Spasova Ahlenius
Interview & photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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There is no better place to be in Stockholm in autumn than on the roof of the only student house in Gamla Stan. It is a beautiful old house from which you see all tourists in the seize of ants. The view over the old town is stunning and if you are lucky someone might just be celebrating a crayfish party up there! Cheers!



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