checking in with JJ Weihl and Jonathan Jarzyna from Fenster

checking in with JJ Weihl and Jonathan Jarzyna from Fenster

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Tellers of enchanted tales, unicorn believers and founders of the indie-pop band Fenster,
JJ Weihl (NYC) and Jonathan Jarzyna (Berlin) began to practice their crafts of noises and melodies together.
With Rémi Letournelle the Trio lets us travel to surreal spaces where ghosts and fairies look the same.



/ How would you finish these sentences, guys?

A fluffy rat passes by and…says: “When the full moon rises over the blue lagoon we shall inherit the earth”.
You better don’t tell if…you don’t want no one not to know what isn’t true.
Real Disco is…probably dead.

Power means… P_\mathrm{avg} = \frac{\Delta W}{\Delta t}\,.



/ You guys have been on the road for months and months until the end of summer, right? What was the best festival moment of this summer?

▽ For us, big festivals can be a bit stressful and impersonal. Our favorite kinds of shows are still small sweaty club shows where you celebrate afterward with a drunken dance party with all the promoters and the audience. But actually Immergut (Festival in Neustrelitz, Germany) was one of the better festivals this summer. It was the last show of a one-month tour, everybody was in a good mood, the sun came out. What more can you ask for?


/ Talking fashion: which place you visited had the most style?

▽ Definitely Copenhagen, but in a slightly disturbing way.


/ What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to Berlin after a long tour?

▽ First we drop the gear off at our studio and hope we don’t get stuck in the freight elevator. But then absolutely nothing, just hang in bed trying to be zen.


/ Hand on heart: Do you believe in unicorns?

▽ Always and forever.


/ You can choose one robot – What are its features?

▽ Dance moves, rap battle skills, laser light show, teleportation, jokes, killer bartender.


/ You are going to release your new album soon. What’s the spirit like? When will it be out?

The Pink Caves. It’s going to be a bit more pink than our first album Bones. It’s coming out March 2014. Think Twin Peaks meets Francis Lai.


/ That sounds awesome! I loved the teaser!
What comes closest to the feeling of flying? Obviously I assume that flying is an awesome feeling.

▽ Walking incredibly fast, maybe roller coasters and definitely stage diving.


/ Prince or Michael Jackson?

▽ Both, how can you choose between a prince and the king. It’s all monarchy.


/ Cats or dogs?

▽ Cats are evil.


/ Alice in wonderland or Peter Pan?
▽ Alice in wonderland.


/ Is there a place you would never go to?

▽ Oh yeah, lots! For starters, an NRA rally, the Westboro baptist Church, and the Swamp of Sadness where Atreyu loses his beloved horse Artax.


/ What are your favourite bands at the moment?

▽ The Babies just released a great second record, Kurt Vile, Sandro Perri‘s album Impossible Spaces is the bomb, also listening to Kendrick a lot lately. On the golden oldies playlist is the song Crimson&Clover, Lou Reed and Cohen‘s first four or five records. Twin Peaks soundtrack, greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and the soundtrack of Bilitis by Francis Lai. And for a band that’s been doing what their doing with great esprit, melodies, joy and punk spirit, a big shout out to Japanther from NYC.


/ Roxette’s video for ‘joyride’ is still awesome. I wish you guys would do a remake for your next music video. Are you all in?

(laughing) Those were the golden 90s..when bands had night-liners and red convertibles and played sweet guitar solos in front of green screens and never grew old…we live in the future now, it just wouldn’t be the same…but we’ll figure something out!


/ That’s a promise! Thanks for the lovely day we spent at Appletree Garden Festival (Diepholz, Germany, all photographs taken there) and it was such an honor checking in with you. 



We are so looking forward to the release of The Pink Caves and your upcoming gigs for the release tour:

17. Feb 2014  at Hafenklang in Hamburg, Germany 

18 Feb 2014 at Studio 672 in Köln, Germany

19 Feb 2014 at Milla in Munich, Germany

20 Feb 2014 at Ostpol in Dresden, Germany



Interview & Photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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