Baggy re-re-launch

Baggy re-re-launch

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You wanne get in my pants, Mister?
– there is still room for you, no worries!


Already in previous collections Maison Martin Margiela showed off with some criss cross baggy pants. Last November they relaunched the style in their H&M cooperation to give more people access to this stunning classic, in which you could easily fit layers of tights or even a second body to keep warm. As Stockholm is getting cold again, it is time to dig out our MMM oversize Jeans and get cosy Antwerp-style!

How fashionable is it to dig out a ‘high street remake of an old classic’ one winter later? – Perfectly fine but if it seems too boring just change the way of wearing it this winter. SlashMuse decided if we slasheurs can be anything we want, so can these pants, here worn by R as a jumpsuit…

SlashMuse™ Author Profile

Blue lipped sitting in row 3 of Iceland's opening show as if she just escaped from a circus company. She bedazzled us. Now we have her. Loving velvet sausages she can get high on Couture. Bow tie + tinned food!


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