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The Road Story Vietnam: A beautiful short film by Georgy Tarasov let’s us lean back and feel the wanderlust in our hearts. Being free like a bird, enjoying the beauty of nature and exploring life.

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The finally released Chanel film ‘Reincarnation’ by Karl Lagerfeld starring Pharell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Géraldine Chaplin is just overwhelming our after lunch coffee break.

Telling the story of Coco Chanel, and her inspiration for Chanel’s signature jacket, british model Cara Delevingne plays the leading character in the film. Set in a bourgeois austrian hotel the short film was created to accompany the Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection which will be shown in Salzburg today.

The naughty waitress (Cara Delevingne) who is playing rigs and a stiff lift boy (Pharell Williams) doing his job. Awake at night while the rest of the place is asleep they embody empress Elisabeth “Sissi” und emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and show off a ballroom dance while singing a duet.

In addition to his starring role, Pharrell composed and wrote the lyrics to “CC the World,” the soundtrack of ‘Reincarnation’. The film is an artistic collaboration of Lagerfeld and Pharrell who is a close friend of the house Chanel and the designer in personal. Cara Delevingne is the face of the 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection.

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Actress and original ‘It’ girl, Chloë Sevigny, hands down wins at having the most inspiring style this side of 1990. Since her debut role in Kids, she’s modeled (rather aptly for French fashion house Chloé), collaborated with hot NY label Opening Ceremony and established herself as film and fashion’s indie darling – and she’s not stopping there. Her latest role is in The Cosmopolitans (a pilot TV show for Amazon Studios, featuring eye candy Adam Brody) about young and beautiful upper-class American expats in Paris. Add that to the Chloë Book – a coffee-table tome of pics coming out next April with a foreword by Kim Gordon, and you’ve got proof the buzz about Chloë never really went away. Chloë Sevigny was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film Boys Don’t Cry, and later played a polygamist on the HBO drama series Big Love. Her role in the Brown Bunny by Vincent Gallo or some of her outfits most people couldn’t have pulled of – at all. Chloë does, with grace and an elegant edge!

We believe in Chloë-Style. No one could ever replace her. Although Léa Seydoux has great potential…

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Well, that’s what you’re missing in Cannes right now – besides awesome weather and beautiful dialects:




Canadian director David Cronenberg has already participated in Cannes’ competition four times with Crash, Spider, A History of Violence and Cosmopolis – without winning the Palme d’Or… This time, he’s coming back with a satire of the entertainment industry involving ghosts, Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore and burnt Mia Wasikowska. An intriguing, contemporary and possibly crushing plot that could charm Mrs President, aka Jane Campion, who will head up the jury.

Part of the Official Competition category





It seems almost too easy for Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne to make it to the Croisette: Two Days, One Night is their sixth film to compete at Cannes and they’ve already won the Palme d’Or twice – first for 1999’s Rosetta and then for 2005’s L’enfant. Now they gamble on Marion Cotillard to bring them good luck on one of the most contemporary themes ever: the economic crisis. Together with her husband Fabrizio Rongione, the French siren tries to convince her colleagues to renounce their annual bonuses in order for her to keep her job.






Ryan Gosling‘s writing-directing debut was even more appealing under its working title: How to Catch a Monster. In this “Detroit-shot fantasy-drama” starring Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan and Eva Mendes, a family will discover a route to an underwater city. An essential to watch, if only to determine where we most prefer Gosling: in front of or behind the camera.

Part of the Un Certain Regard category





Another coming-of-age story, but with a monster involved. It Follows, by American director David Robert Mitchell, is a nightmare about “sex, love and the unseen horrors that follow us”. Another cult movie? He’s already attended the Critic’s Week in 2010 with the now cult The Myth of the American Sleepover. So all bets are off.

Part of the Critics’ Week category




He’s only 25 but cracked the competition with his fifth feature. Xavier Dolan, the Québecois wunderkind took his first steps at the Director’s fortnight with his 2009 debut, J’ai tué ma mère, then entered Un Certain Regard with Heartbeats and Laurence Anyways. Far from his last film, Hitchcockian thriller Tom at the Farm, which premiered in Venice, Mommy is a family drama. The story follows a mother (played by his muse Anne Dorval) who has to take care of a troubled teenager (Antoine-Olivier Pilon).




Last year it was Sofia Coppola who had the honour to open Un Certain Regard with The Bling Ring. This year, no bling at all, but an impressive and courageous debut by three young co-helmers, Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger and Samuel Theis. The “Party Girl” is Angélique, a 60-year-old nightclub hostess who finally decides to settle down by marrying Michel, her most regular client. But is she really ready to accept that the party is definitely over? A gripping family drama that sounds perfectly right for a good reason: the main parts are played by one of the director’s mother and siblings.

Part of the Un Certain Regard category





With its title that sounds like an homage to the Beatles, Ned Benson’s Eleanor Rigby could also be rebaptized The Marriage Plot since as Eugenides’ brilliant last novel, the writer-director will raise the challenge of telling one of the oldest stories in the world: the dissolution of a marriage. We follow the daily life of two recently married New Yorkers, Connor and Eleanor (James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain), who unfortunately lost a child. The film is divided into Him and Her movies, alternately focusing on their two very differing perspectives: to forgot their common pain, he spends his days working in a restaurant while she returns to college for further education… A very ambitious first feature.




This Kickstarter-funded debut feature by editor-turned-director Andrew Hulme is an astonishing and uncommon gangster film set in London’s East End. This UK’s answer to A Prophet will be one of Cannes’ sensations thanks to the amazing lead actor, Frederick Schmidt, who plays Dave, a petty criminal who will eventually seek redemption through Islam. Schmidt was spotted by one of Hulme’s scouts outside the shop where he just had an argument with his boss. His first role, but obviously not the last.


And some more arty stuff:


It’s because he gorgeously undressed young prostitutes in the dawning of the 20th century in House of tolerance that Bertrand Bonello attended the 2011 Cannes film festival. Now it’s his ability to put French actor Gaspard Ulliel in Yves Saint Laurent’s tuxedo that brings him back to the official Competition. Cannes’ most glamorous entry, also featuring Léa Seydoux and Louis Garrel. Not to be confused with Jalil Lespert’s boring “Yves Saint Laurent” the other recent biopic of the very cult French fashion designer.




Hard to convert a try after such critically acclaimed debuts like The Policeman. But Nadav Lapid’s second feature is even more impressive and powerful. The film centers on an educator who discovers that one of her schoolboy is a true genius of poetry but has to face the fact that there’s little room left for poetry in our world.



We knew Daniel Wolfe for his exciting music video: Plan B’s double-platinum album The Defamation of Strickland Banks or his video for The Shoes’ Time to Dance starring Jake Gyllenhaal, that immediately became a YouTube sensation, clocking up half a million hits in just two days. Catch me Daddy is Wolfe’s debut feature, a “visceral thriller” about Laila and Aaron, a couple on the run in the badlands of West Yorkshire. Newcomer Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, who plays Laila, is the true heroin of this very dark story, which seems like an interesting overturn of the thriller genre.

Part of the Directors’ Fortnight category



(Alice Rohrwacher, Italy-Switzerland-Germany)

One of two female directors in competition this year, Italian writer-director Alice Rohrwacher delivers a very personal second feature after her beautiful 2011 Directors’ Fortnight entry, Corpo celesteLe Meraviglie (“The Wonders”) is the coming of age story of Gelsomina, a 14-year-old girl who lives a secluded existence in the Umbrian countryside, with her parents, sisters and animals, until the arrival of Martin, a young German ex-con. Don’t miss one of the most remarkable new voices from Italy.





Every film by Rüben Östlund (director of Play) is an irresistible lampoon and his fourth feature, is no exception to the rule. Set in a French ski resort, Tourist observes how tensions unfold in a family after the father tried to save his skin, and his skin only, during an avalanche that fortunately didn’t injure anyone. Last January at the Gothenburg film festival, the Swede who used to direct skiing film confessed that his “secret goal” was “to shoot the most impressive avalanche scene in the history of avalanche scenes”. We saw it and can confirm: it worth the trip.




A new film produced by the Ghibli studio is always a magic event. This one by 77-year-old Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbors the Yamadas) was 8 years in the making but the result seems up to our expectations. Inspired by an old Japanese folktale, the film tells the story Kaguya, a tiny little girl found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, who decide to raise her. After having became a superb young lady, she decides to move to the grand capital city…



Sweet and poetic like as a Pasolini film, Sebastiano Riso’s first feature is a coming of age story inspired by the real-life tale of one of Italy’s best-known drag queens, Fuxia, played in his young age by  a marvellous young actor, Davide Capone.



Nothing to do with Linklater’s masterwork Boyhood, but Girlhood, by one the most glorious represent of the French new generation Céline Sciamma, will definitely be a highlight. This drama about a group of teenage rebels will complete a trilogy exploring the construction of gender, that began with her 2007 debut, Water Lilies and continued with Tomboy.



(Sergei Loznitsa, Ukraine)

Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa is a bright and incredibly demanding director (My JoyIn the Fog). He’s also a fearless documentary filmmaker, who put his camera on Kiev’s central square to explore from the ground level the protests against the regime of President Yanukovych, that started last November and never really ended. Knowing the guy, Maidan must be a powerful must-seen.

Part of the Special Screenings category


et voilà!



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Lukas Ionesco, Théo Cholbi, Angie Sherbourne and Serena Thelma Perret are all 19 to 21 years old. They’re not famous yet, but they’re young and strangely beautiful in a rough, powerful way. It’s the reason director Larry Clark, who’s always been attracted to youth subcultures, casted them as characters in his forthcoming feature about self-destructive Parisian skate kids, The Smell of Us!

“The boys just texted me they’d come. I hope the girls will too,” says photographer David Ledoux. “They’re great kids, but with them, you never know…” It was Perret, an arty little blond elf, who first introduced Ledoux to Ionesco, who is her ex-boyfriend, Sherbourne, who is a model and one of her best friends since they met on set and Cholbi, Ionesco’s faithful party partner. “Their look is a true expression of their personality,” Ledoux says. “In a city as judgmental as Paris, I admire that ability of being singular.”






They all knew and liked the Clark’s work long before they met him – their favourite Clark features are Kids (1995) and Ken Park (2002) – and they were aware of the reputation concerning his methods: that the end justifies the means. Clark gave S.C.R.I.B.E. the task of portraying the Parisian skate world – a very particular microcosm – instructing him to stay with them, listen to them and do what they do.

“All true skaters will tell you most films dealing with the subject fall into mediocrity,” S.C.R.I.B.E. says, “but Wassup Rockers by Larry Clark is a realistic rendition of the skate state of mind: improvisations, diversion and seeing the city as a playground.” If anyone can capture contemporary Parisian youth, it’s Clark.  “Larry loves broken jaws and youth that burns its wings,” the writer continues. “He gives himself entirely, with his demons, with a gaze he offers but also feverishly controls. I’m touched by his nostalgia for a teenage Eden which doesn’t really exist, and his willingness to break reality with a great punk scream.”

We are excited for the release of The Smell of Us!




“I need to raise myself spiritually. Drugs can help sometimes. But also literature, which I’ve decided to explore more” – Angie Sherbourne

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Zoe Saldana plays Rosemary Woodhouse in the two-episode remake of Ira Levin’s 1967 book, which director Roman Polanski, in 1968 turned into an unforgettable film, that still haunts some of our nightmares.


Zoe Saldana and Patrick J. Adams, who we love since watching him in the series Suits, play an American couple who settle in Paris near posh French neighbors, Margaux and Roman Castevet (Bouquet and Isaacs). Then newly pregnant Rosemary begins to worry that the Castevets have malevolent plans for her baby….

The director says the plot follows the novel, except it’s set in Paris instead of New York and shows more “blood.” Thinking about the original we wonder how that is possible!


The four-hour series directed by Agnieszka Holland also stars Patrick J. Adams, Jason Isaacs and Carole Bouquet and will air on the 11th  and 15th May in the US.



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Berlin Bootie Mashup Parties

I’m schizo.

You’re crazy.

Three voices in my head.

It’s disco.

It’s reggae.

It’s Brittney with The Dead.

My bootie,

keeps shaking,

but my ears have bled.

It’s mashing.



There are as many sully, simple poems on Berlin to be found as young (at least in their definition) people move to this notorious place every day. Well, I don’t feel like getting in getting in a discussion about the magic factor of this city but I guess everyone can get a glimpse when feeling this poem:  Nehemias Colindres’s short film Berlin, Berlin!

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Suddanly we saw tons of people post this video which usually would be a reason to not even look at it but damn it is a great project and the video is sweet. Simple and sweet. It just captures the awkward nature of magical first kisses! It shows the pureness that is hidden in all of us. The black and white videography and lighting might help too. Who knew strangers kissing could be so romantic?

It’s called Goodmen Project and the filmmaker, Danielle Paradis is Canadian. She is a graduate student for Master of Arts in Learning and Technology with a focus on Open Education. She writes regularly for Policy Mic and has written for Bustle and xojane. She writes regularly of communication, feminism and popular culture.


Go, kiss a stranger today!!


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Fredrik Öst, passionate enemy-collector, co-founder of Stockholm based design/branding/film agency SNASK, who’s key features are not only his stunning looks in a warrior’s armor and his atomizing energy. Because then you’d have forgotten about his silky shining mane. With his partner in crime, Magnus Berg, they wrote a manifesto. and a book. and built up an emporium of creativity. and probably discuss their strategy to take over the world supremacy…




/ How would you finish these sentences, Fredrik?

The music video for ‘Scatman’ is…very strange and more b&w than Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” ever was.
A green chicken turns around and…vomits on all the boring fucking agencies around the globe who named themselves after their founders surnames.
A world without IKEA is like…a refrigerator without any basic foods in it but only caviar, truffle and goose liver.
Love means...nothing unless you show it like you mean it.


/  You guys founded SNASK in 2007, how does it feel TODAY?

▽ Fucking great. But that’s pretty natural. We didn’t know if we would survive the first month and here we are at 5 years old kicking it and living the dream! So yes, we won’t hide it, we’re feel great where we are today but want to go further.


/ Who came up with the idea for YAY Festival?

▽ It was a mix of all of SNASK as well as the event agency Grandins Flying Circus. We all felt that something was missing in Europe and started shooting ideas at each other of something better. That’s the truth.


/ I agree. Awesome idea. You are also happy with the outcome of the pilot, right?

▽ Yes, it was fantastic and we’re having the new one on 7 December. It will be better and bigger!


/ You can choose one robot – What are its features?

▽ It has only one feature. To satisfy guilty pleasures and then taking away the guilt.


/ In classic graphic designer manner, you guys have any tattoos?

▽ Hmmm, yes. I have a rose on my forearm (cliché hell yes!) and Magdalena (star designer) has her nick name “Neski” tattoed on her back. The others secretly dream of having them.


/ Ok, and a more intimate question: Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

▽ Hmmm, I mean we like humor so don’t get me wrong. But Bruce Lee is so much cooler and more conceptual than Jackie Chan. I mean, he trained every day for like 27 hours. It feels like it’s impossible to become better in the time he did it. So fuck Jackie, go Bruce! (the name is cooler as well)


/ Do you believe in colour psychology?

▽ Well, to some extent. Sure, warning signals like red+black and yellow+black surely works or at least worked once upon a time. But nowadays it doesn’t really matter. I mean, we don’t panic when McDonalds have Red and Yellow as their colors. And we don’t feel cold when Behance logotype is blue. So we do believe there’s some kind of phsycology but a very vague one and not very relevant to our line of work.


/ Who would you like to get your toes sucked by?

▽ You since you mentioned it!


/ Would you say you are picky with clients?

▽ Yes we are. If they don’t have a good budget they have to be good clients if we are to work with them. Mostly clients that don’t pay well are also very bad clients who don’t understand the process, the amounts of corrections allowed, the amount of work we put in and the proud and professionality we have as branders and designers. Worst is the music industry who don’t know how to pay but very well know how to suck out every penny from artists.


/ Any Stockholmian brand that deserves to be more known if you were to decide?

▽ TheMocracy is a great shop that sells everything that has to do with biking. Why not the exclusive rain coat brand Stutterheim. It’s amazing and costs amazingly amounts of money which makes the wearer wishing for rain. And when rain comes he/she jumps of happiness to finally being able to wear it and get some value for money.


/ Please describe the Stockholm Style. Feel free to talk fashion.

▽ It’s very good. Sometimes very boring since a lot of people tend to look the same. But I would say people are very trendy here. Unfortunately for Spain and Italy the southern Europe have totally lost its feel for fashion and trends. They look like people did in Stockholm in the 90’s.


/ I heard that in 30 years there won’t be any chocolate more on earth. Does that affect your personal lives?

▽ Nope. But it will affect every friend, girl/boy-friend, parent and sibling. And in that way it will affect us in the end. Jesus christ. The horror.


/ I am a big fan of your manifesto. Can you give me anymore life-wisdom for the road?

▽ All my life I’ve had more fun saying yes than no. And those who never throw a dice will never throw a six. Also when you make something no one hates, no one will love it either.


/ One last question: why are enemies a good thing? (If your answer is: snask-off and read our book then that’s what I’ll do now…)

▽ Oh shit, I kinda answered on the last question. Know your enemy and you’ll know that you’re the opposite. Make stuff that people hate and love. Make enemies and you will also gain fans and ambassadors. Works for your personal brand as well as random global brand.


/ Tack and thanks a lot for checking in with us! SNASK on!!



Photographs: SNASK
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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‘Ooh’-faces on all these posters advertising the new Lars von Trier film Nymphomaniac.

Rumor has it there will be two versions of the five hour film, a softer version and a more in-your-face one. A little spy that we know has managed to get a glimpse at the film material in Copenhagen. We are assured now that it will be no disappointment. SlashMuse is looking forward to the premiere, which will be 25th December ’13 in Danmark, 31st January ’14 in Sweden and 27th February ’14 in Germany.

Forget about love.



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