checking in with Jakob Möller from Discoteka Yugostyle!

checking in with Jakob Möller from Discoteka Yugostyle!

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Jakob Möller, self-declared Superstunningkid at Discoteka Yugostyle!. Green glowing smoke coming out of a tuba, 10 firecrackers of handsome swedish guys putting crowds of soaking wet people in a dance-trance. I never thought to find such beats up north!




/ How would you finish these sentences, Jakob?

The best Tarantino movie of all times is…True Romance. Really, you have to see it if you have not.
Trance is a feeling of…illusion.
If your shoes could talk…they would probably make as much sence as me.
Romance means…not pretending and acting like life is some movie. (Funny I think True Romance is the best movie) When you talk about the really hard stuff and dare to really come close to someone, thats romance. That is what I think is the hardest thing in life and I fear very few ever experience it.


/ How come 10 Swedish guys start a yugotrance band?

▽ We were young and wise and we realized that this kind of music is the kind that really works in the disco. And that is what is really important.


/ I agree! Awesome you guys did it!
You have your 10 years anniversary this year, right? Congrats on that! You also always have a deer on stage with you. What’s its name? Do you guys consider it part of the band? (then happy anniversary to the deer, too!)

▽ The deer is our mascot and the name is Jelena. She is somehow giving us strength and the will to deliver however strong the anti disco winds may be.


/ Ok, cliché-questions: Beirut or Shantel?

▽ Sorry, we dont really listen to those..


/ What was your most unforgettable gig in the last 10 years?

▽ Emmabodafestivalen this summer was unforgettable. It was so much fun.


/ And how about the best place in the world?

▽ Our new rehearsal/studio space in Lund (South Sweden)!


/ What comes closest to the feeling of flying? (Obviously I assume that flying is an awesome feeling.)

▽ The feeling of crashing so hard you dont think you will survive it and making it anyways. That gives you hope and the belief that although life sucks in so many ways, you can manage and even feel good sometimes. It sounds dark but I think that is where true joy really comes from.


/ How would you describe the Swedish style?

▽ Open minded and very aware of the importance of equality between men and women. Hopefully.


/ Are you planning on travelling to the Balkans again in the near future?

▽ We are not sure but we really want to get down there again soon. There is a really special vibe in those countries.


/ Are you born at the right time?

▽ I believe we were born at a time when the welfare system and the society really were at their peaks. While we have been growing up these systems have become more and more flawed. This means we have to start fighting to reverse this development. Especially the way people are starting to view people they call “immigrants.” Hopefully we will be able to help make things better in some way through our music. We will see how.


/ Did you ever get a note written with lipstick?

▽ No! Please do.


/ I will consider it. Are you working on a new single?

▽ We can not say yet.


/ Oh I don’t like secrets…What’s your next gigs?

▽ Because we are now working on the thing we can’t say what it is yet we currently do not have any gigs planned. Feels kind of strange since we have been playing all the time for the last 10 years but it also feels good.


/ Tack and thanks for checking in with us, Jakob! Good luck with your secret project, say hi to the other boys and we are looking forward to hearing more soon!!



Photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2012
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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