questions to a fairy tale

questions to a fairy tale

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questions we had about the world of fairy tales – answered visually in the story.


/ Do life and fairy tales have anything in common?

/ When becomes gold yellow?

/ How many guys kissed the princess before she kissed the frog?

/ What is the country far far away?

/ Did she kiss any girls, too?

/ Is it true what they say about the apple a day?

/ When becomes yellow gold then?

/ Does fruit have a gender?

/ Does the sun never go down in that country far far away?

/ Does it hurt?

/ Or is it only night that the sun doesn’t go down?

/ Is the apple the most famous fruit?

/ What about jealousy?

/ Does it hurt more?

/ Is there a fruit lobby?

/ How many frogs got a forced kiss and a dissappointed look on top?

/ More frogs than people?

/ How long are we talking in happily ever after?

/ Does it hurt less?

/ What drinks a dwarf after work?

/ Do life and fairy tale have everything in common?


















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