Thoughts about a commercial starring Kim Kardashian

Thoughts about a commercial starring Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian West knows how to ride a bike?

Why Marie Antoinette?

Did Kanye do the styling?

What was the name of the drink again?


What C. thinks if the marketing team had a plan when doing this: If you drink the drink it gives you the power to be who ever you want.

What we see: Obviously her biking skills are not the best. She does not drink the drink but starts dreaming. For someone who knows the story of Marie Antoinette she was one of the iridescent characters of her time, she had many affairs, was the wife of Ludwig XVI. Finally Kim takes a sip of the drink. The camera moves down and up again. Fashion take; what is the story line? First outfit a space rave girl escaped from the 90ties wearing Loona’s hair style from the Bailando clip. Next outfit Givenchy? Than a white clean dress followed by the little black party dress. HYPE – Kim holds the can into the camera.

Our conclusion: We definitely did not get it.

How about you?!

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