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A little penis scandal at Paris Fashion Week – ahh penis alarm.

A too deep décolleté, bums, nipples and other women body parts are not worth talking about anymore. But Rick Owens exposing penises as a fashion trend on a Paris catwalk brings a smile to our faces and for sure we are looking forward to next autumn, hopefully it will be a warm one.

We followed the Black Soma’s calling “Try the dark and mystical side of the mirror and find out!”.

Dark and mystical are the right words for describing this adventurous journey through their fashion show in Berlin last Wednesday. The designer Lukas Butkiewicz staged his new collection in an impressively different and artistical way. It was up to the visitor to move and to discover the dresses while walking through a mystical forest with models on swings or sitting on branches. And the dresses totally fit into this dark dreamworld. Straight lines and black plumes leapt to the eye and gave a raven-like impression. We discovered many cocktail dresses and evening growns – but everything seemed to be charmed – in a positive way. You felt like seeing fashion of another beautiful world. And then there was this one girl that got our attention. She was different. She was the only one dressed in white – a gleam of light in the deep forest.

This show was a great experience with a wonderful and charming new collection.


A big thank you to our Fashion Week Virgin Ella Wunderland for this little report from the Black Soma showcase!

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Poster works by Stine Marie Jacobsen

Stine Marie Jacobsen is a bright inspiring artist from Denmark. Performance, video, photo and film compose her complex work:

/ How would you finish these sentences, Stine?

▽ In these times of text compression and over-flow of Top 10 to 25 lists…but ok here we go (laughs)

Children should always believe …. and not loose faith in magic, love and themselves.
The darkest colour is…. the one you can imagine but not depict.
If you touch a butterfly … and inhale the dust you stole from it, you will for a brief moment become the saddest person alive.
Nothing is more powerful than … working together.

/ We came across your work through the Skankaloss Festival in Gagnef, Sweden. In which way were you involved as an artist?

▽ I was invited to do a work for the festival and made a performative intervention in the form of five posters and actions called “Sensitive Observers”.

/ Can you elaborate on your work at the Festival setting, please?

▽ The posters each had an informational instruction which a group of performers were hired to do at the festival. The poster sentences are written in white text on dark green backgrounds, reminding one of chalk on a school board and were hung in trees around the festival near the designated areas: concert stage, bar, sauna, art work and forest.

The five sentences were: “In the sauna someone is hired to talk about a movie”, “Look to your right A Man is paid to watch you”, “At this bar a person is instructed to give someone a compliment”, “Someone will say something untrue about Gabriel Lester” and “Near this sign someone will tell a rumor”.

The posters are working around how language as narrative, rumor, myth or stories disseminates and changes when passing through one or more bodies to a percipient. The posters are reminders of human and corporate communication systems. They reflect what I feel is being done to me. In “Sensitive Observers”, a small part of the “impossible-to-capture-whole” was revealed on the posters. The performers who implemented the different actions and stories and the audience who might have experienced the posters are now vessels who in their collectivity contain the work. I hope the owl turned into a cat** at the festival, but sometimes you do need more time to do that kind of magic.

/ Is it the first time you worked with the Skankaloss Festival?

▽ Yes and I would for sure do it again, because the organisers are so amazing, giving and loving!

/ Did you know before hand what the other artists will exhibit?

▽ I was really well informed about the other art works in the festival and was therefore able to “infiltrate” one of the other artists, Gabriel Lester’s work in my intervention.

/ So you got a topic or was it free working?

▽ I was completely free to do what I wanted.

/ What inspires you for a project like this?

▽ I always interview people on the locations where I work. When I cannot personally go to research I need as much information as possible from the people inviting me. That’s why I also asked you in one of our first emails what the most common action of the visitors at the Skankaloss Festival was. For this project, I had the artist Linda Tedsdotter who was so cool to invite me, inform me about the festival, its reputation and visitors before I made the work.

/ Which of the other pieces of art did you like best at the Festival?

▽ The white russian drink with breast milk! The artist Ylva Ogland’s ritual left the biggest impression on me along with a literally “new” taste in my mouth…she milked her breasts in front of us and said magic spells over the drinks and then her little daughter walked around and served us the drinks.

/ How was your Festival time?

▽ AW! (the howling version, not the hurting one…)

/ Did you have a highlight band?

▽ I really enjoyed the concert by R. Seiliog. They played a fucking amazing concert at Skankaloss!

/ We had a look at your current work in Berlin with the project DIRECT APPROACH. It is a really interesting and complex topic that you approach there. How did you decide to work with and create a discourse around violence?

▽ Maybe I should first explain the project:
DIRECT APPROACH is an art project based on conversations about violence in film and reality, which has now become a Workshop project and Guidebook.

In the project participants are asked to describe from their memory the most
violent film scene that they have ever watched. Then they are asked to choose one of the characters from the film scene, which in this project works around three categorisations: victim, perpetrator and bystander, for a new recording of the film scene that follows the script of their memory.

I have worked on the topic violence for many years and this project is the biggest and most complex of them all. The work came from observations that I made in society and also research on contemporary (anti-)violence training. I wanted to create a platform where people can reflect on their own violence and also in film and society.

It is a self-evident and at the same time really offensive way to present your art work about violence in film and reality in forms of video and interviews. What were your thoughts behind this decision?

Direct Approach aims to be a platform for open discussions that promote reflection. When doing the project it is very much about being sensitive, listening, forgetting your own ego and slowing down your speed.

I had many thoughts when I began doing this project and still have. The film scene is a protective shield and the project is created in such a way that the rememberer can use the film scene and its characters instead of their private stories. I always remind them that they can be anonymous.
I was looking for an indirect and non-judgemental way to invite people to talk about violence without me deciding what kind of violence they should talk about. I constantly remind and protect the participants to not over-share their privacy in this unguarded moment which a conversation is and that I am looking for public statements in this project.

Narrating a film scene is a complicated process of constructing a story from thousands of components. A film scene recalled from memory invariably consists of different memories, the participant’s own world view and their personal identification with the characters involved etc. This project creates a unique platform for examining how we relate to violence by asking participants to recount a film scene, pick a fictional character, explain their choice and engage in discourse on contemporary violence.

I have now together with a Danish language psychologist, whom I have been worked with for years, turned the art project into a guidebook*** for schools and other institutions who wish to work with the topic violence. The guidebook and project can hopefully be used to provide inspiration for dialogues about film violence and its relation to violence in society today.

/ What was the most emotional moment in the process of this work?
▽ Every time participants share or shared their private violent experiences.

/ Where did you conduct your interviews? Which places inspired you to this project?

▽ In my studio. So far I have done the project only in Germany. Later this year I will do it in Denmark, Colombia and Ireland. The project began in the context of German culture and history.

/ What is the strongest emotion, you would say you ever felt?

▽ I think you are maybe asking me this question because of my project (laughs). The strongest emotion was fear and sorrow together.

/ What is the most magical place you have ever been at?

▽ An imaginary landscape that I meditate myself into.

/ Is there a cure for homesickness?
▽ I am never homesick, because I easily feel at home where I am. So there is no need for a cure.

/ Thank you for the interview, Stine! And good luck with your upcoming projects!


** A visual rumor experiment read in the book “The Psychology of Rumor” by Gordon Allport,  where a drawing of an owl becomes a cat when a it is drawn from person to person. The experiment explains visually how we in – almost like in the platonic cave – obtain a “general idea” of a story or an object according to our own biases and how the idea over time is adjusted more and more to our own preconceptions rather than the actual seen object or a first hand fact.

The Direct Approach Guidebook will be published on September 20th 2014.
The official website, distribution and archive is viewable on www.direct-approach.org


Text by Jacobsen
Poster by Jacobsen & Modem.ws
Interview Lola Tivoli, 2014
Photo Anna Lamberg

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Do you know the feeling of watching a movie on a tired Sunday evening and kind of wishing you had more to cuddle with than your pillows – like a sweet boyfriend that kisses away away the flashing loneliness?

The artist Noortje De Keijzer knows this feeling and solved it by knitting herself a boyfriend:

“My Knitted Boyfriend is a cushion with a story. A cushion with a personality. A cushion to kiss! Or, well… to cuddle, to caress, to hug, and to smile with. Because this man is always happy. And he is flexible as well. He will have a mustache if you prefer mustaches. He will wear glasses if you prefer glasses. He likes to sit on your floor, on your couch or at you dinner table. But most of all he likes to lay down next to you in bed. With your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around you. This way you will never feel alone ever again. With this man you can be sure, he will never leave you.”

It sounds like the solution to our times of dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, Mazily and Co., in which it can feel exhausting, frustrating and simply lonely every now and then. The more searching single guys you click through, the more lonely you feel. Assuming that all these guys are feeling lonely and desperately looking for a girl to spend their time with already gives an uneasy feeling – but knowing that about half of them are not even looking for a partner but see it more as a new sport or form of Bingo – clicking on all girls to get five matches in a row – is even more discomforting. VICE magazine, always reliably providing us with the latest absurd trend of contemporary hipster-life, recently showed a little gadget that clicks on all the Tinder profiles for you so you finally don’t actually need to use your own finger or look at the girls anymore.

De Keijzer’s knitted boyfriend seems to be a valuable alternative: he is “always happy” and “very flexible” and comes with an illustrated book telling about the harmonic relationship story of the artist and her knitted lover. Also her short film is sweet and inspiring and begins to convince me that the idea of a knitted boyfriend is not that absurd at all. I mean, we are at a point of time, where our friends are not embarrassed anymore to admit that their new partner is a conquest they made on Tinder or some other dating app, and a point of time, where we expand our vocabulary on how to define our relationship to the people we spend our time with every day. What kind of things do we do together? Is it a more sexual, platonic, romantic or casual relationship – and how are our intentions and expectations? Here are many layers between which we move, switch and define – all the time.

Why not have a knitted boyfriend then in this collection of different relationships? Someone to cuddle, watch movies with, warm you at night, just be home with you and share ordinary moments of life in which you otherwise might feel rather lonely?!

De Keijzer explains that her project, using a huge portion of humor to reflect on the dark subject of loneliness was a step to make it less of a taboo:

“I hope my project brings a bit of recognition, and awareness that everybody feels lonely from time to time. That it is totally fine to talk about it or even laugh about it! I tried to make a very humorous project about this serious subject. I believe that laughing about a negative feeling is already the beginning of a more positive and happy feeling. And when you feel positive and happy with yourself, the right person will come along!

Her art projected of the knitted boyfriend received little criticism and negative reactions, but most of all overwhelming support.

“I guess this project was a way for me to transfer my own emotions and experiences into something that I could laugh about. It was a bit of a therapeutic project for me. The fact that I reached so many people is just a nice extra.”

Of course, a knitted boyfriend in our bed won’t take away the feeling of loneliness on a Sunday morning when you wake up alone or replace the feeling that hunts for love – and lets you return to Tinder every now and then when you feel low. But the knitted boyfriend nevertheless takes some bits of the annoying loneliness away, being a kind, sweet and life-sized reminder of the fact that we all look for the same, hope for the same, go through the same emotions and therefore are really not alone.

The aesthetic way in which De Keijzer visualized her project gives it artistic value and has a world-conciliatory touch.


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Norwegian illustrator Tone Gautefald Tveit, who seems to never sit still (except for when she’s drawing) moving between Copenhagen, London and the countryside of Norway inspires us again and again. Sketched snapshots of movie moments, festival trips and enchanted hipster creatures!





/ How would you finish these sentences, Tone?

A blue bird smokes a pipe and…coughs.
Better a hole in the pants than…two holes.
Croissants look like…small moons wrapped in butter dough.
Trust means…loyalty.


/ I’m a big fan of your illustrations and I like the new ones even better. When did you start drawing?

▽ I have always been drawing, since I was a kid, don’t remember the exact age, but I was quite young. I remember my parents used to send my drawings to newspapers, competitions etc, that really created a spark in me, to have someone believe in you is very important.


/ Do your drawings show people that you know?

▽ Sometimes I draw people I know, people I dated, friends and family. Sometimes I write a small sentence into the drawing, a sentence or something that person would have told me in a conversation. But I also draw historic people, celebrities, models or people from blogs or fashion magazines. Inspiration can come from everywhere…


/ You are Norweigan, what’s the best thing about Norway?

▽ Clean air and breathtaking nature.


/ Where do you live these days?

▽ Treungen, my tiny hometown in the South of Norway.


/ What’s the best action movie of all time?

▽ Hot Shots 2.


/ What’s the last exhibition you’ve been to?

▽ I went to an art exhibition in Battersea Park two days ago, “Affordable Art Fair”.


/ Do unicorns have a gender?

▽ No.


/ Ok, now the important stuff:
Britney or Christina?

▽ Christina has the best voice.


/ David Schrigley or Fischli & Weiss?

▽ Fischli & Weiss.


/ Peanutbutter or Honey?

▽ Peanutbutter.


/ Do you believe in ghosts?

▽ Maybe.


/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ At the moment I am painting a massive painting from one of the many car scenes from the great Vincent Gallo film “Buffalo 66″ I am also working on some greeting cards and name tags.


/ Do you have any exhibition coming up? Maybe in Stockholm?

▽ I have some paintings on display in a local gallery close to my hometown in Norway. Sadly I have nothing going on in Stockholm at the moment. I have actually never been to Stockholm, but really want to go, so hopefully in the future!


/ Thanks and takk, Tone! It was such a pleasure checking in with you! And please come visit us in Stockholm soon!






Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2014


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Nicki Minaj may have pushed back the release date for her new single “Anaconda”, but the cover art for the track already has an online life of its own. Minaj debuted the song’s artwork a few days ago, where it quickly racked up over a quarter of a million likes.  Well, no wonder! Just look at it!

Almost immediately, internet pranksters everywhere started photoshopping Minaj into just about everything you can think of. There’s even a sub-genre on Tumblr devoted to splicing Minaj into classic works of art:

The “Pills N Potions” singer seems equal parts tickled and exasperated with the memes floating around the internet. She spent this weekend regramming several choice images before telling her Instagram fans that they might need to chill with the remixing a little bit.

Minaj must be pleased with the viral reaction to “Anaconda”, especially seeing as its artwork initially attracted some controversy for being too raunchy. Let’s just say, you know your image has some serious cultural currency when people start copying and pasting it over Jesus in “The Last Supper”.

“Anaconda”, the second single off Minaj’s forthcoming third album The Pink Print, drops on 4th August.


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Dear Slasheurs/ creative fools & everyone else,

time is up to clean or fill your shelves. Join our first flea market @ Club de Slasheurs! 

// Sunday 27th of July 2014
// noon till 8pm
// Club de Slasheurs/ Großgörschenstraße 28/ backyard/ S1 Yorckstraße
// knickknack/ trödel/ vintage/ music/ gallery/ drinks/ food/ sell/ buy/ bargain/ sunchairs/ paddling pool/ and more //
// ENTRY: free


Kaizoku Japanese Curry
Exclusive Coffee

a cooperation with: http://blog.pollyandbob.com/mods/backyard-fleemarket/


Take your old clothes if designer or formerly favorite piece, the lamp that does not fit into your kitchen anymore as well as all those little things which you do not need but are too nice to through away.

// 2 school tables (2,56m) 15€ / bring your own table 10€
// reservation/ ideas/ questions: studio@slashmuse.com
*sale only on reservation and confirmation!



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‚My higher dream involves the projection of light into the great sky, the exploration of the universe as it presents itself into light, untouched, without obstacles – the airspace ist he only environment that offers mankind almost unlimited freedom.’

Otto Piene, 1961



Escorted by the night we arrived at the Neue Nationalgalerie. The colorful lights glaring through the glas facade. Spontaneously we resorted us on the ’poetic space travel’ of color/ sound and magic.

Otto Piene (1928-2014) was a German environmental artist, printmarker and painter known for his colourful paintings, open-air sculptures and a leading figure in technology-based art. The artist studied art in Munich and Dusseldorf. As one of the founder of the European post-war movement group ZERO he was searching for a new beginning more specifically a of the past unmortgaged ’zero hour’.

The exhibition ‘The Proliferation of the Sun’ at Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie was originally composed for a small off stage in New York. In the same year it was presented in Dortmund, Nurnberg and Cologne. Currently the same 1000 handpainted glas dia are projected into the open space of the upper hall of the Neue Nationalgalerie. Piene calls this a ’poetic space travel’.

The artist died shortly after the opening of his current exhibition of his work at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on 17th of July 2014. As a tribute to the artist the event will go ahead. His projections can be explored at Neue Nationalgalerie Tuesday to Sunday 10p.m. to 3a.m.. The relating exhibition is shown at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin.

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On the hot hot Saturday afternoon of the 5th July we opened up our Kindergarten for creative fools: Club de Slasheurs!


It was a magical afternoon celebrating the art show opening of SULLY SIDE UP. starring Berlin based artists Nomad Uno, Kor Izoh, Robert Kizielewicz, Kai-Alexander Donner and Sahra Zoë Polosek. We enjoyed the delicious wines of Domaine la Louviere, cold beers, Popcorn, cake, Exclusive Coffee and ice cream while mingling into the summer night.


Thanks to Tobias Vetter and Tripploss we all got tattoos – some of the kind that will stick forever and remind of the day where we were all sitting at old school tables once again sharing our dreams about butterflies and children’s games – some of the kind that only last for 2days in the new look of SlashMuse and Club de Slasheurs’ logos designed by Swedish graphic designer Olof Bruce.


DJ J’espère and KOLMER were a big support making sure we enjoyed ever minute of ice cream in the deck chairs as well as rummaging in our pop up store that offers fashion, vintage, accessories, jewellery, coffee table books, magazines, home accessories, post cards and an exclusive Poster edition by Berlin based photographer Marc Schuhmann! The product range is growing everyday now thanks to more and more exciting designer cooperations. So, just pop by and have a look at our Club!


We thank everyone who came from near and far away to join us for this beautiful day, we thank our fantastic sponsors and all our amazing helpers making this place happen!!



Club de Slasheurs
Thursday – Sunday 12-20h
July / August 2014
Großgörschenstraße 28 / Hinterhof / Berlin-Schöneberg



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Angst Inducing: Born in Seoul, South Korea, Xooang Choi works in sculpture and isntallation, creating painted polymer clay figures that often literally illustrate metaphorical terms of abuse in Korean. Xooang received her MFA in Sculpture from the National University in Seoul.

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artist/ architect/ politician, Ai Weiwei.

There is no other contemporary artists who caters for more civil commotion these days. Being imprisoned for defraudation of tax, taken away its passport so he cannot leave his homeland, attacked for his exposure to traditional Chinese fine art by the political system on the one hand and support of a big group of fellow countrymen on the other. And than seeming far away from the Beijing studio the Western world: here a guest professorship at the Universität der Künste Berlin as well as an studio were set up, the German Chancellor stood up for Ai Weiwei to be allowed to attend his exhibition opening in Berlin this April, flowers were send to Beijing to fill the basket of the bicycle in front of his studio just to name some examples. Most of Ai Weiweis’ works do have a political message which mainly implement the two interest groups: the inner Chinese circumstances and China and the West.

More than 100.000 people saw the current exhibition Evidence at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin so far. On 3000 square metre in 18 rooms and an areaway his works and installations are shown. Some of them never seen in Germany before or extra developed for the exhibition. Thus the artist has never been to the Martin-Gropius-Bau in real he curated the exhibition with help of a ground plot and send his team to build up everything. For example historical Ming vases painted with BMW and Mercedes’ car finish, a life-size copy of his prison cell and the his ‘Fuck off’ series are displayed amongst others.

But do we walk the halls and internalise the real intention? Do we understand?

‘Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence and the misery of reality; it keeps a wary eye on society and power; it never makes compromises and never cooperates.’

(quoted from “Ai Weiwei – The forbidden blog”, Galiani: Berlin, 2011)






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