the dress mission: #mission52dresses/ day41

the dress mission: #mission52dresses/ day41

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Saturday fever in a hammock above the roofs of Berlin...

1, 2, 3, 4, …52.

Did you watch the movie ’28 dresses’?

I didn’t but when I sorted my dresses by color the other day I realized how many I actually have. And honestly how many of those haven’t seen daylight for a long long time or even still wear a price tag? Despite I just bought two new dresses today and there might be some more in the laundry and in the downs of my closet I counted 52 dresses.

53 dresses to 3 pants in my closet tell: I am obsessed by dresses.

My mission for the next 52days: I will wear all my dresses once and give them a chance to show that they are all worse keeping!


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