Checking in with Nomad Uno

Checking in with Nomad Uno

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A couple of years ago in the most random circumstances I met Nomad Uno in Berlin. Following his art, love and passion for the weirdness of the world, the millions of ways we can choose to go, the fearless decisions we all can choose to take, I am happy to present our first interview with this fantastic guy! The pictures are taken on a cold winter day in Nomad’s atelier early this year. Right now we show some of his great work in our own gallery Club de Slasheurs in the exhibition SULLY SIDE UP that still runs until the end of August.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Nomad?

Girls that do big bubble gum bubbles…are not scared of washing their boyfriend out of their hair the next morning.
With a towel you can alwaysbeat someone unconscious in jail, when you hide a bar of soap in it.
The most important chess figure is…the Dark Queen. As in real life. The Dark Queen rules.
Never believe that…- believe will help you. There is nothing to be scared of and nothing worth believing into. Follow the omens and be happy about it without missing out on amazing dreams.




What is new in your gallery “KRAFTPUNK” in Berlin?
▽ New is that White Trash Fast Food finally moved into the building and since a lot is going to get rebuild – KRAFTPUNK is gonna get knocked down in a few days, then rebuilt with new walls, new toilets, new everything. Wally and me will still host openings and parties on the construction site. The Artists still get 100% of all the sales …. We just sell booze and beer to cover the expenses. DAVE THE CHIMPS show SKULLFUCKERS was a full success. He sold pretty well and we all got pretty drunk.


/ Did you move near your studio now?
Hell no. I live in Wedding. I could never live anywhere near Schlesisches Tor… I leave it to the pupcrawling tourists and Hipsters on their walk of shame.


/ Do you eat more Burgers since White Trash Fast Food became your neighbour?
Nope. I always loved Wally’s food. He’s an amazing cook, but I mostly have no time to eat there. When I am in the studio/gallery I am there to work.


/ You’ve been living in Berlin for more than 20 years now, right? What is your favorite spot?
My favorite spot is my bed. I built it with my own hands. I chose the mattress well. I got all my books nearby. My records, my laptop and a videobeamer…all in arms reach…  I love eating, sleeping and fucking in it. My bed rules.


/ Does Berlin loose its inspiring character over the years? 
That old whore. Fuck her. When was she ever inspiring? She got bombed out and ruined by the allies and probably was a whore before that…. just way more respectable.
I am not here to get inspired by an old whore who’s name means “Swamp“ in ancient polish. I am here to inspire. I am here to live an artists live. Cheap thrills! Cheap rent! Room for thought! But it seems that it gets less and less manageable. Mediocracy and boring old money took this city over. The old whore has found new pimps. Let’s see for how long they can pimp her out.


/ You are currently exhibiting in our gallery Club de Slasheurs in the group show SULLY SIDE UP. What I was meaning to still ask you:

/ Can you remember the dirtiest day of your life?
I am sure there are a plenty of people you know that can willingly answer that question for me. Personally, I do not categorize “dirt“. There is nothing dirty in what I do, and it never will be, since no such processing exists in my shameless free mind. I am pure as freshly fallen snow, frozen after it got ejaculated from gods penis.


/ What is the best mask to hide a sullied / tainted character?
Gods Penis.


/ How do you prefer your fried eggs: Sunny side up or sunny side down?
Fuck the sun. I like Darkness.


/ Do you have a favorite artist yourself? Who is it?
Too many too mention. There is so much incredible talent on this planet, how could I only pick one? R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz is a person worth finding out about.


/ When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
When other people had labelled what I did “ART” and I had to talk to artbuyers and sell them that crap as something dead serious conceptual.


/ You are also a DJ, can you compare your work as an artist with your work as a DJ when you think about power and the way you touch, move, upset, inspire or manipulate people?
Its simple :
As an Artist you suck – everybody comes, congratulates and celebrates you and comes to your openings to drink free booze and find something to fuck.
As a DJ you suck – nobody dances unless the rest of the people around you are more stupid than yourself.
I am supergood at both. A true Genius. I am not kidding you.


/ What are you working on at the moment?
Dude….. who cares? Nobody gives a rats ass about me. I worked elaborately inconsistent and personally pissed off, beat up or threatened each galerist, art collector or agent I ever worked with. I don’t need a career. Career needs me. She comes and tells me “do this and you will eat good this month“ so I do it. I don’t have career plan. I am free. Forever.


/ What else is coming up for you this year?
I hope I will witness a lot of squirting. I just love when you can see the cum shooting all across the room. Other than that Dirk Leyers and me will complete our first Album as AFRICAINE 808 for Golf Channel recordings in New York. First 12”s are released and sold out, so the Album is pretty much overdue.
Other than that  I’ll do a couple more VULKANDANCE Parties in Berlin and play some more unheard of insanely fresh Tropical dance music all over Europe and the world.
I am finishing 28 life-size sculptures for an Israeli real estate developer friend in Berlin.
KRAFTPUNK GALLERY will reopen, reopen and reopen until it’s finally open and got its final shape and feature some of Berlin and Europe’s finest anarchists and the few left free minds in the cultural and art world.
Fuck conformity! Smash boredom and consumerism! Free the Phoenix!


/ Thank you so much, Nomad!

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