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Watch out I am the one dancing on the treadmill on the way to the gate.

Every time I start traveling it is rather chaotic than organized and I am impressed with people that seem overly organized.

Just to give a few examples: The most important things to take with you are “the triple p”: passport/ phone/ purse. Once I was traveling to Sri Lanka - I did not take my purse. Fortunately the incident popped up to me while sitting at the gate and talking to my orthopedist on the phone….Well, my boyfriend had to come back and pass me some notes through the security area.

As usually not doing any check in in advance I often experience the most interesting seats on the aircraft. Next to a toilet – what a pleasure on a six hour flight. Also fun a nonstop screaming and swinging kid on the seat bouncing behind me. Defo a proof of the fact that I am so not ready to have one yet – what would I do with mine?! No chance to just put in earplugs and sleep with my knees squeezed to the seat in front of me. Hell why do they not put an additional row of seats in?! And the guy next to me, a small Asian guy, has his elbows on the arm rest and also does not know where his feet belong.

Well, to be not prepared for what will expect me at my next destination means freedom to me. Of course I would apply for a visa if it is an entry requirement and look for a place to stay the first night but everything else should be kept an adventure as long as possible. Even though I sometimes panic in a few moments and regret this unprepared trips I do not put any effort in improvement.

Packing luggage. Not my strength. But I am doing better these days. Before I used to just pack stuff with the idea “what do I need?”. Now I try to find things to combine with each other. But seriously in the end it always feels wrong and something is missing. I should talk to someone about it.

Suitcases with wheels. In my opinion the very best invention since traveling. You can just put as much as you like. After you got it down the stairs of your 5th floor apartment you will not feel the weight of it until you arrive back home. After my beloved grey Samsonite suitcase got lost somewhere between Istanbul and Mumbai a friend gave me an amazingly heavy and hard to close suitcase called the ‘Rocker Koffer’. This massive white monster did join us on a electro festival in England where we pulled it through the fields and people made jokes if we wanted to move in. But indeed we were surprised ourselves how much stuff fits into the belly of such a massive white monster. This year the ‘Rocker Koffer’ died on Fusion Festival (R.I.P. we will always love you).

This time I try out a backpack. Not convinced yet but waiting what time will bring…. I am off to Laos now!


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