checking in with Marc Schuhmann

checking in with Marc Schuhmann

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Marc Schuhmann, inherent part of Berlin’s art and fashion scene. Seriously, go to any party during Fashion Week and ask if they know Marc Schuhmann. If they don’t, it was a Scandinavian tourist you talked to. When time travelling is finally happening, I wish a brainstorm session for him with Georges Bataille and Theodor Fontane at Weinerei. I have never seen a girl showering in Milk while wearing a princess crown in a more brilliant aesthetic than from this great guy!



/ How would you finish these sentences, Marc?

No rat commits to … be a vegetarian .
A year without cotton candy is … not sure was cotton candy means … (laughs).
Blue can be green if … I use black and white.
Space means … freedom.




/ Was your name always Marc with ‘c’?

▽ Are you serious?


/ Do you work as anything else than a photographer?

▽ No, never. but I’m supporting young and other talents.


/ Did you always know that you wanted to be a photographer?

▽ No, not always. I think my interest came when I was like 17 or 18 years old when I began to take black/white photographs. Right after my “Zivildienst” (civilian service) I got a really good internship at a studio for furniture. On top it was quite well paid I remember. In the 90s I still experienced the “fat years”. There was just a limited number of photographers and if you didn’t act totally stupid and worked properly, you could make good money.
Back to the question, I must say that already as a boy I was quite fascinated by the great women on the covers of fashion magazines. I think now that may have been the real trigger to become a photographer..(for a short period I also considered studying art but then I dismissed that idea again.)





/ How long have you been living in Berlin now? Is it the best city in the world for you? What’s the unique thing about Berlin?

▽ I’ve been living in Berlin for nine years now and of course, for me the best city is the city I chose to live in. My mentor used to say; “the older you get, the smaller becomes the city”. I think that is equally true for the countryside as it is for places like New York City and of course Berlin.

▽ The special thing about Berlin though is, that with all its different and heterogeneous neighbourhoods. You have many smaller cities in one. That’s one of the reasons why it never gets boring. There’s always something new to discover. Maybe one could say that it’s a bit like a living puzzle-game! I love going to my regular bars or cafés to see familiar faces and enjoy familiar good drinks, but at the same time there’s the possibility to be completely anonymous and just by myself, which is so great if you just want to think or watch the hustle and bustle of the people in the streets.

▽ Berlin offers me freedom and inspiration. I simply love just doing the things I like whenever and wherever I feel like.



/ Would you say Berlin has a creative industry?

Definitely yes! Yet, a lot is taking place rather undercover. It can be a bit exhausting from time to time to look for and actually find good quality in for instance art,  but there’s no doubt about that it exists! I see it the way that Berlin has a kind of problem which is that it sometimes tries a bit to hard in some areas to be like other metropolises, for example with regard to fashion Berlin sometimes ties to be like New York or Paris I think. That is actually a pity and also completely stupid. Instead of driving a totally new way here – with all the incredible possibilities this city has to offer – sticks it often with a rather conventional way.

▽ The philosophy seems to be: we just keep doing what has worked more or less for a while now. I think that has to with the people in charge and the unfortunately often rather stiff sponsors!! It seems to me as if it was rather difficult to really do Avant-garde in this city – and to be successful with it, I mean.

▽ Many designers suffer not causeless from existential fear and so end up getting pushed into rather commercial tracks by their PR and Sales agencies. For a few that actually works out pretty well, but for most of them not at all, I think. As much as I appreciate the work of many young fashion designers in Berlin, I often get the impression they all surf “the same wave” and nobody dares to actually break out from it with great and really own creative ideas regarding their presentation. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are exceptions, but they are just still too few.
Berliners, be brave, risk something and “haut auf die Kacke”! Only that way you get your unique selling point and in that way international attention!


/ What is your signature or trademark, Marc?

▽ MARC SCHUHMANN. Kind of boring, right?


/ Do you believe in Monsters?

No but I believe in little spoiled and bitchy Vampires.



/ Who is your favourite German Fashion designer?

Karl, what a question!!!


/ How would you describe your profession?

▽ It’s my passion.


/ How can I picture the relationship between the model and the photographer in your work?

▽ First of all, I don’t like to use this word model. I work with humans not with models. I’m very interested in beautiful and different personalities and in the tension between me and the protagonists that I shoot.


/ Do you have a favourite song from the time when you were 18?

▽ Suicide commando from no more.


/ What is the best Disney movie?

▽ Sorry but I prefer Godard!


/ What do you believe in?

▽ I believe that after the biggest shit and times of sadness there comes light again and again.


/ How would the title of a book about your work be?

▽ “27 missing kisses..” that’s actually the title of a French movie with Pierre Richard..well already a little while ago…


/ What are your current projects?

Planning HEFT#2 with two other unique artists, also working on a website community like a passive artist representative called SUPERAGENT .
Working on our THE PHOTODIARY™  online store and writing photo shoot concepts for some magazines.


/ Are there any exhibitions coming up?

▽ 2014 is the time!


/ Thank you so much for checking in with us! It was wonderful hearing about you and your projects, Marc!



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