One dick // Two girls

One dick // Two girls

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One dick // Two girls

Boy: Who is that bitch?

Girl A: That you have to find out yourself.

Girl B: You guys love each other. But as long you don’t get things straight you do not mind if I fuck him, right?

Girl A: I do mind. Don’t fuck the company. You will be the one not able to deal with it.

Girls always should hold together some say. The truth when a dick enters a girl friendship the friendship is over and the dick rules the world. No matter if the dick is a friends boyfriend or just an important person.

A boys excuse I am a bitch and followed my dick. For him it is just sex. The more crazy the better. If they fall asleep and there is breakfast they have breakfast. If they want sex they have sex.

Girl B: You think I am a bitch.

Girl A: I did not call you a bitch but told you before this gonna end in trouble.

Girl A: Please do not fuck my stupid friends because this will come back to me.

Boy: Okay. I don’t want you to have a bad time. You just have to tell me.

However they fuck. Knowingly they are hurting a ‘friend’. The boy is not saying anything because he knows he will loose a friend. The girl is holding a save distance with the excuse they were no friends at that moment and she did not have to tell. The fact that those two girls will not be friends ever again she already decided a long time ago but did not mention.

The day when those little secrets come out are bitter for all involved.

He can end the sex thing easily to save the relationship to a for him important person even it is last minute.

But the other girl already had fallen in love with him. Having any kind of sex deal and falling in love does not match. Even there might be any kind of promises and hopes by the guy. In the end the girl looses most of the times.

This girl was the one telling that he and the other girls were meant to be for each other. Before they even knew themselves.

She wanted him in between she got him and so did he get her. Leaving open the role of the third.

Unprevealed love is the worst. Sweet messages which end up in hate mails when being ignored. Pain about a situation she let herself into instead of choosing friendship. A dick who wanted it all and got it all. Playing the game until he knew he was about to loose it all. The truth is no option too embarassing or painful so everyone is making up an easy story for the one telling to.

When two are fighting the third will be the lucky one is a German saying. In this threesome the boy is the lucky one.

Zwischen Puff und Waffelladen: Stories of a Slasheur // will be continued

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