SlashMuse Festival Special // Part 1 // Fusion

SlashMuse Festival Special // Part 1 // Fusion

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Today we saw the first fallen leaves. Fall has arrived. Time to begin our SlashMuse Festival Special to relive our summer:
// Part 1 // Fusion // Germany



“Far from everyday life we celebrate 4 days of parallel society of a special kind, looking for a possibly better world. We know, there’s always a ”but”. We also feel that there is no real place where all of this comes true.”


This is the mission formulated on Fusion Festival’s official website. To celebrate this “holiday communism” 60.000 music fans came together in the end of June and spent 4 days together on a former Russian military field two hours out of Berlin.

An enchanted huge field full of music of all styles, performance, vegetarian food, cinema and theater, tents and chill out areas builds a little country in a parallel universe. Like a country full of crazy people. Goa hippies, gym bag-Hipsters, glitter ravers and other fusionists. Between all the different areas where the crowd pounds in the moving beat of electronic tracks you find an old bus right in a little forest next to the dance floor of the Bachstelzen. This bus is a kiosk, selling glitter, lemonade, bubble gum and a smack in the face full of silver glitter particles!


Also, you can send mail from the Feldpost station or – when it starts raining – dance in a crazy little house that feels like a western saloon. When the pace of the track accelerates the dancing craziness is reunited in a choir of jubilance.


Our musical highlights were the intimate gig of the German-American Band Fenster and the great beats the Konstantin of Giegling offered us! Dancing Jellyfish and a desert full of carnivorous plants between mud puddles make four days of dancing a great spectacle. Everyone around me was lacking sleep but was full of love and developed a pack syndrome.

The last day was like a human garbage dump with different kind-hearted people offering to collect and recycle all kinds of drugs, sprayers leaving their mark until the next year, while you were sitting on the floor next to him eating scrambled eggs to warm your body after dancing in the rain. Like the end of a film, the end of the fusion seems sad and surreal but also very necessary. You wonder how everyone might get home and arrive back into reality – and then the bus driver with his Berliner Schnauze gives you a reality check and you leave the parallel universe.

Until next year.

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