Mingle Mangle: Illustration Now! 5

Mingle Mangle: Illustration Now! 5

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The 5ths ambassador of the Illustration Now Series is a profound mingle mangle!
You will find all kinds of contemporary illustrations, drawings, paintings, comics etc. in this single book. All styles & techniques are represented in this well assembled compendium.
You will find yourself flipping through this book for hours…

Today’s most exciting 150 illustrators from over 30 countries, featuring both personal work and high-profile client projects.  Flexicover with flaps, 19,6 x 24,9 cm, 448 pages, ca. € 29,99

SlashMuse™ Author Profile

Milano ZorroKing of the RoadTwitter:@slashmuse
Milano Zorro is one of SlashMuse™ Magazine's main contributors. He is traveling all over the planet interviewing the freaks of today. He did millions of photos in countless cities and on numerous fashion showcases. – Feel free to contact him!