Je suis l’origine – showing your cunt as art is not even...

Je suis l’origine – showing your cunt as art is not even ok in Paris…

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The painting from 1866 is notorious: it shows the underlying torso of a nude woman hairy vulva in the center of the image. Scandalous that was then. Today the explicit image hangs as a visitor magnet at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.



Deborah de Robertis performs “Mirror of Origin” (2014)
Recently, however, the painting was again the center of a small scandal: the Luxembourg artist Deborah de Robertis end of May, sat down in a performance without warning on the floor in front of the painting, raised his her short golden cocktail dress and showed the visitors her genitals. After a brief confusion the museum guards sent the applauding museum visitors out of the room. Finally, de Robertis was led away by the police, but a short time later released. The direction of the Museum, and two guards filed a complaint against the artist.

The artist, who has dealt with previous work with the relationship between the sexes, understands their action, however, as performance: With “Mirror of Origin”, part of the larger series, “Mirror”, she did not simply play Courbet motif, but also improve says de Robertis the “Luxemburger Wort”. Courbet’s “Origin of the World” show not the actual origin. In the painting the vagina was closed, it was a gap in the history of art. By its action, the artist wanted the “origin of the origin” show “the infinite”.


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