‘Ecke Weserstraße’ // A Berlin Hipster Soap

‘Ecke Weserstraße’ // A Berlin Hipster Soap

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The independently produced soap ‘Ecke Weserstraße‘ by Johannes Hertwig and Hayung von Oepen grap the stereotypes of the generation twentysomething living and surviving in Berlin.

Tom, Emma and Vincent are just on the border between two phases of life – out of university but not really grown up yet.

In the first episode Tom writes down the future formula job+girlfriend=future. A mission that seems like impossible to be accomplished. ‘Gestern Masterverteidigung, heute einer von 3 Millionen Arbeitslosen, 27, verkatert, pleite.’, hangover kitchen talk in Berlin Neukölln on a typical Sunday morning. Tom and Emma go for a walk to the Späti, quarry for useless stuff on the flea market and meet the third of the characters Vincent (cap, MacBook, Hipster bike, trying to get into media and so far financed by Daddy) in a hip coffee place.

One challenges its current lifestyle. Is financed by your parents in your twentysomething comparable to a StartUp? ‘Ein tolles StartUp; mit Barfreundin, Gästeliste und Freigetränken.’, Vincent takes himself on a ride. The again and again upcoming question what to do next in this unsubstantial seeming live.

The first Berlin Hipster Soap sums up massive clichés and sad truths about the generation twentysomething at the point where being a Hipster in cool Berlin gets overwhelmed by existence fear and the question what do we want from live.

For sure it is fun watching in the beginning but gets a little long-winded with the time. If that is because one knows the story already you should find out yourself…




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