Timeout Southeast Aisa/ Myanmar (3/3)

Timeout Southeast Aisa/ Myanmar (3/3)

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When we decided to meet in Myanmar in the end of the year we did not know that this was going to happen for real. Three girls with the same fate brought together by accident.

Only ten days time tightened up our plans to explore the country known as the golden land. Being isolated about thirty years from the rest of the world this destination showed us the most friendly people, a not developed for tourism spot out in this world, delicious Shan Noodle and Shwe Gyi which we tried to test through the whole trip, a temple landscape more impressing than Angkor Wat, e-bikes that introduce the sustainable idea of tourism, floating gardens, one leg rower and much more.

Arriving in Yangong a warm welcome to Myanmar by our friend with garlicful currys and strong mochitos let us stay awake far too long before going on a 10 hour bus ride to Bagan the next morning.

What a beauty. What a mystic place on earth – Bagan.

Actually we wanted to go hiking in Kalaw. Due to the circumstances we did not make it. German coffee time at the Amara Mountain Resort made our afternoon. Going on a train ride through the country was suggested in our travel guide. As the train derailed before we even boarded we took a crazy bus ride with the locals instead.

Inle Lake the next stop of our trip we arrived to celebrate the light festival, watch the morning procession and finally relax at the pool.

Back to Yangon we explored the city and enjoyed the last days together. Goodbye summer.



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