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Lena Hoschek: the bride <3

50s sounds, Marlene Dietrich trousers, volan applications, fake fur, exposed skirts, tuile in combination with fine knit, bustier solutions, allover flowers and watercolor, blouses with artful collar design, blossom applications, accentuation waist and peplum. With a  surge of impressions Lena Hoschek presented her AW 15/ 16 collection at the Brandenburger Tor. With an enthusiastic applause the bride gown entered the catwalk and for sure every girls heart went bananas.

LOVE is in the AIR. Thanks Lena for this special moment!

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Coming from a long long relationship I never listened to the meaning of songs, never read the page-one story of magazines, never could understand some of my girlfriends’ experiences and never gave helpful advice.

Spat out of this relationship after about nine years and my nearly missed out twenties I find myself confronted with an universe I still do not understand nor want to. Everyone looking for love deep inside but actually fucking around behind its own wall of stories, lies and self-deceit. Berlin the city of the boundless possibilities. The city of boundless sex and undefined relationships. Why only have one if I can have them all. Talking to our parents generation they think we are not willing to commit and being to picky. After committing eternal faithfulness for nearly a decade and hitting the floor more than hard I see reasons for being more questioning.

I do listen to all this songs more carefully now. Ronan Keating’s ‘when everything’s made to be broken’ or Flo Rida’s ‘can you blow my whistle baby’ are not just made up lyrics they are a mirror of reality. Page-one stories are reflecting existing problems. My friends stories are not more crazy than the ones of others and yes as my best friend always said ‘life is a soap’ unfortunately without script and a key to press pause. First lessons learned but the good advices will take more time.



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