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§1   Fashion is too fast for fashion’s sake



Collections, styles and trends change faster than ever before and so do models, style icons and the price down of garments. 10 seconds of fame – or less?
We believe that although change is a basic ingredient of fashion all agents and creators involved in our spectacular circus, we call fashion should make a choice if we want to devalue the objects we feel passionate about by replacing them in the blink of an eye!

SlashMuse’s editorials are therefore constructed as sumptuous as traditional fashion photo series but in contrast showing only one style composition in several pictures, embracing and valuing all details of the look.


Then take a second look! It is still there. Or is there more?

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You wanne get in my pants, Mister?
– there is still room for you, no worries!


Already in previous collections Maison Martin Margiela showed off with some criss cross baggy pants. Last November they relaunched the style in their H&M cooperation to give more people access to this stunning classic, in which you could easily fit layers of tights or even a second body to keep warm. As Stockholm is getting cold again, it is time to dig out our MMM oversize Jeans and get cosy Antwerp-style!

How fashionable is it to dig out a ‘high street remake of an old classic’ one winter later? – Perfectly fine but if it seems too boring just change the way of wearing it this winter. SlashMuse decided if we slasheurs can be anything we want, so can these pants, here worn by R as a jumpsuit…

Speaking mannequins, amazing dresses, gender confusion and show pieces. Design and curating wise was the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibitions in Stockholm’s Arktiketurmuseet a Spectacle for all senses!

“Anyone with a heart-shaped pump will exit his fashion world seduced, lifted, entertained, moved, appy. Gaultier is alive and unforgettable”


From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
15 June – 22 September 2013


I often couldn’t stop laughing, because he is such an over the top genius full of skills and irony!

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Sure, it is a rather practical trend that for 2 years we can just let our dark roots grow and label the edgy look ”ombré hair”.

But even SlashMuse, as defender of chipsy nails and believer in messy hair has to admit that ombré was never really appealing to us. Until now!

These two ladies really pull it off. Irritating surprise! (Zoe even wears her hair ombré now, too! What a fashion victim.)

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Yes, the times of Woodstock are over but hej, the more the merrier! Je love checking out all the amazing festival looks this summer! SlashMuse’s Highlights of Coachella are here!




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Guess the Crystal fighters are still stuck in my ear! Anyhow, although not much clothes is needed on the beach, choosing a look that reflects that summer’s feeling and mood we are in is worth thinking about 5 minutes (or even 15). Our this year’s favourites are these four looks: tough, strong, rough and wild.
A beach look that is you is 10% your bikini – or if you go topless just 5%. The rest is hair (10%), make-up (10%), jewellery (10%), accessories (10%), including your parasol and beach lecture (10%), and fuck yeah of course your poses, your moves (20%) and your body (20%). As we can choose so damn much, we SlashMuse peops don’t get the hustle with the ”beach body” and ”the right bikini”, just puzzle your look the way it fits your summer. It’s the look that bedazzels your sourrounding not one particular 10% detail! Beach now.

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The first day of Appletree Garden Festival in Diepholz, Nadja wearing Vintage Butterfly 80s Top, H&M Shorts, a Brax leather belt and Nike Air Max. Accessories are just H&M sunglasses and a watch from Komono.

Just when we followed her 20 wild guests complemented her look and we agree, she looked stunning!



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