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Sitting in a cabrio and trying the perfect quick selfie what an adventure and challenge. Which angle ist he perfect while driving on the motorway, head up or down, smile, no smile many questions to answer and in the end wrinkles, pimples and other stories destroying the perfect summer selfie.

We found a solution and yes we are not the first ones finding out. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and the others are already doing it for a while. First just got caught and questioned by her fans: How is it possible that you look so perfect and smooth at your age? Not one laughline on the singers face. A spontaneous selfie looks far different.

The reason for these miracle perfect selfies lies in the Perfect365 app. The award-winning and free makeover app combines some tips to make perfect selfies. One can choose from 30 styles based on the latest make-up trends. Even a sunburn, tan lines or washed off make up after a swim in the pool disappear by using the skin softening and foundation tool of the app.

We tested the app a little bit and were rather shocked how easily a selfie with a red pimple or bad lighting could be turned into a fresh – almost too smooth look. Here are some of our tests:

Folie1 Folie2

Even summer is vanishing this app can help to catch you in the last shafts of sunlight and show your friends what a great time you are having. For sure this app can be taken into the cooler months of the year, too.

But always remember not to take it too far in a world of beauty freny.

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Katrin Schlotterhose. Clear the ring for Mademoiselle bouncy curls! She is the founder of the online magazine Metropolitan Circus, enchanting us with her smart view on fashion, beauty and modern life.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Schlotti?

A day without coffee is…an adventure.
Better bread on the floor than…alone in a villa.
The worst thing to wear in a sauna…nipple piercing or a bathing cap.
Life means…Freedom.



/ I suffer from acute jealousy: you just moved to Paris for good! Be honest, that is how many croissants a day?

(laughing) okay I admit I had some in the first weeks. But I actually can survive with none of them. And its better for your shape… (winking) 


/ What’s your favorite place to go out in Paris?

▽ Well, I just moved to Paris, I need some more time to discover the Parisian nightlife. But I have been to really nice parties during Paris Fashion Week. On a normal weekend I use to go to bars in the 11th Arrondisment or near the Canal St. Martin. Its comparable with cities like Berlin and New York and the people are very mixed up. I like that a lot.


/ Talking Paris, Isabel Marant (the women dressing all Paris) for H&M in a few weeks. What’s your opinion?

▽ H&M has already copied tons of her designs in former seasons. With the collaboration they go the official way. And you have to say, that Isabel Marant isn’t that cheap; many women in the world could not afford a piece of Marant, now they can. This strategy isn’t condemnable.


/ But you sometimes miss Berlin, right? What do you miss about Berlin?

▽ Of course I miss Berlin. Berlin is my home base, my friends live there and you know pretty much about every corner of the city, but in my job it is necessary to go out and meet other cultures, people and options. And so you are constantly on the run, sometimes there is no time to be homesick. But of course there are moments, for example on a Saturday night in a club…I miss the Berlin club culture, where you have the best music in the world, the cheapest drinks and on top, smoking inside – I know, that’s not very representable, but Berlin is for its “under construction mode” very innovative.


/ Talking about your work, Metropolitan Circus is well established now, think back when were you the most nervous or with who?

▽ I am running Metropolitan Circus for almost for six years, I began besides my studies and now it’s my main job with 4 editors worldwide. I wasn’t ever nervous about special people it was more the fact when you have never done something before – First interviews, first shootings, first collaborations. I think insecurity made me nervous, but meanwhile I have tested nearly everything and I would describe myself solid as a rock. (winks again)


/ Do you believe in Karma?

▽ Yes I do.


/ Which place in the world has the best dressed guys?

▽ Depends on your personal interest, you cannot say it in general. I always liked the style of northern countries like Canada, Sweden or Denmark and now I have the comparison with New Yorkers, Berliners and Parisians. And at the end I would say Paris, because fashion is very established in the cultural life in France and that fact is reflected in the style of the men and women as well.


/ Who would you like to have coffee with once?

▽ Charlotte Gainsbourg


/ Your favorite German fashion designer these days?

▽ Odeeh


/ Looking forward to ‘movember’?

▽ I don’t wear a beard. (smirking) But it’s nice to see guys supporting “Movember” all over the world. And most of them look even better with a mustache.


/ Merci and thanks a lot for checking in with us! It was an honour for us, Schlotti!




Photographs: Metropolitan Circus
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Sure, it is a rather practical trend that for 2 years we can just let our dark roots grow and label the edgy look ”ombré hair”.

But even SlashMuse, as defender of chipsy nails and believer in messy hair has to admit that ombré was never really appealing to us. Until now!

These two ladies really pull it off. Irritating surprise! (Zoe even wears her hair ombré now, too! What a fashion victim.)



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