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Thanks to last nights presentation of woman.made‘s collection ‘This is our Youth’ we finally made it to the Boum concept store.

Located at Tempelhofer Ufer the store unites delicious food and goods with each other. While having lunch or coffee one can shop in the integrated shop. Since last night the product range of tea, perfume, bursting bubbles, schnapps and candles made by native creatives has been extended by the well combinable jewelry woman.made collection.

The cosy get together with a glas of Berliner Winter and goulash soup whets appetite for more lunch and coffee breaks at the Boum concept store. For all workaholics and late bloomer in christmas shopping this is a nice spot to shop while having a break.


Boum – Delicious Goods

Tempelhofer Ufer 32

10963 Berlin – Gleisdreieck


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Dear Slasheurs/ creative fools & everyone else,

time is up to clean or fill your shelves. Join our first flea market @ Club de Slasheurs! 

// Sunday 27th of July 2014
// noon till 8pm
// Club de Slasheurs/ Großgörschenstraße 28/ backyard/ S1 Yorckstraße
// knickknack/ trödel/ vintage/ music/ gallery/ drinks/ food/ sell/ buy/ bargain/ sunchairs/ paddling pool/ and more //
// ENTRY: free


Kaizoku Japanese Curry
Exclusive Coffee

a cooperation with: http://blog.pollyandbob.com/mods/backyard-fleemarket/


Take your old clothes if designer or formerly favorite piece, the lamp that does not fit into your kitchen anymore as well as all those little things which you do not need but are too nice to through away.

// 2 school tables (2,56m) 15€ / bring your own table 10€
// reservation/ ideas/ questions: studio@slashmuse.com
*sale only on reservation and confirmation!



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Mutterland is a trendsetting delicatessen store, founded in 2007 by designer and gastronome Jan Schawe, it has an online shop and three branches in Hamburg, Germany, today. Schawe wanted to turn his own life philosophy into a business. Values like fair trade and payment, organic production and sustainable wrapping play a big role in the concept store. Next to well chosen homemade curiosities Mutterland also sells for example daily fresh salads and breads.

To have a full view of the range of products as well as a feeling of this lovely created place we highly recommend to try it out by yourself!

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Mo, Berlin, 2013

model / dutch export / treue seele



Lupus – fine organic food & wine


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spaghetti / bavette/ olio/ vino/ parmigiano/… – Bella Italia.


Whenever going to a another country I love to go for a stroll in local supermarkets.

But to be honest whenever one buys something on vacation does it really have the same taste arriving home. Do we actually use it? Once I bought lentils in India to cook Dal (an indian lentil dish which can be served as main or supplement). I stored the lentils for about  three years in the kitchen shelf (dry and hermetic packaged). When finally cooking them it happened that they stayed stone-hard for ever. Just to mention one example.

But shopping from Italian supermarkets turns out to be more successful for me. My favorite olive oil, a huge piece of Parmesan cheese, some bottles of this one red wine and Bavette No.13 (a flat spaghetti brand) always find the way home with me. And yes I use it regularly and it tastes as good as on vacation.

Of course due to globalization we can buy nearly everything from everywhere at home however the atmosphere cannot be compensated.


Photos taken at Hofer Market in Sterzing – Vipiteno. Yes for some this is not Italy but geographically it is.


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Saigon/ street food/ authentic decoration/ people – District Môt, Berlin.


Standing in front of the restaurant sets you into holiday mood. Entering this with love for the detail designed place feels like being in Saigon without a long distance flight. The food is authentic and delicious. The service nice and fast. They even have a little market stand to buy things and take them home.

Thanks to the friend of a friend who suggested us to try it out. We will come back and so should you!


District Môt

Rosenthaler Straße 62

10119 Berlin


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Noisy/ different/ breathtaking/ distracting/ amazing/ crazy – China.

Entering a Chinese street soup place at lunch time means an unbelievable noise of smacking, burping and spitting. And that’s only one example why it seems that you either love or hate China. I did not meet many foreign people who said their feeling about China is ‘so so’.

Eating is a major purpose in life of Chinese people. Ordering Chinese Food in Germany has nothing to do with real Chinese food. While we order ‘chicken sweet sour’ with rice people in China prefer to eat at a round table with many small dishes to share. Fancy dishes are 1000 year-old eggs, jellyfish salad or turtles. Not uncommon is that you can choose the animals still alive at the front of the restaurant. But they also have dumplings, noodle soups, delicious vegetable and meat dishes. About the rice; the more prosperous people are the less rice they eat. This can make it pretty difficult to survive a business dinner where one is offered the best of regional dishes. Asking for rice means the offered food is not good or not enough – whereby the host looses his face.

But despite the very different culture with its sometimes for foreigners strange seeming habits, there are many great sights which are worth visiting; the Great Wall, the forbidden city, the Hutongs in Beijing, the Terrakotta Armee of Xian, Shanghai a city that never sleeps, the Westlake in Hangzhou and the old town of Suzhou – just to name a few of them.

Furthermore there is a dazzling nightlife. The Chinese like to play and to be entertained. Many nightclubs are costly designed and decorated, there are separate tables to stand and sit on and a lot of dance performances. KTVs (karaoke places) you can find all over the country where people like to sing and drink.

Ever tried whiskey with iced tea or snake schnapps?



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Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem/ Wailing Wall/ beach/ Church of Nativity/ pilgrimage/ … – Israel.

Good morning Tel Aviv. Waking up with an wonderful view of the coast side, shopping at Azrieli HaShalom Center and a wonderful dinner with sea view. Hummus, fish, falafel, freshly baked bread and delicious chocolate cake for desert. Later that night cocktails at the beach. 11p.m. still 25°C end of november. 

An early wake up call the next day and on the road to Jerusalem. Passing ghettos, colonies built in Jerusalem stone, dry as well as cultivated landscapes. A tour at the Wailing Wall, a look at the Church of Nativity and a glance at the al-Aqsa-mosque. Nowhere else one might be closer to religious history and currentness of disputes.

Résumé for the last 48h: what a fascinating country between history, disputes and a new generation of people who want a change.



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