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The finally released Chanel film ‘Reincarnation’ by Karl Lagerfeld starring Pharell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Géraldine Chaplin is just overwhelming our after lunch coffee break.

Telling the story of Coco Chanel, and her inspiration for Chanel’s signature jacket, british model Cara Delevingne plays the leading character in the film. Set in a bourgeois austrian hotel the short film was created to accompany the Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection which will be shown in Salzburg today.

The naughty waitress (Cara Delevingne) who is playing rigs and a stiff lift boy (Pharell Williams) doing his job. Awake at night while the rest of the place is asleep they embody empress Elisabeth “Sissi” und emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and show off a ballroom dance while singing a duet.

In addition to his starring role, Pharrell composed and wrote the lyrics to “CC the World,” the soundtrack of ‘Reincarnation’. The film is an artistic collaboration of Lagerfeld and Pharrell who is a close friend of the house Chanel and the designer in personal. Cara Delevingne is the face of the 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection.

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Lolas’ instagram a few days ago was already preparing the big trend to get into mainstream fashion: Platform shoes.

In the 90’s we had the last hype for high end-to-end and stiff raver boots favored in black or white. The must have Buffalo Classics was all over High School and I did not have any.

Visiting Buenos Aires made clear what we are expecting the upcoming summer: massive platform shoes in every colour and style. Celebrating summer the stores and streets are flooded with them right now and EVERY girl/ women/ lady is wearing them to school/ work/ every occasion.

If open, half-open, closed, leather, synthetical, lacquer, black, silver, in sneaker or sandal design – get some. We are already looking forward to next year.

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We were sitting at the kitchen table when talking about women wearing hats and what guys connect to the mind status of these ladies. The plurality spoke out that girls with hats are crazy.

This made me thinking about girls with hats I met. Unfortunately the first two that came into my mind are sneaking crazy. That fact does not make me dislike hats in a fashion context but made me think. In any kind of way each of us is a little crazy but this does not make a guy not dating a girl or the other way round. No, the guys said. It is more the relation between hot and crazy which should guide your decision – and there is a matrix to justify your decision:

After watching this I still did not get the full hat thing but at least a wider understanding about choosing girls… .



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Buns, more elegant chingnons, are indeed the unsexiest hair-do for women a lot men say.
The higher on the head the more hated by men and the more comfortable for many women.

A glance back in history shows in the ancient Greece it was worn by Athenian women first. But later by different men, too. For example Anthony Trollope, one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era, wore a bun.
A famous bun girl is burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

So maybe men you are wrong and buns are french chic and not only the hair-do to wear when you are out of sight.
We love buns on our heads and also on the ones of bearded men.
So be careful of bun bearer crossing the street.

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Sitting in a cabrio and trying the perfect quick selfie what an adventure and challenge. Which angle ist he perfect while driving on the motorway, head up or down, smile, no smile many questions to answer and in the end wrinkles, pimples and other stories destroying the perfect summer selfie.

We found a solution and yes we are not the first ones finding out. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and the others are already doing it for a while. First just got caught and questioned by her fans: How is it possible that you look so perfect and smooth at your age? Not one laughline on the singers face. A spontaneous selfie looks far different.

The reason for these miracle perfect selfies lies in the Perfect365 app. The award-winning and free makeover app combines some tips to make perfect selfies. One can choose from 30 styles based on the latest make-up trends. Even a sunburn, tan lines or washed off make up after a swim in the pool disappear by using the skin softening and foundation tool of the app.

We tested the app a little bit and were rather shocked how easily a selfie with a red pimple or bad lighting could be turned into a fresh – almost too smooth look. Here are some of our tests:

Folie1 Folie2

Even summer is vanishing this app can help to catch you in the last shafts of sunlight and show your friends what a great time you are having. For sure this app can be taken into the cooler months of the year, too.

But always remember not to take it too far in a world of beauty freny.

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Actress and original ‘It’ girl, Chloë Sevigny, hands down wins at having the most inspiring style this side of 1990. Since her debut role in Kids, she’s modeled (rather aptly for French fashion house Chloé), collaborated with hot NY label Opening Ceremony and established herself as film and fashion’s indie darling – and she’s not stopping there. Her latest role is in The Cosmopolitans (a pilot TV show for Amazon Studios, featuring eye candy Adam Brody) about young and beautiful upper-class American expats in Paris. Add that to the Chloë Book – a coffee-table tome of pics coming out next April with a foreword by Kim Gordon, and you’ve got proof the buzz about Chloë never really went away. Chloë Sevigny was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film Boys Don’t Cry, and later played a polygamist on the HBO drama series Big Love. Her role in the Brown Bunny by Vincent Gallo or some of her outfits most people couldn’t have pulled of – at all. Chloë does, with grace and an elegant edge!

We believe in Chloë-Style. No one could ever replace her. Although Léa Seydoux has great potential…

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Last weekend we closed the doors of Club de Slasheurs. Instead of demonstrating the finale sale in our concept store and gallery with SALE-Stickers initiated a spontaneous photo shoot at the Club combining the different objects of fashion, art and lifestyle:

#1 Bunnies like fashion stories
Rabbit mask, shirt: J’ai mal a la tete, THE PHOTODIARY

#2 The Club
Wooden school chair, sweat shirt: Izzy not Easy, hat: Corona Lantana

#3 Fox in the sun
Fox mask, scarf: La Rogy, bottle: Fräulein Brösel’s Schnapserwachen

#4 The little ones
Baby dress: Lilly Marleen

#5 cool art
Art work: Sebastian Lechner / Kor Izoh, polar bear mask, Bomber jacket: J’ai mal a la tete

#6 Daydreaming
Flower couch, fox mask, hat: Corona Lantana

#7 Warming the heart
Coat: vintage, wooden school chair, rabbit mask, wine: Domaine La Louviere

#8 gypsophila
Veil: vintage, sweat shirt: Izzy not Easy

#9 Alles Nutten
Art work: Nomad Uno, Beanie: Corona Lantana, Skateboard: Build

#10 out now
Last view on the club


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Early this July the Munich based fashion designer Marcel Ostertag presented his Spring/Summer 2015 collection at the MBFW Berlin. The show took place in an ice hockey stadium in Berlin’s rougher part Wedding. As every summer year around Spring/Summer Fashion Week a raging heat lay over Berlin. The ice hockey stadium was filled with ice cream licking and champagne sipping fashion guests with beads of perspiration on their foreheads.
Then the show finally began:
Goosebumps. A tender elfish being enters the catwalk and begins to sing with a powerful voice in the spot light. After this magical opening the music starts to play, the whole catwalk is enlightened and Mister Ostertag in good old manner opens his catwalk show, wearing one of his creations of this new season.

The collection with the name “Modern Bohemian Rhapsody” is a mix of vivid patterns, bright colours, the Ostertag typical graphical lines as well as floating movements full of elegance. And of course not too little transparency. Lime green, orange and lemon tones spice up the colour palette of the collection: a feel good cocktail in motion!

You can recognize influences of the 70s and 80s in terms of shapes as well as typical Ostertag silhouettes. Marcel’s trademark is clearly recognisable: Very feminine and glamorous design translated to flattering fabrics of high quality with a coquettish touch of flamboyance. All in all it is a versatile collection for strong modern women, who Marcel loves so much:

“I love women. They inspire me. They make me curious and challenge me.”

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Saturday fever in a hammock above the roofs of Berlin...

1, 2, 3, 4, …52.

Did you watch the movie ’28 dresses’?

I didn’t but when I sorted my dresses by color the other day I realized how many I actually have. And honestly how many of those haven’t seen daylight for a long long time or even still wear a price tag? Despite I just bought two new dresses today and there might be some more in the laundry and in the downs of my closet I counted 52 dresses.

53 dresses to 3 pants in my closet tell: I am obsessed by dresses.

My mission for the next 52days: I will wear all my dresses once and give them a chance to show that they are all worse keeping!


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A model, a set and the task to teach their other tongue in a few phrases. Have you ever had such a sexy and good looking teacher in your life? We did not. Thanks to the I.D. for this inspiring education project.


Camille Row teaches us as a first phrase: ‘La language franchise est tres sensual.’


‘Xièxie’, Liu Wen and Nadja Bender teaching us how to ask if we want to come to bed with her and than withdrawing the offer in Danish. There are more mother tongues to explore. Feel free!

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Dimitri gave a Mediterranean insight into Spring/ Summer 2015 at his fashion show during Berlin Fashion Week. Pattern mix/ color/ prints and treated fabrics are brand mark of the Italian rooted designer. His passion for exotic travel destinations are inspirational to the new collection.

Our favorites: the pure white dresses, see-through lace tops and huge colorful pompom necklaces and earrings.


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Our Fashion Week kickoff this year was the SUPERFICIAL FASHION PRESENATION at Projektgalerie / Sven Krüger & Rebecca Baylor. Founded in 2007 Projektgalerie is a temporary platform for fashion, art and music and describes itself as a real alternative dimension to the commercial Fashion Week which is open to the public.

On Monday evening, the traditional opening of Berlin Fashion Week, this year once again the silent and little but not less inspirational and open minded space started off with a Designer Sale at the Butterflysoulfire Boutique on Mulackstraße in Mitte hosted by Projektgalerie. The Superficial Fashion Presentation with MZ Sunday LUV and HllYWD as vocal acts was the highlight of the Gettogether.

Superficial is a unisex label by Anthony Vouardoux and Beck Naylor. And the collection: ‚Superficial is adaptable. Each piece can be worn at breakfast or to Berghain. Ready to wear that fits to modern life. Humor plays a vital part.

Humor and design spread over to all guests standing in the dim rainy silent street. Fashionable people appearing one by one. Drinking beer and chatting. Music, a balcony door opens and HllYWD starts the fashion show. And than when people just gathered it is over again and everything turns back into normal.

We found damm hot leggings with an allover dick-print, which was perfectly complimented by the pleasant boob-dress which was presented by the shop assistant.

Great clothes/ great people/ thanks for the show/ thanks for the beer and inspiration!



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We were just discussing the situation of construction works in Berlin when we ended up having not enough bikes and due to the crazy weather circumstances were stuck in one traffic jam after another.

The new location of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin (which we have to say has never been as good as this year) is actually situated quite central in Wedding but the 4 kilometres could easily take one 60min. In the end I missed two shows. One due to a traffic jam in front of the PREMIUM fair (due to its new concept they had big days). The other one because I could not find a parking lot.

The Bread & Butter turns up with big news every season. And this year they say ‚Bye Bye Berlin. We are moving back to Barcelona!’. The mayor of Berlin had his own style of answering by not showing up for the fair’s opening and dancing on another event. A moment of loss but who knows they might come back sooner than they expect themselves.

And the PANORAMA fair. Successful at the most miserable location (Yes it’s true the new airport did still not open yet.) just moved to the Internationale Congress Centrum Berlin in former West Berlin and rocked with a expanding portfolio of brands. Congrats!

Another point to be mentioned is of course the weather. Berlin winters used to be freezing and summers hot. From year to year the climate seems to change but on Fashion Week the weather sticks to the rule. This year again: heavy rains, thunderstorms, sun and sticky air in a row. What to wear? How to keep hair and shoes dry? But as Berlin is a relaxed city one did not get any comments on bad hair days. The more you meet and discuss which rain or heat did what harm to you and your outfit.

Lessons learned. A swedish guy has beer for breakfast, lunch and supper. Get one of those fancy transparent rain coats to wear while cycling from one spot to another or use the public transport instead. Have a cool story for your wasted outfit and wear it with style. Even people talk Berlin Fashion Week dead and big players are moving on there is still so much more to explore in this pulsing city of change. We are not dead we are just about to explode.



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A quick check in with the Bread & Butter we did not want to miss out – especially if it is really moving to Barcelona next season. Situated at the Flughafen Tempelhof it is having the best location. Themed under CARNEVAL DO BRASIL the tradeshow for selected brands showed up in a Brasilian festival costume. Inside the brands on their casual fair stands outside bedded in a summery festival playground with pools, hammock, a container city, barbecue places and a market space for gorgeous little design and clothing specialities.

We had a stroll through the stands met some very nice people and enjoyed a few chilled beer until the bar closed like last summer due to a thunderstorm – but this time only for 30 minutes.

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English label You Must Create have paired up with fellow Brit Natasha Khan, Bat For Lashes on an exclusive spring-summer capsule collection!
It’s easy to crush on her! And the collection!

Inspired by warm sunsets and a playful ’70s motel storyline, the range includes tees, caps, pants and sneakers, all plastered with Natasha’s super special handmade design!

Unfortunately it seems as if we can only get the collection in Australia so far!
jwsigpro cache 2e22fc732e bat for ymc 1



jwsigpro cache 2e22fc732e bat for ymc 3







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ODDITORY won the category best Fashion Film at BERLIN fashion FILM FESTIVAL 2013!
What first seems like a normal lecture at University develops differently than probably expected!
Just see for yourself:

(we are already looking forward to this years Berlin fashion Film Festival in July!)



Written and Directed by Monica Menez
Director of Photography: Paul Robert Klinar, GSC
Casting / Models by Brodybookings Stuttgart
Music: Yo van Lenz / HearDis! Corporate Sound
Stylist: Sanne Roesch
Stylist Assistent: Lisa Gronbach
Make up: Sabine Nania (Chief Makeup Artist), Arbresha Dika, Eleni Yannopoulos, Rebecca Heitmann, Sarah Rabel, Samela Ramovic, Sebastian Salas
Editor: Milos Savic
Colorgrading: Klinar Film
Gaffer: Peter Schöllhorn
Bestboy: Pay Guera
1st AC Moritz Schreiner
2nd AC David Kretschmer
Cast: Students (all by Brodybookings) Aljoscha Amo, Christian, David Dominik, Jasmin, Kevin, Leo, Lukas, Marcel, Marijana, Max, Nina, Pauline, Polly, Sarah, Sophia, Veruschka, Teacher: Thomas Lempertz



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