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Norwegian illustrator Tone Gautefald Tveit, who seems to never sit still (except for when she’s drawing) moving between Copenhagen, London and the countryside of Norway inspires us again and again. Sketched snapshots of movie moments, festival trips and enchanted hipster creatures!





/ How would you finish these sentences, Tone?

A blue bird smokes a pipe and…coughs.
Better a hole in the pants than…two holes.
Croissants look like…small moons wrapped in butter dough.
Trust means…loyalty.


/ I’m a big fan of your illustrations and I like the new ones even better. When did you start drawing?

▽ I have always been drawing, since I was a kid, don’t remember the exact age, but I was quite young. I remember my parents used to send my drawings to newspapers, competitions etc, that really created a spark in me, to have someone believe in you is very important.


/ Do your drawings show people that you know?

▽ Sometimes I draw people I know, people I dated, friends and family. Sometimes I write a small sentence into the drawing, a sentence or something that person would have told me in a conversation. But I also draw historic people, celebrities, models or people from blogs or fashion magazines. Inspiration can come from everywhere…


/ You are Norweigan, what’s the best thing about Norway?

▽ Clean air and breathtaking nature.


/ Where do you live these days?

▽ Treungen, my tiny hometown in the South of Norway.


/ What’s the best action movie of all time?

▽ Hot Shots 2.


/ What’s the last exhibition you’ve been to?

▽ I went to an art exhibition in Battersea Park two days ago, “Affordable Art Fair”.


/ Do unicorns have a gender?

▽ No.


/ Ok, now the important stuff:
Britney or Christina?

▽ Christina has the best voice.


/ David Schrigley or Fischli & Weiss?

▽ Fischli & Weiss.


/ Peanutbutter or Honey?

▽ Peanutbutter.


/ Do you believe in ghosts?

▽ Maybe.


/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ At the moment I am painting a massive painting from one of the many car scenes from the great Vincent Gallo film “Buffalo 66″ I am also working on some greeting cards and name tags.


/ Do you have any exhibition coming up? Maybe in Stockholm?

▽ I have some paintings on display in a local gallery close to my hometown in Norway. Sadly I have nothing going on in Stockholm at the moment. I have actually never been to Stockholm, but really want to go, so hopefully in the future!


/ Thanks and takk, Tone! It was such a pleasure checking in with you! And please come visit us in Stockholm soon!






Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2014


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Flipping through some beautifully arranged ‘coffee table book’s and ‘inspiration magazines’ in a Stockholmian high end minimalist clothing store I stumbled on some irritating but at the same time inspiring drawings of a handful sushi porn



Yes, sushi, geishas, bondage in a way the link is rather obvious but still these drawings exhilarating fascinated me.
The creator I discovered is the German artist, Boris Hoppek, coming from the sphere of graffiti, provoking in drawings, paintings, photographs, as well as videos, sculptures and installation art pieces. The reoccurring topics are sexuality, violence and racism expressed in a clear style that seems almost innocent at the first glimpse. ‘Photos showing women with problems or just being beautiful’ he sais on his homepage.
‘just the plain accurate artwork, seriously!!’



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