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Beautiful Pai.

After a wonderful time in Lao we arrived to Thailand by land.

One day in Chiang Rai with banana breakfast and a visit at a temple.

A visit at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the most famous Temple in the area, standing near the top of Mount Suthep to the north-west of the city of Chiang Mai. Here I got this white wristband from a monk.

In the streets of Chiang Mai we found this little delicious bakery. Staying in Asia for a longer time awakens the desire of real bread.

My travel fellow has a passion for great food and places to stay (and I love her for this characteristic). In Pai she found us the most amazing two floor bamboo house on a fish farm outside the city within the rice fields. As the place was actually closed but she somehow did manage to sneak us in the kitchen was officially closed but they had tea and bananas. Those bananas can not be described in taste but for sure those were the best ones in our whole lives. When not hanging around in our hammocks we were cruising with our scooters through the magical green hilly landscape. It felt a little like at the end of the world. Hippie heaven in the middle of nowhere. No not everything was delicious we tried at the food market notably the fresh coconut banana pancakes sold by an old lady made us come back.

Pai is located in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. One gets there by bus or mini van. Arriving that little paradise at night we did have a pretty nightmare getting back and had never felt that travel-sick. But the trip is definitely worth it.

Again in Chiang Mai we did board the night train to Bangkok for our flight to Myanmar and found ourselves in the children and women carriage.


LAVA. For the first time Marcel Ostertag presented his new collection at an off-location at Berlin Fashion Week. Live music in the beginning a flashing presentation of the collection and a big final with a singing Shawny Sanders who is accompanying Marcel for many seasons as a model now. After the show we stayed at the location for a while and had a non-alcoholic beer.

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The autumn/ winter 15/16 collection of Designer Dimitri is set under the theme Greek Goddess Meets 70s Girl.

Ethnic aesthetics from the 70s and classy drapery of the ancient Greeks are the inspiration of the Dimitri AW 15/16 collection. Romantic chiffon dresses, golden headdresses, ethno accessories and many more details are combined in the tender collection. Using a color spectrum of magenta, lime, green and purple, nude, light brown and gold. Not mixing the colors but showing into each other coherent creations of different fabrics like wool, silk, Crêpe de Chine, leather, cashmere and jersey. Combined it makes the wearer appear as divine 70s girls.



The lavera Showfloor was staged at the Umspannwerk at Alexanderplatz. We made it to the closing show Friday night. Full house and the D. MACHTS GROUP proved the fusion of hair trends, cosmetics and fashion. Classy and expressive hair looks combined with the fashion creation of the Esmod students.



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Creative heads behind the label VEKTOR are Kristina Puljan and Martin Eichler. Creating styles for women, men and unisex pieces in a modern, urban, elegant and sportive interpretation.

The AW 15/16 collection colors are black, white, ultramarine and red. Geometric cutting lines, layering of tops and bottoms, padded coats and sweatshirts, woolen jackets, mohair sweaters, bomber jackets made of padded silk and elastic band details form a portable and clear statement.

We would love to have some pieces for our wardrobes <3


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Berlin, Berlin
by Nehemias Colindres

Like any other day
It is the fleeting moments that we remember
What is it that binds us to this place?
We come to this city
Each with hopes, dreams and fears
What’s been left behind is no more
Today we start anew
We are the loved and the misguided
Aspirations are what brings us
Harsh realities are what awaits
Who will I become
Where will I be
In this vast city it is easy to blend in
Even easier to feel alone
Try and see past the forest
Find your kingdom
Fight the good fight
Losing yourself is the only way
Look around you
Listen to the whispers
As that light gets brighter
Know that it burns for you
Know that you don’t stand-alone
We struggle to find our balance
We run thru with our heads in the clouds
Our hearts are wild
We search for meaning
Here we are sleep deprived and hungry
Waiting for fate to knock
As the city breathes life into us
We find our clarity
We know that today is not like any other day

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7 o’clock. Good morning Berlin.

This Wednesday morning we met at the Neue Heimat in Friedrichshain to dance. The trend of before-work parties is from London. The Morning Gloryville party series was hosted the second time in Berlin this week. Instead of smoking, drinking and a bad hangover the next morning people come together before going to work to drink smoothies & enjoy vegan breakfast, work out in the yoga corner, have a massage and most important dance for happiness!

Green machine smoothie ingredients: banana/ spinach/ lemon/ melon/ apple/ celery.



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