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Costumed kids asking for sweets, mortuary drivers at the traffic light and a hallway full of scary decoration.

HALLOWEEN in Berlin, October-November 2013

Halloween as an nowadays established event in german living rooms did dominate Berlin nights for the last few days; Carved pumkins with spoiled brats, fake spider’s web and scar secretion all over the city. Inspired by Wolverine, a bloody fight, organic carrots, granny’s teeth, legless women and Lena Hoschek’s Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection meeting Minnie Mouse we dived into the dark hallway of spookiness entering the Haunted House. Attending the Halloween Oscar Awards with many spooky fellows.

Thanks again to the great bloodcurdling mastery of Haunted House!

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Sebastian Lechner, bavarian artist running his riots on different surfaces, ornamented with an inked sausage.
He lives and works in Munich as Kor Izoh.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Seb?

A world without Pommes Frites is like…sooo coool….man!!! fuckin awesome.
Trance is a feeling of…dj asterix from israel.
Everything has and end but…ja ja ja,….the wurst has zwei.
Britney Spears is…kanye west.



/ Ok, first of all where does your name ‘Wurst’ come from?

▽ milan! i am a weener!


/ Talking about Wurst, could you be with a vegetarian?

▽ no, only if she would be a butterfly.


/ What are you working on at the moment?

▽ roses are red,
violets are blue,
i hate rhyming,


/ Do people show you their work and ask for your opinion?

▽ sometimes, but only if they are still in kindergarten.

/ Who was your childhood hero?

▽ Thomas Gottschalk, because his nose is big.

/ Do you feel very Bavarian?

▽ yes, but only in the ‘fitness studio’ Dachau (Munich).


/ These wide Jeans that hang somewhere under people’s butts, you call then saggy or baggy pants?

▽ sauna sweating in bad ailing makes me feel uncomfortable, they call me sweaty pants.


Do you believe there are dark forces out there that influence our behaviour (and I am not talking about the strong gravity that stops us from getting up from the couch)?

▽ 24 Stunden, Sat 1, lesbian couple with cheese soup that collects trash? No, i am afraid of the rabbit which turns up on easter.


/ How many tattoos are too many?

▽ kids can be horrible sometimes!


/ Ok, hand on the heart: snoop dogg or snoop lion?

▽ for shizzle.

/ Are there any exhibitions coming up soon?

▽ team titanic, 29.11….snakes, spiders and britney spears.

/ I can’t picture you with a moustache – ‘movember’ is coming up, so will you grow one for the good cause?

▽ bon jovi is giving me a hard time!



/ Cheers for checking in with us! Looking forward to your next show on the 29th November in Berlin!





Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Rita Braz, gorgeous portuguese 5-dimensional daydreaming Slasheuse flying on her racing bike through Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, where she lives and works as art director and passionate analogue photographer, sharing her analogue stories with us.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Rita?

A day without marshmallows is… better than a day without cookies.
Better a chicken in the basement than… watermelon in the trash.
The worst thing to wear in a circus is… a christmas jumper.
Freedom means… follow your gut instinct.


/ It is a great honour to interview you as you are practically the role model of a ‘SlashMuse’. You are a Slasheuse per se working as an art director, photographer, illustrator, DJ,…am I missing anything? Which stamp is it you would give yourself?

▽ First of all, it’s my pleasure to be part of the first interview series!
And to get it straight, I would stamp myself as a storyteller. Through advertising, photographs, drawings or even entertaining at some party, storytelling is all I’ve been doing. Capturing the immensity and magic of what happens around me and express it in some sort of way, letting the tale live longer than the actual moment.


/ Also you are a Muse to us being around from the start and nevertheless designing and featuring our SlashMuse Logo. Thanks again. So besides from this job, what was the most unforgettable job experience you had in the last years?

 You are very welcome, I’m really happy to finally see it growing.
I have to say that my most favorite project to work on was my own personal project called INtheMAKING. It started with the need to capture the outstanding people I meet in this town and got bigger than I thought. It makes me keep looking for interesting talents to feature and it allows me to meet such different, amazing and inspiring people, photograph their environments and learn from them.


/ Your home is Lisbon. What do you miss most about it?

▽ The ocean, the eternal blue.
My family, friends.
The food.
The warmth.
The horizon.
The wine.
The language.
The cheese.


/ In the movie “Night train to Lisbon” they are constantly smoking and drinking red wine. Do you consider smoking and drinking wine part of Portuguese culture? Is it sexy?

▽ Well, wine is definitely a big part of the portuguese culture. I’d say wine is to Portugal as beer is to Germany…
Smoking I reckon is just a bad habit, a really bad habit – which I not proudly am part of.


/ If you had to choose a life without chocolate or a life without coffee – what would it be?

▽ Definitely a life without chocolate over a life without coffee. My body craves for coffee as my mind only desires chocolate the second my eyes see it!


/ By the way what is your favourite coffee place in Berlin these days?

▽ I’m faithful to CK Cafe in Marienburgerstraße. Cappuccino and carrot cake are always a must.


/ Who in ‘Alice in wonderland’ would you identify with?

▽ Here is something I have never thought about before… I’d say the Hatter though. The mixture of madness and passionate friendship recalls something in me.


/ Taking photographs, what is it that makes you choose an object or a person?

▽ Apart from the planned shootings, the pictures I take are basically a visual diary recounting the path of someone passing through the world. They are frozen time slots from east to west, from town to town, from one memorable meal to the other, from one known face to a complete stranger. I like to believe that my photos are collected lives, experiences, accidents, paths crossed. They are imperfect and unplanned, just like life itself.


/ Are you a nerd regarding typographies?

▽ Am I?


And more serious matters:

/ Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction?

/ Stripes or dots?

/ Augustiner or Tegernseer?


/ If you get a ticket to travel on a flying carpet tomorrow, where would you go to?

▽ Cape Verde (with a stop in Amsterdam)


/ What’s the best song of all times?

▽ Lovely Rita?


/ Rumour has it you are working on an exhibition…any date yet?

▽ I’m trying to put together an exhibition with all my INtheMAKING series, but it is definitely taking longer than the initial thought. No dates, no venues yet. Berlin for sure, everything else is yet a mystery to be solved.


/ Are there any good Halloween parties coming up in Berlin? Will you go?

▽ Very good question… Pumpkin carving competition is my master plan!


/ Obrigada and thanks a lot for checking in with us! It was lovely, Rita!




Interview & photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013



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