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Buns, more elegant chingnons, are indeed the unsexiest hair-do for women a lot men say.
The higher on the head the more hated by men and the more comfortable for many women.

A glance back in history shows in the ancient Greece it was worn by Athenian women first. But later by different men, too. For example Anthony Trollope, one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era, wore a bun.
A famous bun girl is burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

So maybe men you are wrong and buns are french chic and not only the hair-do to wear when you are out of sight.
We love buns on our heads and also on the ones of bearded men.
So be careful of bun bearer crossing the street.

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Sure, it is a rather practical trend that for 2 years we can just let our dark roots grow and label the edgy look ”ombré hair”.

But even SlashMuse, as defender of chipsy nails and believer in messy hair has to admit that ombré was never really appealing to us. Until now!

These two ladies really pull it off. Irritating surprise! (Zoe even wears her hair ombré now, too! What a fashion victim.)

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Yes, the times of Woodstock are over but hej, the more the merrier! Je love checking out all the amazing festival looks this summer! SlashMuse’s Highlights of Coachella are here!




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The first day of Appletree Garden Festival in Diepholz, Nadja wearing Vintage Butterfly 80s Top, H&M Shorts, a Brax leather belt and Nike Air Max. Accessories are just H&M sunglasses and a watch from Komono.

Just when we followed her 20 wild guests complemented her look and we agree, she looked stunning!



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