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Good morning and let’s quickly update your pic on grindr or some other dating app!
This short film sweetened my black coffee this morning: The New York-based erotic magazine ADULT takes the grooming routine of a handsome fellow to a new level. Dazed recently premiered the first ever film, conceived by co-founder Berkeley Poole and brought to life by director Jamie Webster at Common Good Studio.

The film makers tell that their first short film was inspired by their twice-failed efforts to get a certain type of pic into the print issue – no success there. The director, Jamie Webster says he wanted to communicate the real-world effects of our social media affects. His aim was to achieve this without being extreme or dystopic. The main character is Wei Han, a mysterious gentleman, who received support from a body double. The video was shot in downtown Toronto, keeping with a long tradition of Toronto playing New York on film. The two co-founders of ADULT magazine, who also wrote the script to the film in cooperation with Jamie Webster are both born-and-raised Canadians. They present the short film with the words:

“Sit back, dim the lights, and enjoy our LONG EXPOSURE: a very ADULT take on American manhood.”


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Berlin Bootie Mashup Parties

I’m schizo.

You’re crazy.

Three voices in my head.

It’s disco.

It’s reggae.

It’s Brittney with The Dead.

My bootie,

keeps shaking,

but my ears have bled.

It’s mashing.



There are as many sully, simple poems on Berlin to be found as young (at least in their definition) people move to this notorious place every day. Well, I don’t feel like getting in getting in a discussion about the magic factor of this city but I guess everyone can get a glimpse when feeling this poem:  Nehemias Colindres’s short film Berlin, Berlin!



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