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They are called Pixel Panties — Made with squares, fit for round bottoms. They’re designed for people who love retro games and 8 bit visuals but couldn’t find a way to make them fashionable and sexy. These panties make that possible.

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Launching a brand can be a challenge, especially when it comes to creating something which differs from other established labels. Paving her own path with a particularly fascinating creative vision is Kate Deeley, whose brand Kult Domini is already making waves in the world of footwear. Unique silhouettes which combine vintage charm with modern design and pony fur!


With a prestigious track record in the fashion industry, Kate Deeley was already well placed to launch her own idea. From working on the jewellery team for Vivienne Westwood, she went on to work in the handbag department for none other than Victoria Beckham. “Working for Victoria Beckham was an amazing learning experience,” she explains, “they’d only just set the department up prior to me arriving; it was a very intimate team. We had to deal with everything from the budget, to sourcing and meeting with international manufacturers, to attending meetings with Victoria and Katie Hillier. It was a fantastic learning curve; I witnessed the brand develop so rapidly.”

Leaping at the chance to create her own brand, Kate Deeley started research for Kult Domini two years ago. “I basically wanted to develop a high-end brand of ladies shoes which weren’t stilettos, because I don’t wear them, and I never have. I wanted to make an alternative luxury in footwear.”

After an initial six months of research and experimentation, Deeley finally found the route she wanted to go down, developing a design based around 70s brogues: “I want to build a brogue, something really sturdy that’s going to stand the test of time. What I like to do is play with leather – with luxurious leathers, that echo a lady’s evening shoe, and then put them in a brogue.” After finalising her designs, she then went onto creating the first collection: “I developed a capsule collection which was made up of five different shoes. The idea was just to show them to a few key buyers, to see if they liked the product, to see if there was indeed a gap in the market for my product.”







The idea behind Kult Domini is that the pieces become an investment, and with a strong, timeless design, they’re sure to resist the passing of trends. Deeley explains how excelling in terms of quality was one of her priorities: “Having worked at Victoria Beckham, I began to appreciate really refined quality in terms of the leathers and the materials, the top, top quality.  When I started building Kult Domini I thought that was the same kind of route I wanted to go.”

Kate Deeley shows us how the design process behind the making of her shoes specifically goes against the idea of disposable fashion. “All of the bottoms are stacked leather, with a wooden heel.  You have to ‘dance on gravel’ to wear them in, as they say, just as you have to do with traditional men’s brogues.” To obtain the high quality production, sourcing factories which would be able to cater for her requirements was key to setting up the brand. After contacting several Italian factories, she finally set to work with two in Civitanova Marche, on the East coast of Italy. The production itself is split between two factories: “There’s my main factory, the ‘upper’ factory, and then the ‘bottom’ factory which creates the sole and the heel. It is quite a long process.” An unexpected challenge to be faced was the fact that most Italian shoe factories are only used to producing high-heeled shoes, which require a completely different technical approach to the designs she had in mind.

Other than producing her designs in Italy, Kate Deeley also sources her materials there: “I go over to Italy twice a year, for each season, to a big leather fair which initiates Kult Domini’s design process each season; it is really inspiring.”

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We are hooked on the Lolita-Feeling this summer:

70s lighting, tennis skirts and the ice cream truck, french lyrics, evening sun on the playground, open pouts….et voilà!







“asphalte” is starring the two young beautiful twin sisters Emilia Musacchia and Amanda Musacchia wearing clothes by thrifted, adidas and American Apparel.  The wonderful video is directed by NYC and Miami based film and photography duo Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philipp alisa wiissa.




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My all-time fragrance Daisy by Marc Jacobs gets an update: Daisy Dream!
It will come with an ad campaign photographed by Jürgen Teller and a TV ad shot by Sofia Coppola!

The gang of Jacobs, Teller, and Coppola is longstanding: Coppola starred in Jacobs’ first ever fragrance ads lensed by Teller and has already directed a TV spot for Marc Jacobs Daisy, and Teller has photographed every Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign.

The perfume will be released in July in a spherical bottle and probably smells pretty delicious like before. So after my first duty free shopping in July we know what our office will small like…


daisy dream

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For Love & Lemons
took their brand name literally this time!

Heart shaped glasses and juicy boobs shot in Texas’ summer sun.

Sure, it’s the Lolita-checklist in perfection:
▽ Beautiful girl
▽ Plump boobs
▽ Bubble gum bubble
▽ Bows in the hair
▽ Braids
▽ Lingerie
▽ Lolling on a cowl
▽ Socks in plateau sandals
▽ Tan line
▽ Brigitte Bardot hairstyle
▽ Lace
▽ Sexy pout
▽ Tiny tooth gap
▽ Suspenders
▽ And the classic: sucking some jam from the finger

But does following the Lolita-checklist compromise the magic of these images? No, not at all! They warm our hearts and make as crave for summer (and Hailey)!



















































Model: Hailey Clauson
Photographer: Zoey Grossman
Stylist: Ashley Glorioso
Makeup: Stacey Tan
Hair: Ramsell Martinez

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Boys and girls!

Step right up, step right up!

Come closer!

You won’t believe your eyes!

Behind this curtain…



a fashion show

You will see beauty and pain. Magic and perfection. Genius creativity and enchanted bodies.

Creatures you don’t see in real life. A parallel universe where dreams and nightmares are the same.

You will see rising stars and collapsing shooting stars. The most inspiring aesthetics you have ever seen.

All gone in the blink of an eye. Leaving you miserable or unburdened.

Till it’s just a vanishing memory that gets more and more pale with every next défilé.



Circus 2



Circus 3



Circus 4



Circus 5


Ladies and gentlemen,

Boys and girls!

Step right up, step right up!

Come closer!

You won’t believe your eyes!

Behind this curtain…



a circus show

You will see beauty and pain. Magic and perfection. Genius creativity and enchanted bodies.

Creatures you don’t see in real life. A parallel universe where dreams and nightmares are the same.

You will see rising stars and collapsing shooting stars. The most inspiring aesthetics you have ever seen.

All gone in the blink of an eye. Leaving you miserable or unburdened.

Till it’s just a vanishing memory that gets more and more pale with every next défilé.
Circus 6



Circus 7



Circus 8


White dress: Vintage, Black dress: Vintage, black beanie: Weekday, bordeaux turban beanie: asos, white sneakers: Nike, black sneakers: Nike


The most amazing show on earth…



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A book written by an It-Girl is not expected to be a literarily masterpiece. Alexa Chung launched her book ‘IT’ end of last year.

Running over the pages show Alexa Chung‘s personality, little stories from her private life as well her career. All together connected with things that influenced her style.



Her role models:

  •  Anna Karina/ Twiggy/ Liv Tyler in Empire Records/ Jane Birkin/ …


An instruction how to be easy good looking:

  • a circular brush/ worn Converse Chuck Tailor/ surf spray/ easy blured eyeliner


Her stylish grandfather:

  • tortoise glasses/ a striped shirt/ marine head/ slim corduroys/ the latest Nike Sneakers


Or the advice of her mother when she was lovesick:

  •  ‘Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.’


Accompanied by sketches, drawings and so far not published photos it shows the little world of Alexa Chung and her personal ‘IT’ that made her the It-Girl she is.


book: ‘IT’ by Alexa Chung

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questions we had about the world of fairy tales – answered visually in the story.


/ Do life and fairy tales have anything in common?

/ When becomes gold yellow?

/ How many guys kissed the princess before she kissed the frog?

/ What is the country far far away?

/ Did she kiss any girls, too?

/ Is it true what they say about the apple a day?

/ When becomes yellow gold then?

/ Does fruit have a gender?

/ Does the sun never go down in that country far far away?

/ Does it hurt?

/ Or is it only night that the sun doesn’t go down?

/ Is the apple the most famous fruit?

/ What about jealousy?

/ Does it hurt more?

/ Is there a fruit lobby?

/ How many frogs got a forced kiss and a dissappointed look on top?

/ More frogs than people?

/ How long are we talking in happily ever after?

/ Does it hurt less?

/ What drinks a dwarf after work?

/ Do life and fairy tale have everything in common?


















Dress, clutch, apple Vintage, jewelry Indiska, bag SlashMuse, shoes (model’s own)

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The sixth year in a row Marion Cotillard shows her beautiful face on a Dior advertisement campaign. In a Marylin Monroe like dress she floats along holding a bag from the Dior Spring/ Summer 2014 collection.

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What a pity the Adidas ZX Flux in Black/Multi are sold out – of course. <3

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This is a new kind of fur. Does it matter here if real fur or fake fur? Feminist or the opposite? American Apparel, thanks to surprise us again!

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Remember, if you’re having trouble getting it to start, blow into it.  (ゲームボーイ Gēmu Bōi)

What happens if you try entering the Konami code?


Designer/ Model/ Celebrity/ DJane/ Hipster/ Buyer/ Partyhopper/ …, January 2014.


Open up the curtains. Roll out the red carpet and off we go its Berlin Fashion Week again.

Berlin lives from the tourism despite two seasons of the year when its fashion tourism. Stressed but well dressed people hustle from one fair to another fashion show and back. As time is limited and one does not want to put himself on the line to get stuck in a traffic jam, miss a shuttle or even a free drink at a new fashion hot spot its important to dress up smart in the morning or bring a big bag to change within the tight schedule.

Getting up early on Wednesday we started the day at Bread and Butter Berlin – Ich bin ein Berliner. Followed by PANORAMA Berlin to check out the relevant urban and contemporary fashion trends for autumn/ winter 2014/ 2015. Seeing Marcel Ostertag opening his own defilee in a cream coloured robe at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tent. His collection for powerful women; leather optic, silk, fake fur dresses, see through chiffons, sequin embroideries in cream, blue, black and white. Next stop the Opening Reception of Mila Et Mila Showroom Shop Gallery: beautifully oscillated jewelry. Stopping by at PANORAMA’s Swing up to the 20’s party. Dancing at the Esther Perbandt’s after show party surrounded by completely enthusiastic people – still under the spell of the earlier show at Volksbühne Berlin. Fashion Week Nights are long – a burlesque spectacle welcomed us at Bassy Club to celebrate Lena Hoschek’s show.

A crazy day at Berlin Fashion Week. Thanks for having us. We will be back in summer.

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editorial: tracks








Shot by the train tracks as an editorial moving forward.
Steady. Not too old-fashioned, not too new. All pieces are from the last 20 years of fashion. Some were menswear, some womenswear.
Today they are all worn by guys and girls. Why do we try to categorize in masculine/feminine or modern/old if it only depends on your interpretation?



Where are the tracks?
Where are the lines?
Where are the tracks, dear?
Where is the time?
                           Gary Numan


coat: Hennes Vintage, suit pants: Vintage, scarf: Acne, hoodie: Nike, necklace with flask: self-made, sneakers: converse,
sunglasses & socks: model’s own

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på Bio 1


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på Bio 5

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– at the cinema. She could be part of a French film – at least at first sight.



Her walk, her cigarettes, the stripy top – oh sweet chérie. A closer look reveals the truth tough:
Scandinavian edge & vintage menswear fooling the eyes. Quel trompe-l’œil!

No snapback or base cap but a peaked cap with ear plops in fake fur: vintage, stripy Top: Acne, some guy’s training pants radically cut: Nike, sandals: Nicholas Kirkwood, Rings from H&M and the bazaars of Istanbul accompanied by a self-made necklace/bag of a yoga drinking bottle to keep hydrated while the film marathon of Stockholm International Film Festival taking place in the last few weeks.


Don’t trust your eyes. There is always more to it. So look again.



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