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“Do you want to talk? Do you want to ask my anything?” a celebrity who you have followed in films and magazines for years asks you!

What would your answer be? Sure, I get it that you don’t have an answer ready straight away – because how to choose what the most important question is. But there must me something. We have recently been interviewed for a media conference and one of the questions was: “what would you ask Kate Moss if you meet her to pose one question?” Well, it were most definitely not the deepest questions ever that crossed our minds but Zoe immediately shouted out: “Do you wear underwear?” and I blurted out: “How was it kissing Cara?”
So, I admit the questions that come into our heads when the possibility opens up to ask a star whatever you like might not be world moving questions but at least I would have a bunch of them. The only answer these two girls in Kirsten Dunst’s short film aspirational have, is “can you tag me?”

In an artful and soft way the criticism of our modern society and our usage of social media and the phenomenon of the selfie is presented and leaves you with an uneasy feeling that at the same time calms you down by feeling understood. I often struggle with short films that hold us a mirror of daily trends and criticism up in the face – like do you remember the “look up” video where this guy tells you the story of his life and claims that if he wouldn’t have looked up from his phone and asked someone for directions instead of looking at his google maps, he would have never met the love of his life… well it was not a bad film or anything or that the message didn’t have some alarming truth in it but it didn’t make me feel understood. More the opposite, every time I check for directions on my phone I feel guilty these days but seriously 99% of the people in the streets you ask for directions turn out to not be the love of your life and just tell you some direction which quite often is wrong – just because they don’t know better (most likely because they always follow the directions on their phone).

With this short film it’s different. The message is clear but it leaves me with a good feeling in a way, when I meet Kirsten Dunst or any other celebrity I will make sure to ask them a bunch of questions or at least discuss this film with them when I ask them to tag me!

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Sitting in a cabrio and trying the perfect quick selfie what an adventure and challenge. Which angle ist he perfect while driving on the motorway, head up or down, smile, no smile many questions to answer and in the end wrinkles, pimples and other stories destroying the perfect summer selfie.

We found a solution and yes we are not the first ones finding out. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and the others are already doing it for a while. First just got caught and questioned by her fans: How is it possible that you look so perfect and smooth at your age? Not one laughline on the singers face. A spontaneous selfie looks far different.

The reason for these miracle perfect selfies lies in the Perfect365 app. The award-winning and free makeover app combines some tips to make perfect selfies. One can choose from 30 styles based on the latest make-up trends. Even a sunburn, tan lines or washed off make up after a swim in the pool disappear by using the skin softening and foundation tool of the app.

We tested the app a little bit and were rather shocked how easily a selfie with a red pimple or bad lighting could be turned into a fresh – almost too smooth look. Here are some of our tests:

Folie1 Folie2

Even summer is vanishing this app can help to catch you in the last shafts of sunlight and show your friends what a great time you are having. For sure this app can be taken into the cooler months of the year, too.

But always remember not to take it too far in a world of beauty freny.



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