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Someday we come to a point where things in life start to be a long time ago.

For example when a school invites you for a reunion dinner, when you meet up with people who are grown up now- but you still share youth secrets and memories of the best times of your lives. A secure time, having the idea of no borders, exploring love, sex and friendship. Just look into yourself think about those endless summers/ places/ people that give you back this unique feeling.


Cambridge my Dear, thanks for having me <3

Speaking mannequins, amazing dresses, gender confusion and show pieces. Design and curating wise was the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibitions in Stockholm’s Arktiketurmuseet a Spectacle for all senses!

“Anyone with a heart-shaped pump will exit his fashion world seduced, lifted, entertained, moved, appy. Gaultier is alive and unforgettable”


From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
15 June – 22 September 2013


I often couldn’t stop laughing, because he is such an over the top genius full of skills and irony!

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Here we come! SlashMuse is online now!
Like a slide, hard work up to this point, now it will only go down. Poor you!
No of course we want to be and stay fast, fresh, moving and fun, getting you wet and excited for more. We are your water slide!

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Sure, it is a rather practical trend that for 2 years we can just let our dark roots grow and label the edgy look ”ombré hair”.

But even SlashMuse, as defender of chipsy nails and believer in messy hair has to admit that ombré was never really appealing to us. Until now!

These two ladies really pull it off. Irritating surprise! (Zoe even wears her hair ombré now, too! What a fashion victim.)

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Yes, the times of Woodstock are over but hej, the more the merrier! Je love checking out all the amazing festival looks this summer! SlashMuse’s Highlights of Coachella are here!




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Guess the Crystal fighters are still stuck in my ear! Anyhow, although not much clothes is needed on the beach, choosing a look that reflects that summer’s feeling and mood we are in is worth thinking about 5 minutes (or even 15). Our this year’s favourites are these four looks: tough, strong, rough and wild.
A beach look that is you is 10% your bikini – or if you go topless just 5%. The rest is hair (10%), make-up (10%), jewellery (10%), accessories (10%), including your parasol and beach lecture (10%), and fuck yeah of course your poses, your moves (20%) and your body (20%). As we can choose so damn much, we SlashMuse peops don’t get the hustle with the ”beach body” and ”the right bikini”, just puzzle your look the way it fits your summer. It’s the look that bedazzels your sourrounding not one particular 10% detail! Beach now.

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The first day of Appletree Garden Festival in Diepholz, Nadja wearing Vintage Butterfly 80s Top, H&M Shorts, a Brax leather belt and Nike Air Max. Accessories are just H&M sunglasses and a watch from Komono.

Just when we followed her 20 wild guests complemented her look and we agree, she looked stunning!

You’re the one I follow
Follow to the middle
Middle of the shadows
Far away from all the sorrows.

Appletree Garden Festival, Diepholz, Germany. 28-29 June 2013
Crystal Fighters were Saturday’s Secret Act and they even stole the headliners, the Shout Out Louds completely the show. The headliners of last year appeared the evening after the big thunderstorm when everyone was sun dried and beer rescued again and brought back the memories of last years summer night love stories. At the time of their sparkling gig, I was just chatting with some other musicians behind the stage, which meant missing out on the love motion in front of the stage and struggling with the feeling to jump and dance like bananas (as I was still trying to establish a semi-professional image for SlashMuse backstage). Feedback from the glittering, Handbrotzeit-eating, mudd-dancing crowd of love under the old apple trees was that Crystal Fighters were their dance highlight.
The other big success was SOHN, who’s ”Zugabe” gave me serious goose bumps although I am not easy to bring to physical reactions (except for some avangardistic dance moves) from music. It was magical. SlashMuse’s favorits, Fenster were supposed to start just the second the crazy thunderstorm shoke the apple trees and drowned a lot of our tents. Therefore most people where still busy getting buckets full of rain out of their tents when they finally played their lovely tunes. Highlight, drummer Rémi, who despite the rain played in socks!

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There is no better place to be in Stockholm in autumn than on the roof of the only student house in Gamla Stan. It is a beautiful old house from which you see all tourists in the seize of ants. The view over the old town is stunning and if you are lucky someone might just be celebrating a crayfish party up there! Cheers!



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