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Coming from a long long relationship I never listened to the meaning of songs, never read the page-one story of magazines, never could understand some of my girlfriends’ experiences and never gave helpful advice.

Spat out of this relationship after about nine years and my nearly missed out twenties I find myself confronted with an universe I still do not understand nor want to. Everyone looking for love deep inside but actually fucking around behind its own wall of stories, lies and self-deceit. Berlin the city of the boundless possibilities. The city of boundless sex and undefined relationships. Why only have one if I can have them all. Talking to our parents generation they think we are not willing to commit and being to picky. After committing eternal faithfulness for nearly a decade and hitting the floor more than hard I see reasons for being more questioning.

I do listen to all this songs more carefully now. Ronan Keating’s ‘when everything’s made to be broken’ or Flo Rida’s ‘can you blow my whistle baby’ are not just made up lyrics they are a mirror of reality. Page-one stories are reflecting existing problems. My friends stories are not more crazy than the ones of others and yes as my best friend always said ‘life is a soap’ unfortunately without script and a key to press pause. First lessons learned but the good advices will take more time.

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Three young Berlin beauties did declare war on the Berlin single market. Armed with glasses full of cookies they enter bars and coffee shops to spread love over the city. Taking part in the Funpreneur- Competition 2014 of the Freie Universität Berlin realized by Profund the three students became businesswomen overnight: Keks d’Amour was born.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Girls?

Wave surfing on the Wannsee … is what we’re doing all day long if we don’t spread love with our cookies.

Purple is the new… flamingo

A Fortune cookie is… much more than a trashy give-away when you buy a Keks d’Amour.

Two cockroaches on your pillow … are not my favorite bedmates.



/ After following your work of the last weeks how does it feel to be finally online?

▽ Awesome! But there was one moment that was even much more exiting: the birth of our first cookie baby. We put a lot of love in the packaging and spent an entire evening cutting, gluing and stamping. When you don’t know how the final product will look like this can be a pretty exiting process. After hours of work we were really happy about the result. The cookies looked exactly like we imagined them. Of course every mother says that her baby is the cutest, but common have you ever seen prettier fortune cookies?


/ Did it ever occur to you that a saying in a Fortune Cookie proved to be right?

▽ Maybe we should tell you now, that a fortune cookie saying told us: “Take a chance – become an entrepreneur” and this is why we are sitting here today. But to be quite honest, these sayings are probably even more meaningless than the horoscope on BILD.de. So if you want something meaningful you better buy a Keks d’Amour!


/ What makes a Keks d’Amour so special vis-à-vis a familiar Fortune Cookie?

▽ Where should I start? The run-of-the-mill fortune cookies as we all know them from the China restaurant around the corner have a trashy packaging, contain a trivial saying and don’t taste very good. Our Keks d’Amour cookies are made with a lot of love and aren’t a mass product. Instead of the trashy life motto you can find the profile of a single on the paper inside the Keks. Our singles live in Berlin, are carefully selected and ready to fall in love. So in contrast to familiar fortune cookies the Keks d’Amour might really change the life of its eaters.


/ Your target group are Berlin based singles in their mid twenties, why do you think they need help finding the perfect match?

▽ Berlin is the loneliest city in Germany. We are not only the country’s capital but also the single capital of the nation. In no other city you will find so many young people without a partner. In Berlin it sometimes seems especially hard to get to know potential lovers. You see a nice-looking person in the supermarket, in the club or on the street and if you don’t react immediately the chance that you will see each other again is almost zero. Trends like Tinder show that.


/ So who are those singles and how did you convince them to be part of your project?

▽ Without a question some of the most wonderful people the Berlin single market has to offer! Actually in the first round there are 11 different singles in our cookies. They are between 22 and 26 and live in various parts of the city. At the moment we only have hetero singles, but we would love to go gay in the next round!


/ Will you contact any of your singles and ask them out for a date yourself?

▽ Maybe Shimon…he looks cute!


/ Me as a greenhorn on the single market what advice do you have for me?

▽ It’s nice to believe in fate, but it certainly can’t hurt to start your future off.


/ How many cookies do I have to break?

▽ We want to make as many people as possible happy in Berlin, this is why you don’t need to buy 8 different cookies until you find someone you like. Instead you buy one cookie, maybe find the love of your life in it, and if not you can also contact one of the other singles from our website.


/ Where and when can we buy Keks d’Amour?

▽ You can buy the Keks D’Amour in three different bars and cafés so far: the Velvet in Neukölln, the Kapitalist in Prenzelberg and the Tirree in Moabit. We will also sell it at different events in Berlin, so if you want to be up to date about these events and other news, just follow us on Facebook. If you run a café, bar or store and you are interested in our concept, you are more than welcome to contact us!


/ Thanks for your time, keep on spreading love to this lonely city and good luck for the competition.

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Francesco, Stockholm, 2013

multi-talent / italian export / the one and only




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Lori Allison/ Sheryl Fenn/ Winona Rider/ Kate Moss/ Vanessa Paradis/ Amber Heard/ … Johnny Depp.

Having a look at those beautiful women Johnny Depp had within the last three decades lets the question arise: What do men actually want? Is it true love, sex, pain, loss, attraction, adventure or what are they looking for?

Johnny dated some of the most stunning girls of the last decades. Got married to stylist Lori Allison in 1993. The divorce two years later. Dated actress Sherilyn Fenn for four years than Winona Ryder. After the break up the tattoo ‘Winona Forever’ became ‘Wino forever’. 1994 to 1998 our favourite Kate Moss was spotted on his side. And finally everyone saw him settled in on Vanessa Paradis’ side. Living on a french winery and in Los Angeles, having two kids one thought this is the perfect match. In June 2012 the relationship ended after 14 years. A week ago he celebrated his engagement to Amber Heard. Will the 23 year younger actress be the one? Slash Muse stays on the ball.



‘Es gibt nichts erbärmlicher in der Welt, als ein unentschlossener Mann, der zwischen zweien Empfindungen schwebt, gern beide vereinigen möchte, und nicht begreift, dass nichts sie vereinigen kann, als eben der Zweifel, die Unruhen, die ihn peinigen.’


Quote: Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832). German poet/ natural scientist/ statesman.


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Berlin Bootie Mashup Parties

I’m schizo.

You’re crazy.

Three voices in my head.

It’s disco.

It’s reggae.

It’s Brittney with The Dead.

My bootie,

keeps shaking,

but my ears have bled.

It’s mashing.



There are as many sully, simple poems on Berlin to be found as young (at least in their definition) people move to this notorious place every day. Well, I don’t feel like getting in getting in a discussion about the magic factor of this city but I guess everyone can get a glimpse when feeling this poem:  Nehemias Colindres’s short film Berlin, Berlin!



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