Berlin Fashion Week Diary/ here we go again

Berlin Fashion Week Diary/ here we go again

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Our Fashion Week kickoff this year was the SUPERFICIAL FASHION PRESENATION at Projektgalerie / Sven Krüger & Rebecca Baylor. Founded in 2007 Projektgalerie is a temporary platform for fashion, art and music and describes itself as a real alternative dimension to the commercial Fashion Week which is open to the public.

On Monday evening, the traditional opening of Berlin Fashion Week, this year once again the silent and little but not less inspirational and open minded space started off with a Designer Sale at the Butterflysoulfire Boutique on Mulackstraße in Mitte hosted by Projektgalerie. The Superficial Fashion Presentation with MZ Sunday LUV and HllYWD as vocal acts was the highlight of the Gettogether.

Superficial is a unisex label by Anthony Vouardoux and Beck Naylor. And the collection: ‚Superficial is adaptable. Each piece can be worn at breakfast or to Berghain. Ready to wear that fits to modern life. Humor plays a vital part.

Humor and design spread over to all guests standing in the dim rainy silent street. Fashionable people appearing one by one. Drinking beer and chatting. Music, a balcony door opens and HllYWD starts the fashion show. And than when people just gathered it is over again and everything turns back into normal.

We found damm hot leggings with an allover dick-print, which was perfectly complimented by the pleasant boob-dress which was presented by the shop assistant.

Great clothes/ great people/ thanks for the show/ thanks for the beer and inspiration!



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