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Last weekend we closed the doors of Club de Slasheurs. Instead of demonstrating the finale sale in our concept store and gallery with SALE-Stickers initiated a spontaneous photo shoot at the Club combining the different objects of fashion, art and lifestyle:

#1 Bunnies like fashion stories
Rabbit mask, shirt: J’ai mal a la tete, THE PHOTODIARY

#2 The Club
Wooden school chair, sweat shirt: Izzy not Easy, hat: Corona Lantana

#3 Fox in the sun
Fox mask, scarf: La Rogy, bottle: Fräulein Brösel’s Schnapserwachen

#4 The little ones
Baby dress: Lilly Marleen

#5 cool art
Art work: Sebastian Lechner / Kor Izoh, polar bear mask, Bomber jacket: J’ai mal a la tete

#6 Daydreaming
Flower couch, fox mask, hat: Corona Lantana

#7 Warming the heart
Coat: vintage, wooden school chair, rabbit mask, wine: Domaine La Louviere

#8 gypsophila
Veil: vintage, sweat shirt: Izzy not Easy

#9 Alles Nutten
Art work: Nomad Uno, Beanie: Corona Lantana, Skateboard: Build

#10 out now
Last view on the club


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Club de Slasheurs is not only gallery and café but also concept store:

Our shop combines European young designer creations with home accessories, jewelry and vintage parts. Vintage fashion from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s faces modern menswear like J’ai mal à la tête or eco fiendly sweatshirts for girls designed by Izzy not Easy. Marc Schuhmann’s ED 5 poster collection, which is exclusive to receive the Club de Slasheurs, as well as coffee table books such as The Berlin Fashion Week Photo Diary and Stockholm New give the store in the old factory hall a feeling that is linking back to the Slash Muse Magazine. The NORR magazine, as well as postcards of the Norwegian designer Tone Tveit Gautefald let the Club become a holiday oasis.

Slime Time Caps, vintage light bulbs and Tripploss‘ 2-day tattoos let you remember that you are standing in one of Berlin’s Hinterhöfen. Artful jewlery creations by a.maze, fantastic hats by Corona Lantana and high end scarves designed by La Rogy caress the taste of Domaine la Louviere and Fräulein Brösel’s Schnapserwachen. Skateboards, Flowers, animal masks and more surprises coming in every day…


Our store represents our passion for details, our connection to Berlin, Munich and Stockholm, our love for the weird and the crazy as well as classic and pureness. Come and be mused and bemused of course! cheers!





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