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Poster works by Stine Marie Jacobsen

Stine Marie Jacobsen is a bright inspiring artist from Denmark. Performance, video, photo and film compose her complex work:

/ How would you finish these sentences, Stine?

▽ In these times of text compression and over-flow of Top 10 to 25 lists…but ok here we go (laughs)

Children should always believe …. and not loose faith in magic, love and themselves.
The darkest colour is…. the one you can imagine but not depict.
If you touch a butterfly … and inhale the dust you stole from it, you will for a brief moment become the saddest person alive.
Nothing is more powerful than … working together.

/ We came across your work through the Skankaloss Festival in Gagnef, Sweden. In which way were you involved as an artist?

▽ I was invited to do a work for the festival and made a performative intervention in the form of five posters and actions called “Sensitive Observers”.

/ Can you elaborate on your work at the Festival setting, please?

▽ The posters each had an informational instruction which a group of performers were hired to do at the festival. The poster sentences are written in white text on dark green backgrounds, reminding one of chalk on a school board and were hung in trees around the festival near the designated areas: concert stage, bar, sauna, art work and forest.

The five sentences were: “In the sauna someone is hired to talk about a movie”, “Look to your right A Man is paid to watch you”, “At this bar a person is instructed to give someone a compliment”, “Someone will say something untrue about Gabriel Lester” and “Near this sign someone will tell a rumor”.

The posters are working around how language as narrative, rumor, myth or stories disseminates and changes when passing through one or more bodies to a percipient. The posters are reminders of human and corporate communication systems. They reflect what I feel is being done to me. In “Sensitive Observers”, a small part of the “impossible-to-capture-whole” was revealed on the posters. The performers who implemented the different actions and stories and the audience who might have experienced the posters are now vessels who in their collectivity contain the work. I hope the owl turned into a cat** at the festival, but sometimes you do need more time to do that kind of magic.

/ Is it the first time you worked with the Skankaloss Festival?

▽ Yes and I would for sure do it again, because the organisers are so amazing, giving and loving!

/ Did you know before hand what the other artists will exhibit?

▽ I was really well informed about the other art works in the festival and was therefore able to “infiltrate” one of the other artists, Gabriel Lester’s work in my intervention.

/ So you got a topic or was it free working?

▽ I was completely free to do what I wanted.

/ What inspires you for a project like this?

▽ I always interview people on the locations where I work. When I cannot personally go to research I need as much information as possible from the people inviting me. That’s why I also asked you in one of our first emails what the most common action of the visitors at the Skankaloss Festival was. For this project, I had the artist Linda Tedsdotter who was so cool to invite me, inform me about the festival, its reputation and visitors before I made the work.

/ Which of the other pieces of art did you like best at the Festival?

▽ The white russian drink with breast milk! The artist Ylva Ogland’s ritual left the biggest impression on me along with a literally “new” taste in my mouth…she milked her breasts in front of us and said magic spells over the drinks and then her little daughter walked around and served us the drinks.

/ How was your Festival time?

▽ AW! (the howling version, not the hurting one…)

/ Did you have a highlight band?

▽ I really enjoyed the concert by R. Seiliog. They played a fucking amazing concert at Skankaloss!

/ We had a look at your current work in Berlin with the project DIRECT APPROACH. It is a really interesting and complex topic that you approach there. How did you decide to work with and create a discourse around violence?

▽ Maybe I should first explain the project:
DIRECT APPROACH is an art project based on conversations about violence in film and reality, which has now become a Workshop project and Guidebook.

In the project participants are asked to describe from their memory the most
violent film scene that they have ever watched. Then they are asked to choose one of the characters from the film scene, which in this project works around three categorisations: victim, perpetrator and bystander, for a new recording of the film scene that follows the script of their memory.

I have worked on the topic violence for many years and this project is the biggest and most complex of them all. The work came from observations that I made in society and also research on contemporary (anti-)violence training. I wanted to create a platform where people can reflect on their own violence and also in film and society.

It is a self-evident and at the same time really offensive way to present your art work about violence in film and reality in forms of video and interviews. What were your thoughts behind this decision?

Direct Approach aims to be a platform for open discussions that promote reflection. When doing the project it is very much about being sensitive, listening, forgetting your own ego and slowing down your speed.

I had many thoughts when I began doing this project and still have. The film scene is a protective shield and the project is created in such a way that the rememberer can use the film scene and its characters instead of their private stories. I always remind them that they can be anonymous.
I was looking for an indirect and non-judgemental way to invite people to talk about violence without me deciding what kind of violence they should talk about. I constantly remind and protect the participants to not over-share their privacy in this unguarded moment which a conversation is and that I am looking for public statements in this project.

Narrating a film scene is a complicated process of constructing a story from thousands of components. A film scene recalled from memory invariably consists of different memories, the participant’s own world view and their personal identification with the characters involved etc. This project creates a unique platform for examining how we relate to violence by asking participants to recount a film scene, pick a fictional character, explain their choice and engage in discourse on contemporary violence.

I have now together with a Danish language psychologist, whom I have been worked with for years, turned the art project into a guidebook*** for schools and other institutions who wish to work with the topic violence. The guidebook and project can hopefully be used to provide inspiration for dialogues about film violence and its relation to violence in society today.

/ What was the most emotional moment in the process of this work?
▽ Every time participants share or shared their private violent experiences.

/ Where did you conduct your interviews? Which places inspired you to this project?

▽ In my studio. So far I have done the project only in Germany. Later this year I will do it in Denmark, Colombia and Ireland. The project began in the context of German culture and history.

/ What is the strongest emotion, you would say you ever felt?

▽ I think you are maybe asking me this question because of my project (laughs). The strongest emotion was fear and sorrow together.

/ What is the most magical place you have ever been at?

▽ An imaginary landscape that I meditate myself into.

/ Is there a cure for homesickness?
▽ I am never homesick, because I easily feel at home where I am. So there is no need for a cure.

/ Thank you for the interview, Stine! And good luck with your upcoming projects!


** A visual rumor experiment read in the book “The Psychology of Rumor” by Gordon Allport,  where a drawing of an owl becomes a cat when a it is drawn from person to person. The experiment explains visually how we in – almost like in the platonic cave – obtain a “general idea” of a story or an object according to our own biases and how the idea over time is adjusted more and more to our own preconceptions rather than the actual seen object or a first hand fact.

The Direct Approach Guidebook will be published on September 20th 2014.
The official website, distribution and archive is viewable on


Text by Jacobsen
Poster by Jacobsen &
Interview Lola Tivoli, 2014
Photo Anna Lamberg

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This sparkeling face covered in gorgeous freckles belongs to Magdalena Mulkiewicz, Stockholm based design consultant / fashion writer / teacher / jewelry designer / networker. We wanted to talk with her about her Polish roots, her multitasking talent and ethical fashion consumption that she engaged with recently in a colaboraration with the polish label IZZYnoteasy:




/ How would you finish these sentences, Magdalena?

passion means…doing things you love without feeling that you’ve worked for a single hour.

A fat cat looks up and…says: “What do you mean I’m adopted?”

Better some gum under the table than… in your hair

A day without talking is…worse than a fight with smashing plates.



/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ Multitasking is my cureless state of mind so I’m usually engaged with few projects at the same time, but surprisingly the more I do, the more organized I am. I guess it has become a way for me to control my messy attitude. Right now I’m collaborating with the fashion brand IZZYnoteasy, writing an article about costume design for the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre and after finishing a project with a high-end retailer in Stockholm I’ve moved on to the next challenge- launching a digital marketing strategy for a luxurious lingerie label. In the meanwhile I teach Swedish and craft silver jewelry, but that’s more of a hobby. (laughs)


/ You co-designed a sweatshirt collection for the polish fashion label IZZYnoteasy. Was that the first collaboration?

▽ Yes, I met Iza, the designer of the brand, during Polish Fashion Week last spring and talking about fashion and Scandinavian design we instantly fell in love with each other. What started as a casual chat turned into a great friendship and as we got to know each other better, ideas about collaborations started to take form. First I designed a jewelry line for her S/S13 show and for this season we decided to create a basic line of sweatshirts together.


 / What is special about this collection?

▽ The motto of the collection is “Buy less choose wise”. At IZZYnoteasy we try to raise consumer awareness on ethical consumption and promote the idea of slow fashion. Our sweatshirts live beyond the season both in their quality and design. All pieces are entirely made in Poland from high quality oeko-tex- certified fabrics. With this we want to say no to cheap sweatshop labor and promote conscious fashion. Of course the cost of the production process is reflected in the price of the garments but our customers have shown us that there is a need for a street style fair trade fashion and we are happy that more and more people favor quality before quantity.


 / That is a great concept. Did you like the design process? What was the best part about it?

▽ I truly enjoy every part of it! I love the brainstorming part when you expand your own creative limits and turn your ideas into sketches. Well, sourcing for materials and waiting for the fabrics to arrive surely is the least cool part of it, but when all that is done and the package with sample garments arrives the thrill is better than unboxing Christmas gifts when you were a child!


/ And it was worth the wait! The material feels amazing! How come?

▽ For this collection we used high density cotton blend from a weaving mill that works according to the öko-tex standards, which means that the fabrics are not treated with any harmful chemicals. It’s the power of nature, baby!

/ Oh wow! Where do you sell the collection?

▽ In our online store at, at asos marketplace, a number of online and physical stores in Poland and in selected stores in Stockholm and Malmö, for example Tjallamalla.

/ Would you say there are any Polish labels that should be more known internationally?

▽ Oh definitely! There are many cool Polish brands that I believe deserve more international recognition! I think we are still dealing with a post-soviet stigma of Poland, but well-travelled people are rediscovering Poland as European country with a great heritage and impressive design portfolio. The list is countless but some of the street labels worth googling are Nenukko, Mr.Gugu&Ms.Go, Thunder Blonde, Horror!Horror! and Herzlich Willkommen. The store is a good place to start discovering Polish fashion.


/ Which Swedish labels do you like best?

▽ Same here, the list is long, but besides the obvious Swedish fashion giants like Acne, Hope and Dagmar I admire V Ave Shoe Repair for their appreciation of traditional tailoring, Altewaisaome for their progressive edge and Filippa K for their timeless approach.

/ Would you say there are big differences between Swedish and Polish fashion design?

▽ Yes, I believe it is. Fashion is a great mirror for social sensibilities and since Polish and Swedish reality vary, despite the geographical closeness, the national tastes remain different, although I must say that the common thread between the countries gets thicker with each season. Women’s fashion in Poland has a wider color spectrum, the cut is more feminine and there’s definitely more details like patterns, decorative trims and bling accessories on the streets. I’ve lived in Stockholm for over five years now, so naturally I’ve adopted a more toned-down, androgyny chic style, which I think is very timeless and comfortable but it never ceases me to surprise that my sober dress still turns heads whenever I’m in Poland.


/ I know you often engage yourself with questions concerning ethical consumption and social responsibility which I figure is an an important but often enough frustrating work. No shopping is no solution, right? So, what would you advice to do for conscious consumers with a passion for style? How can one make a change?

▽ Consumers have more access to information about the products they buy than ever and I think being aware of what impact our buying choices have on other people and the environment is a part of being a responsible citizen. We give money to charity and recycle our garbage but so many times our fashion choices leave a very negative environmental footprint.
I’m a huge fan of supporting local industries and therefore I often look for domestically or EU-produced garments. Big retailers have spoiled us with cheap wear-and-tear fashion but it’s our responsibility to know better and “buy less and choose wise”. And besides there are so many great ways of giving our clothes a second or a third life: re-use, re-make, swop or give it to charity shops. We usually shop for clothes out of the urge for novelty, not necessity, so instead of buying more and more, we can try to re-make our wardrobe or pass it forward to somebody that will see a new sparkle in our old rags.

/ What’s the most inspiring place in Stockholm?

▽ The Södermalm district, I often go for a stroll in the area and indulge in vintage boutiques, cafés with home-baked treats and small shops with the least expected things. I also enjoy going to museums, The Museum of Natural History and The Museum of Photography being my favorite. And of course my beloved flea markets- what would a summer be without some good bargaining outdoors?! And it works both ways-  selling on flea markets is a great way for repairing my budget and buying pre-owned objects is an economical and sustainable consumer behavior PLUS you get a chance to network with like-minded people and get some tasty homemade fika (Swedish coffee break with some sweet treat) for few kronas.


/ Ok, talking about Fika and like-minded people:  imoprtant questions:
Daim or Dumle?

▽ Daim, in a chocolate or as ice cream!


/ Silver or Gold?

▽ Both, preferably at the same time.


/ Gaultier or McQueen?

▽ Adore’em both, please don’t make me choose! I’d love a fashion cocktail with Gaultier’s quirky queerness and McQueens mystique silhouette.


/ That cocktail sounds delicious! Thanks so much for the inspiring interview and good luck with all your projects. You are a real Slashmuse, what a pleasure!



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Norwegian illustrator Tone Gautefald Tveit, who seems to never sit still (except for when she’s drawing) moving between Copenhagen, London and the countryside of Norway inspires us again and again. Sketched snapshots of movie moments, festival trips and enchanted hipster creatures!





/ How would you finish these sentences, Tone?

A blue bird smokes a pipe and…coughs.
Better a hole in the pants than…two holes.
Croissants look like…small moons wrapped in butter dough.
Trust means…loyalty.


/ I’m a big fan of your illustrations and I like the new ones even better. When did you start drawing?

▽ I have always been drawing, since I was a kid, don’t remember the exact age, but I was quite young. I remember my parents used to send my drawings to newspapers, competitions etc, that really created a spark in me, to have someone believe in you is very important.


/ Do your drawings show people that you know?

▽ Sometimes I draw people I know, people I dated, friends and family. Sometimes I write a small sentence into the drawing, a sentence or something that person would have told me in a conversation. But I also draw historic people, celebrities, models or people from blogs or fashion magazines. Inspiration can come from everywhere…


/ You are Norweigan, what’s the best thing about Norway?

▽ Clean air and breathtaking nature.


/ Where do you live these days?

▽ Treungen, my tiny hometown in the South of Norway.


/ What’s the best action movie of all time?

▽ Hot Shots 2.


/ What’s the last exhibition you’ve been to?

▽ I went to an art exhibition in Battersea Park two days ago, “Affordable Art Fair”.


/ Do unicorns have a gender?

▽ No.


/ Ok, now the important stuff:
Britney or Christina?

▽ Christina has the best voice.


/ David Schrigley or Fischli & Weiss?

▽ Fischli & Weiss.


/ Peanutbutter or Honey?

▽ Peanutbutter.


/ Do you believe in ghosts?

▽ Maybe.


/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ At the moment I am painting a massive painting from one of the many car scenes from the great Vincent Gallo film “Buffalo 66″ I am also working on some greeting cards and name tags.


/ Do you have any exhibition coming up? Maybe in Stockholm?

▽ I have some paintings on display in a local gallery close to my hometown in Norway. Sadly I have nothing going on in Stockholm at the moment. I have actually never been to Stockholm, but really want to go, so hopefully in the future!


/ Thanks and takk, Tone! It was such a pleasure checking in with you! And please come visit us in Stockholm soon!






Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2014


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A couple of years ago in the most random circumstances I met Nomad Uno in Berlin. Following his art, love and passion for the weirdness of the world, the millions of ways we can choose to go, the fearless decisions we all can choose to take, I am happy to present our first interview with this fantastic guy! The pictures are taken on a cold winter day in Nomad’s atelier early this year. Right now we show some of his great work in our own gallery Club de Slasheurs in the exhibition SULLY SIDE UP that still runs until the end of August.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Nomad?

Girls that do big bubble gum bubbles…are not scared of washing their boyfriend out of their hair the next morning.
With a towel you can alwaysbeat someone unconscious in jail, when you hide a bar of soap in it.
The most important chess figure is…the Dark Queen. As in real life. The Dark Queen rules.
Never believe that…- believe will help you. There is nothing to be scared of and nothing worth believing into. Follow the omens and be happy about it without missing out on amazing dreams.




What is new in your gallery “KRAFTPUNK” in Berlin?
▽ New is that White Trash Fast Food finally moved into the building and since a lot is going to get rebuild – KRAFTPUNK is gonna get knocked down in a few days, then rebuilt with new walls, new toilets, new everything. Wally and me will still host openings and parties on the construction site. The Artists still get 100% of all the sales …. We just sell booze and beer to cover the expenses. DAVE THE CHIMPS show SKULLFUCKERS was a full success. He sold pretty well and we all got pretty drunk.


/ Did you move near your studio now?
Hell no. I live in Wedding. I could never live anywhere near Schlesisches Tor… I leave it to the pupcrawling tourists and Hipsters on their walk of shame.


/ Do you eat more Burgers since White Trash Fast Food became your neighbour?
Nope. I always loved Wally’s food. He’s an amazing cook, but I mostly have no time to eat there. When I am in the studio/gallery I am there to work.


/ You’ve been living in Berlin for more than 20 years now, right? What is your favorite spot?
My favorite spot is my bed. I built it with my own hands. I chose the mattress well. I got all my books nearby. My records, my laptop and a videobeamer…all in arms reach…  I love eating, sleeping and fucking in it. My bed rules.


/ Does Berlin loose its inspiring character over the years? 
That old whore. Fuck her. When was she ever inspiring? She got bombed out and ruined by the allies and probably was a whore before that…. just way more respectable.
I am not here to get inspired by an old whore who’s name means “Swamp“ in ancient polish. I am here to inspire. I am here to live an artists live. Cheap thrills! Cheap rent! Room for thought! But it seems that it gets less and less manageable. Mediocracy and boring old money took this city over. The old whore has found new pimps. Let’s see for how long they can pimp her out.


/ You are currently exhibiting in our gallery Club de Slasheurs in the group show SULLY SIDE UP. What I was meaning to still ask you:

/ Can you remember the dirtiest day of your life?
I am sure there are a plenty of people you know that can willingly answer that question for me. Personally, I do not categorize “dirt“. There is nothing dirty in what I do, and it never will be, since no such processing exists in my shameless free mind. I am pure as freshly fallen snow, frozen after it got ejaculated from gods penis.


/ What is the best mask to hide a sullied / tainted character?
Gods Penis.


/ How do you prefer your fried eggs: Sunny side up or sunny side down?
Fuck the sun. I like Darkness.


/ Do you have a favorite artist yourself? Who is it?
Too many too mention. There is so much incredible talent on this planet, how could I only pick one? R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz is a person worth finding out about.


/ When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
When other people had labelled what I did “ART” and I had to talk to artbuyers and sell them that crap as something dead serious conceptual.


/ You are also a DJ, can you compare your work as an artist with your work as a DJ when you think about power and the way you touch, move, upset, inspire or manipulate people?
Its simple :
As an Artist you suck – everybody comes, congratulates and celebrates you and comes to your openings to drink free booze and find something to fuck.
As a DJ you suck – nobody dances unless the rest of the people around you are more stupid than yourself.
I am supergood at both. A true Genius. I am not kidding you.


/ What are you working on at the moment?
Dude….. who cares? Nobody gives a rats ass about me. I worked elaborately inconsistent and personally pissed off, beat up or threatened each galerist, art collector or agent I ever worked with. I don’t need a career. Career needs me. She comes and tells me “do this and you will eat good this month“ so I do it. I don’t have career plan. I am free. Forever.


/ What else is coming up for you this year?
I hope I will witness a lot of squirting. I just love when you can see the cum shooting all across the room. Other than that Dirk Leyers and me will complete our first Album as AFRICAINE 808 for Golf Channel recordings in New York. First 12”s are released and sold out, so the Album is pretty much overdue.
Other than that  I’ll do a couple more VULKANDANCE Parties in Berlin and play some more unheard of insanely fresh Tropical dance music all over Europe and the world.
I am finishing 28 life-size sculptures for an Israeli real estate developer friend in Berlin.
KRAFTPUNK GALLERY will reopen, reopen and reopen until it’s finally open and got its final shape and feature some of Berlin and Europe’s finest anarchists and the few left free minds in the cultural and art world.
Fuck conformity! Smash boredom and consumerism! Free the Phoenix!


/ Thank you so much, Nomad!

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Three young Berlin beauties did declare war on the Berlin single market. Armed with glasses full of cookies they enter bars and coffee shops to spread love over the city. Taking part in the Funpreneur- Competition 2014 of the Freie Universität Berlin realized by Profund the three students became businesswomen overnight: Keks d’Amour was born.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Girls?

Wave surfing on the Wannsee … is what we’re doing all day long if we don’t spread love with our cookies.

Purple is the new… flamingo

A Fortune cookie is… much more than a trashy give-away when you buy a Keks d’Amour.

Two cockroaches on your pillow … are not my favorite bedmates.



/ After following your work of the last weeks how does it feel to be finally online?

▽ Awesome! But there was one moment that was even much more exiting: the birth of our first cookie baby. We put a lot of love in the packaging and spent an entire evening cutting, gluing and stamping. When you don’t know how the final product will look like this can be a pretty exiting process. After hours of work we were really happy about the result. The cookies looked exactly like we imagined them. Of course every mother says that her baby is the cutest, but common have you ever seen prettier fortune cookies?


/ Did it ever occur to you that a saying in a Fortune Cookie proved to be right?

▽ Maybe we should tell you now, that a fortune cookie saying told us: “Take a chance – become an entrepreneur” and this is why we are sitting here today. But to be quite honest, these sayings are probably even more meaningless than the horoscope on So if you want something meaningful you better buy a Keks d’Amour!


/ What makes a Keks d’Amour so special vis-à-vis a familiar Fortune Cookie?

▽ Where should I start? The run-of-the-mill fortune cookies as we all know them from the China restaurant around the corner have a trashy packaging, contain a trivial saying and don’t taste very good. Our Keks d’Amour cookies are made with a lot of love and aren’t a mass product. Instead of the trashy life motto you can find the profile of a single on the paper inside the Keks. Our singles live in Berlin, are carefully selected and ready to fall in love. So in contrast to familiar fortune cookies the Keks d’Amour might really change the life of its eaters.


/ Your target group are Berlin based singles in their mid twenties, why do you think they need help finding the perfect match?

▽ Berlin is the loneliest city in Germany. We are not only the country’s capital but also the single capital of the nation. In no other city you will find so many young people without a partner. In Berlin it sometimes seems especially hard to get to know potential lovers. You see a nice-looking person in the supermarket, in the club or on the street and if you don’t react immediately the chance that you will see each other again is almost zero. Trends like Tinder show that.


/ So who are those singles and how did you convince them to be part of your project?

▽ Without a question some of the most wonderful people the Berlin single market has to offer! Actually in the first round there are 11 different singles in our cookies. They are between 22 and 26 and live in various parts of the city. At the moment we only have hetero singles, but we would love to go gay in the next round!


/ Will you contact any of your singles and ask them out for a date yourself?

▽ Maybe Shimon…he looks cute!


/ Me as a greenhorn on the single market what advice do you have for me?

▽ It’s nice to believe in fate, but it certainly can’t hurt to start your future off.


/ How many cookies do I have to break?

▽ We want to make as many people as possible happy in Berlin, this is why you don’t need to buy 8 different cookies until you find someone you like. Instead you buy one cookie, maybe find the love of your life in it, and if not you can also contact one of the other singles from our website.


/ Where and when can we buy Keks d’Amour?

▽ You can buy the Keks D’Amour in three different bars and cafés so far: the Velvet in Neukölln, the Kapitalist in Prenzelberg and the Tirree in Moabit. We will also sell it at different events in Berlin, so if you want to be up to date about these events and other news, just follow us on Facebook. If you run a café, bar or store and you are interested in our concept, you are more than welcome to contact us!


/ Thanks for your time, keep on spreading love to this lonely city and good luck for the competition.

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Marc Schuhmann, inherent part of Berlin’s art and fashion scene. Seriously, go to any party during Fashion Week and ask if they know Marc Schuhmann. If they don’t, it was a Scandinavian tourist you talked to. When time travelling is finally happening, I wish a brainstorm session for him with Georges Bataille and Theodor Fontane at Weinerei. I have never seen a girl showering in Milk while wearing a princess crown in a more brilliant aesthetic than from this great guy!



/ How would you finish these sentences, Marc?

No rat commits to … be a vegetarian .
A year without cotton candy is … not sure was cotton candy means … (laughs).
Blue can be green if … I use black and white.
Space means … freedom.




/ Was your name always Marc with ‘c’?

▽ Are you serious?


/ Do you work as anything else than a photographer?

▽ No, never. but I’m supporting young and other talents.


/ Did you always know that you wanted to be a photographer?

▽ No, not always. I think my interest came when I was like 17 or 18 years old when I began to take black/white photographs. Right after my “Zivildienst” (civilian service) I got a really good internship at a studio for furniture. On top it was quite well paid I remember. In the 90s I still experienced the “fat years”. There was just a limited number of photographers and if you didn’t act totally stupid and worked properly, you could make good money.
Back to the question, I must say that already as a boy I was quite fascinated by the great women on the covers of fashion magazines. I think now that may have been the real trigger to become a photographer..(for a short period I also considered studying art but then I dismissed that idea again.)





/ How long have you been living in Berlin now? Is it the best city in the world for you? What’s the unique thing about Berlin?

▽ I’ve been living in Berlin for nine years now and of course, for me the best city is the city I chose to live in. My mentor used to say; “the older you get, the smaller becomes the city”. I think that is equally true for the countryside as it is for places like New York City and of course Berlin.

▽ The special thing about Berlin though is, that with all its different and heterogeneous neighbourhoods. You have many smaller cities in one. That’s one of the reasons why it never gets boring. There’s always something new to discover. Maybe one could say that it’s a bit like a living puzzle-game! I love going to my regular bars or cafés to see familiar faces and enjoy familiar good drinks, but at the same time there’s the possibility to be completely anonymous and just by myself, which is so great if you just want to think or watch the hustle and bustle of the people in the streets.

▽ Berlin offers me freedom and inspiration. I simply love just doing the things I like whenever and wherever I feel like.



/ Would you say Berlin has a creative industry?

Definitely yes! Yet, a lot is taking place rather undercover. It can be a bit exhausting from time to time to look for and actually find good quality in for instance art,  but there’s no doubt about that it exists! I see it the way that Berlin has a kind of problem which is that it sometimes tries a bit to hard in some areas to be like other metropolises, for example with regard to fashion Berlin sometimes ties to be like New York or Paris I think. That is actually a pity and also completely stupid. Instead of driving a totally new way here – with all the incredible possibilities this city has to offer – sticks it often with a rather conventional way.

▽ The philosophy seems to be: we just keep doing what has worked more or less for a while now. I think that has to with the people in charge and the unfortunately often rather stiff sponsors!! It seems to me as if it was rather difficult to really do Avant-garde in this city – and to be successful with it, I mean.

▽ Many designers suffer not causeless from existential fear and so end up getting pushed into rather commercial tracks by their PR and Sales agencies. For a few that actually works out pretty well, but for most of them not at all, I think. As much as I appreciate the work of many young fashion designers in Berlin, I often get the impression they all surf “the same wave” and nobody dares to actually break out from it with great and really own creative ideas regarding their presentation. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are exceptions, but they are just still too few.
Berliners, be brave, risk something and “haut auf die Kacke”! Only that way you get your unique selling point and in that way international attention!


/ What is your signature or trademark, Marc?

▽ MARC SCHUHMANN. Kind of boring, right?


/ Do you believe in Monsters?

No but I believe in little spoiled and bitchy Vampires.



/ Who is your favourite German Fashion designer?

Karl, what a question!!!


/ How would you describe your profession?

▽ It’s my passion.


/ How can I picture the relationship between the model and the photographer in your work?

▽ First of all, I don’t like to use this word model. I work with humans not with models. I’m very interested in beautiful and different personalities and in the tension between me and the protagonists that I shoot.


/ Do you have a favourite song from the time when you were 18?

▽ Suicide commando from no more.


/ What is the best Disney movie?

▽ Sorry but I prefer Godard!


/ What do you believe in?

▽ I believe that after the biggest shit and times of sadness there comes light again and again.


/ How would the title of a book about your work be?

▽ “27 missing kisses..” that’s actually the title of a French movie with Pierre Richard..well already a little while ago…


/ What are your current projects?

Planning HEFT#2 with two other unique artists, also working on a website community like a passive artist representative called SUPERAGENT .
Working on our THE PHOTODIARY™  online store and writing photo shoot concepts for some magazines.


/ Are there any exhibitions coming up?

▽ 2014 is the time!


/ Thank you so much for checking in with us! It was wonderful hearing about you and your projects, Marc!



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Tellers of enchanted tales, unicorn believers and founders of the indie-pop band Fenster,
JJ Weihl (NYC) and Jonathan Jarzyna (Berlin) began to practice their crafts of noises and melodies together.
With Rémi Letournelle the Trio lets us travel to surreal spaces where ghosts and fairies look the same.



/ How would you finish these sentences, guys?

A fluffy rat passes by and…says: “When the full moon rises over the blue lagoon we shall inherit the earth”.
You better don’t tell if…you don’t want no one not to know what isn’t true.
Real Disco is…probably dead.

Power means… P_\mathrm{avg} = \frac{\Delta W}{\Delta t}\,.



/ You guys have been on the road for months and months until the end of summer, right? What was the best festival moment of this summer?

▽ For us, big festivals can be a bit stressful and impersonal. Our favorite kinds of shows are still small sweaty club shows where you celebrate afterward with a drunken dance party with all the promoters and the audience. But actually Immergut (Festival in Neustrelitz, Germany) was one of the better festivals this summer. It was the last show of a one-month tour, everybody was in a good mood, the sun came out. What more can you ask for?


/ Talking fashion: which place you visited had the most style?

▽ Definitely Copenhagen, but in a slightly disturbing way.


/ What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to Berlin after a long tour?

▽ First we drop the gear off at our studio and hope we don’t get stuck in the freight elevator. But then absolutely nothing, just hang in bed trying to be zen.


/ Hand on heart: Do you believe in unicorns?

▽ Always and forever.


/ You can choose one robot – What are its features?

▽ Dance moves, rap battle skills, laser light show, teleportation, jokes, killer bartender.


/ You are going to release your new album soon. What’s the spirit like? When will it be out?

The Pink Caves. It’s going to be a bit more pink than our first album Bones. It’s coming out March 2014. Think Twin Peaks meets Francis Lai.


/ That sounds awesome! I loved the teaser!
What comes closest to the feeling of flying? Obviously I assume that flying is an awesome feeling.

▽ Walking incredibly fast, maybe roller coasters and definitely stage diving.


/ Prince or Michael Jackson?

▽ Both, how can you choose between a prince and the king. It’s all monarchy.


/ Cats or dogs?

▽ Cats are evil.


/ Alice in wonderland or Peter Pan?
▽ Alice in wonderland.


/ Is there a place you would never go to?

▽ Oh yeah, lots! For starters, an NRA rally, the Westboro baptist Church, and the Swamp of Sadness where Atreyu loses his beloved horse Artax.


/ What are your favourite bands at the moment?

▽ The Babies just released a great second record, Kurt Vile, Sandro Perri‘s album Impossible Spaces is the bomb, also listening to Kendrick a lot lately. On the golden oldies playlist is the song Crimson&Clover, Lou Reed and Cohen‘s first four or five records. Twin Peaks soundtrack, greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and the soundtrack of Bilitis by Francis Lai. And for a band that’s been doing what their doing with great esprit, melodies, joy and punk spirit, a big shout out to Japanther from NYC.


/ Roxette’s video for ‘joyride’ is still awesome. I wish you guys would do a remake for your next music video. Are you all in?

(laughing) Those were the golden 90s..when bands had night-liners and red convertibles and played sweet guitar solos in front of green screens and never grew old…we live in the future now, it just wouldn’t be the same…but we’ll figure something out!


/ That’s a promise! Thanks for the lovely day we spent at Appletree Garden Festival (Diepholz, Germany, all photographs taken there) and it was such an honor checking in with you. 



We are so looking forward to the release of The Pink Caves and your upcoming gigs for the release tour:

17. Feb 2014  at Hafenklang in Hamburg, Germany 

18 Feb 2014 at Studio 672 in Köln, Germany

19 Feb 2014 at Milla in Munich, Germany

20 Feb 2014 at Ostpol in Dresden, Germany



Interview & Photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Jakob Möller, self-declared Superstunningkid at Discoteka Yugostyle!. Green glowing smoke coming out of a tuba, 10 firecrackers of handsome swedish guys putting crowds of soaking wet people in a dance-trance. I never thought to find such beats up north!




/ How would you finish these sentences, Jakob?

The best Tarantino movie of all times is…True Romance. Really, you have to see it if you have not.
Trance is a feeling of…illusion.
If your shoes could talk…they would probably make as much sence as me.
Romance means…not pretending and acting like life is some movie. (Funny I think True Romance is the best movie) When you talk about the really hard stuff and dare to really come close to someone, thats romance. That is what I think is the hardest thing in life and I fear very few ever experience it.


/ How come 10 Swedish guys start a yugotrance band?

▽ We were young and wise and we realized that this kind of music is the kind that really works in the disco. And that is what is really important.


/ I agree! Awesome you guys did it!
You have your 10 years anniversary this year, right? Congrats on that! You also always have a deer on stage with you. What’s its name? Do you guys consider it part of the band? (then happy anniversary to the deer, too!)

▽ The deer is our mascot and the name is Jelena. She is somehow giving us strength and the will to deliver however strong the anti disco winds may be.


/ Ok, cliché-questions: Beirut or Shantel?

▽ Sorry, we dont really listen to those..


/ What was your most unforgettable gig in the last 10 years?

▽ Emmabodafestivalen this summer was unforgettable. It was so much fun.


/ And how about the best place in the world?

▽ Our new rehearsal/studio space in Lund (South Sweden)!


/ What comes closest to the feeling of flying? (Obviously I assume that flying is an awesome feeling.)

▽ The feeling of crashing so hard you dont think you will survive it and making it anyways. That gives you hope and the belief that although life sucks in so many ways, you can manage and even feel good sometimes. It sounds dark but I think that is where true joy really comes from.


/ How would you describe the Swedish style?

▽ Open minded and very aware of the importance of equality between men and women. Hopefully.


/ Are you planning on travelling to the Balkans again in the near future?

▽ We are not sure but we really want to get down there again soon. There is a really special vibe in those countries.


/ Are you born at the right time?

▽ I believe we were born at a time when the welfare system and the society really were at their peaks. While we have been growing up these systems have become more and more flawed. This means we have to start fighting to reverse this development. Especially the way people are starting to view people they call “immigrants.” Hopefully we will be able to help make things better in some way through our music. We will see how.


/ Did you ever get a note written with lipstick?

▽ No! Please do.


/ I will consider it. Are you working on a new single?

▽ We can not say yet.


/ Oh I don’t like secrets…What’s your next gigs?

▽ Because we are now working on the thing we can’t say what it is yet we currently do not have any gigs planned. Feels kind of strange since we have been playing all the time for the last 10 years but it also feels good.


/ Tack and thanks for checking in with us, Jakob! Good luck with your secret project, say hi to the other boys and we are looking forward to hearing more soon!!



Photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2012
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Katrin Schlotterhose. Clear the ring for Mademoiselle bouncy curls! She is the founder of the online magazine Metropolitan Circus, enchanting us with her smart view on fashion, beauty and modern life.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Schlotti?

A day without coffee is…an adventure.
Better bread on the floor than…alone in a villa.
The worst thing to wear in a sauna…nipple piercing or a bathing cap.
Life means…Freedom.



/ I suffer from acute jealousy: you just moved to Paris for good! Be honest, that is how many croissants a day?

(laughing) okay I admit I had some in the first weeks. But I actually can survive with none of them. And its better for your shape… (winking) 


/ What’s your favorite place to go out in Paris?

▽ Well, I just moved to Paris, I need some more time to discover the Parisian nightlife. But I have been to really nice parties during Paris Fashion Week. On a normal weekend I use to go to bars in the 11th Arrondisment or near the Canal St. Martin. Its comparable with cities like Berlin and New York and the people are very mixed up. I like that a lot.


/ Talking Paris, Isabel Marant (the women dressing all Paris) for H&M in a few weeks. What’s your opinion?

▽ H&M has already copied tons of her designs in former seasons. With the collaboration they go the official way. And you have to say, that Isabel Marant isn’t that cheap; many women in the world could not afford a piece of Marant, now they can. This strategy isn’t condemnable.


/ But you sometimes miss Berlin, right? What do you miss about Berlin?

▽ Of course I miss Berlin. Berlin is my home base, my friends live there and you know pretty much about every corner of the city, but in my job it is necessary to go out and meet other cultures, people and options. And so you are constantly on the run, sometimes there is no time to be homesick. But of course there are moments, for example on a Saturday night in a club…I miss the Berlin club culture, where you have the best music in the world, the cheapest drinks and on top, smoking inside – I know, that’s not very representable, but Berlin is for its “under construction mode” very innovative.


/ Talking about your work, Metropolitan Circus is well established now, think back when were you the most nervous or with who?

▽ I am running Metropolitan Circus for almost for six years, I began besides my studies and now it’s my main job with 4 editors worldwide. I wasn’t ever nervous about special people it was more the fact when you have never done something before – First interviews, first shootings, first collaborations. I think insecurity made me nervous, but meanwhile I have tested nearly everything and I would describe myself solid as a rock. (winks again)


/ Do you believe in Karma?

▽ Yes I do.


/ Which place in the world has the best dressed guys?

▽ Depends on your personal interest, you cannot say it in general. I always liked the style of northern countries like Canada, Sweden or Denmark and now I have the comparison with New Yorkers, Berliners and Parisians. And at the end I would say Paris, because fashion is very established in the cultural life in France and that fact is reflected in the style of the men and women as well.


/ Who would you like to have coffee with once?

▽ Charlotte Gainsbourg


/ Your favorite German fashion designer these days?

▽ Odeeh


/ Looking forward to ‘movember’?

▽ I don’t wear a beard. (smirking) But it’s nice to see guys supporting “Movember” all over the world. And most of them look even better with a mustache.


/ Merci and thanks a lot for checking in with us! It was an honour for us, Schlotti!




Photographs: Metropolitan Circus
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Fredrik Öst, passionate enemy-collector, co-founder of Stockholm based design/branding/film agency SNASK, who’s key features are not only his stunning looks in a warrior’s armor and his atomizing energy. Because then you’d have forgotten about his silky shining mane. With his partner in crime, Magnus Berg, they wrote a manifesto. and a book. and built up an emporium of creativity. and probably discuss their strategy to take over the world supremacy…




/ How would you finish these sentences, Fredrik?

The music video for ‘Scatman’ is…very strange and more b&w than Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” ever was.
A green chicken turns around and…vomits on all the boring fucking agencies around the globe who named themselves after their founders surnames.
A world without IKEA is like…a refrigerator without any basic foods in it but only caviar, truffle and goose liver.
Love means...nothing unless you show it like you mean it.


/  You guys founded SNASK in 2007, how does it feel TODAY?

▽ Fucking great. But that’s pretty natural. We didn’t know if we would survive the first month and here we are at 5 years old kicking it and living the dream! So yes, we won’t hide it, we’re feel great where we are today but want to go further.


/ Who came up with the idea for YAY Festival?

▽ It was a mix of all of SNASK as well as the event agency Grandins Flying Circus. We all felt that something was missing in Europe and started shooting ideas at each other of something better. That’s the truth.


/ I agree. Awesome idea. You are also happy with the outcome of the pilot, right?

▽ Yes, it was fantastic and we’re having the new one on 7 December. It will be better and bigger!


/ You can choose one robot – What are its features?

▽ It has only one feature. To satisfy guilty pleasures and then taking away the guilt.


/ In classic graphic designer manner, you guys have any tattoos?

▽ Hmmm, yes. I have a rose on my forearm (cliché hell yes!) and Magdalena (star designer) has her nick name “Neski” tattoed on her back. The others secretly dream of having them.


/ Ok, and a more intimate question: Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

▽ Hmmm, I mean we like humor so don’t get me wrong. But Bruce Lee is so much cooler and more conceptual than Jackie Chan. I mean, he trained every day for like 27 hours. It feels like it’s impossible to become better in the time he did it. So fuck Jackie, go Bruce! (the name is cooler as well)


/ Do you believe in colour psychology?

▽ Well, to some extent. Sure, warning signals like red+black and yellow+black surely works or at least worked once upon a time. But nowadays it doesn’t really matter. I mean, we don’t panic when McDonalds have Red and Yellow as their colors. And we don’t feel cold when Behance logotype is blue. So we do believe there’s some kind of phsycology but a very vague one and not very relevant to our line of work.


/ Who would you like to get your toes sucked by?

▽ You since you mentioned it!


/ Would you say you are picky with clients?

▽ Yes we are. If they don’t have a good budget they have to be good clients if we are to work with them. Mostly clients that don’t pay well are also very bad clients who don’t understand the process, the amounts of corrections allowed, the amount of work we put in and the proud and professionality we have as branders and designers. Worst is the music industry who don’t know how to pay but very well know how to suck out every penny from artists.


/ Any Stockholmian brand that deserves to be more known if you were to decide?

▽ TheMocracy is a great shop that sells everything that has to do with biking. Why not the exclusive rain coat brand Stutterheim. It’s amazing and costs amazingly amounts of money which makes the wearer wishing for rain. And when rain comes he/she jumps of happiness to finally being able to wear it and get some value for money.


/ Please describe the Stockholm Style. Feel free to talk fashion.

▽ It’s very good. Sometimes very boring since a lot of people tend to look the same. But I would say people are very trendy here. Unfortunately for Spain and Italy the southern Europe have totally lost its feel for fashion and trends. They look like people did in Stockholm in the 90’s.


/ I heard that in 30 years there won’t be any chocolate more on earth. Does that affect your personal lives?

▽ Nope. But it will affect every friend, girl/boy-friend, parent and sibling. And in that way it will affect us in the end. Jesus christ. The horror.


/ I am a big fan of your manifesto. Can you give me anymore life-wisdom for the road?

▽ All my life I’ve had more fun saying yes than no. And those who never throw a dice will never throw a six. Also when you make something no one hates, no one will love it either.


/ One last question: why are enemies a good thing? (If your answer is: snask-off and read our book then that’s what I’ll do now…)

▽ Oh shit, I kinda answered on the last question. Know your enemy and you’ll know that you’re the opposite. Make stuff that people hate and love. Make enemies and you will also gain fans and ambassadors. Works for your personal brand as well as random global brand.


/ Tack and thanks a lot for checking in with us! SNASK on!!



Photographs: SNASK
Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Sebastian Lechner, bavarian artist running his riots on different surfaces, ornamented with an inked sausage.
He lives and works in Munich as Kor Izoh.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Seb?

A world without Pommes Frites is like…sooo coool….man!!! fuckin awesome.
Trance is a feeling of…dj asterix from israel.
Everything has and end but…ja ja ja,….the wurst has zwei.
Britney Spears is…kanye west.



/ Ok, first of all where does your name ‘Wurst’ come from?

▽ milan! i am a weener!


/ Talking about Wurst, could you be with a vegetarian?

▽ no, only if she would be a butterfly.


/ What are you working on at the moment?

▽ roses are red,
violets are blue,
i hate rhyming,


/ Do people show you their work and ask for your opinion?

▽ sometimes, but only if they are still in kindergarten.

/ Who was your childhood hero?

▽ Thomas Gottschalk, because his nose is big.

/ Do you feel very Bavarian?

▽ yes, but only in the ‘fitness studio’ Dachau (Munich).


/ These wide Jeans that hang somewhere under people’s butts, you call then saggy or baggy pants?

▽ sauna sweating in bad ailing makes me feel uncomfortable, they call me sweaty pants.


Do you believe there are dark forces out there that influence our behaviour (and I am not talking about the strong gravity that stops us from getting up from the couch)?

▽ 24 Stunden, Sat 1, lesbian couple with cheese soup that collects trash? No, i am afraid of the rabbit which turns up on easter.


/ How many tattoos are too many?

▽ kids can be horrible sometimes!


/ Ok, hand on the heart: snoop dogg or snoop lion?

▽ for shizzle.

/ Are there any exhibitions coming up soon?

▽ team titanic, 29.11….snakes, spiders and britney spears.

/ I can’t picture you with a moustache – ‘movember’ is coming up, so will you grow one for the good cause?

▽ bon jovi is giving me a hard time!



/ Cheers for checking in with us! Looking forward to your next show on the 29th November in Berlin!





Interview: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Viktoria Spasova Ahlenius, Stockholm based photographer. Marlene pants + perky smile + camera = wow.




/ How would you finish these sentences, Viktoria?

If pigs could fly…I’d fly a pig!
I always dance when …
Coffee smells like…
Home means… Sorry, I’m not that creative 



/ If I’m right you had your first bigger exhibition this summer, so you are quite fresh in the ‘business’. It seems that photographers like to make clear distinctions on which kind they are. So what’s your label? Is it important to distinguish from the start?

▽ I think that it’s important to have a width. According to me the best photographers have it.
But it’s also important to have a peak. Otherwise you won’t succeed. But that doesn’t mean you have to put a label on what you are doing. I haven’t. I’m still studying so I’m still exploring. Maybe I’ll change my stance in a year!


/ If you can choose to have a crazy tea party and the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions – with who would it be?

▽ Duane Michals, Beyonce, Joyce Carol Oates and Marina Abramovic!


/ Berlin and Stockholm. You grew up in both places, what would you say is the biggest difference?

▽ The atmosphere! Berlin has a more vibrant street life. I guess its because of the size and also the mix of people.


/ Talking style, which city dresses better?

▽ Stockholm!


/ Do you believe in coincidences?

▽ Yes!


Ok, now the important stuff:

/ American Dad or the Simpsons?
▽ Simpsons.

/ Cardamom or Cinnamon?
▽  Cardamom.

/ Mario Testino or Terry Richardson?
▽ None of them..


/ What’s the most interesting part of the human face?

▽ The eyes.


/ What projects are you working on at the moment?

▽ I’m taking portraits of teenage girls in their rooms. Im interested in how they create their identity and femininity.


/ Are there any exhibitions coming up soon?

▽ In spring!!!


/ Soon the new Lars von Trier movie comes out. Which of his films did you like best (or should I rather say traumatised you the most)?

▽ Magnolia..I was quite shaky when I left the cinema.


/ Ok, last question, as Halloween is coming up. What will you dress up as?

▽ Don’t know yet..but I want glitter and glam!


/ Thanks a lot for checking in with us, Viktoria! We are looking forward to your new website!





Black&White photographs: Viktoria Spasova Ahlenius
Interview & photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013

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Rita Braz, gorgeous portuguese 5-dimensional daydreaming Slasheuse flying on her racing bike through Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, where she lives and works as art director and passionate analogue photographer, sharing her analogue stories with us.



/ How would you finish these sentences, Rita?

A day without marshmallows is… better than a day without cookies.
Better a chicken in the basement than… watermelon in the trash.
The worst thing to wear in a circus is… a christmas jumper.
Freedom means… follow your gut instinct.


/ It is a great honour to interview you as you are practically the role model of a ‘SlashMuse’. You are a Slasheuse per se working as an art director, photographer, illustrator, DJ,…am I missing anything? Which stamp is it you would give yourself?

▽ First of all, it’s my pleasure to be part of the first interview series!
And to get it straight, I would stamp myself as a storyteller. Through advertising, photographs, drawings or even entertaining at some party, storytelling is all I’ve been doing. Capturing the immensity and magic of what happens around me and express it in some sort of way, letting the tale live longer than the actual moment.


/ Also you are a Muse to us being around from the start and nevertheless designing and featuring our SlashMuse Logo. Thanks again. So besides from this job, what was the most unforgettable job experience you had in the last years?

 You are very welcome, I’m really happy to finally see it growing.
I have to say that my most favorite project to work on was my own personal project called INtheMAKING. It started with the need to capture the outstanding people I meet in this town and got bigger than I thought. It makes me keep looking for interesting talents to feature and it allows me to meet such different, amazing and inspiring people, photograph their environments and learn from them.


/ Your home is Lisbon. What do you miss most about it?

▽ The ocean, the eternal blue.
My family, friends.
The food.
The warmth.
The horizon.
The wine.
The language.
The cheese.


/ In the movie “Night train to Lisbon” they are constantly smoking and drinking red wine. Do you consider smoking and drinking wine part of Portuguese culture? Is it sexy?

▽ Well, wine is definitely a big part of the portuguese culture. I’d say wine is to Portugal as beer is to Germany…
Smoking I reckon is just a bad habit, a really bad habit – which I not proudly am part of.


/ If you had to choose a life without chocolate or a life without coffee – what would it be?

▽ Definitely a life without chocolate over a life without coffee. My body craves for coffee as my mind only desires chocolate the second my eyes see it!


/ By the way what is your favourite coffee place in Berlin these days?

▽ I’m faithful to CK Cafe in Marienburgerstraße. Cappuccino and carrot cake are always a must.


/ Who in ‘Alice in wonderland’ would you identify with?

▽ Here is something I have never thought about before… I’d say the Hatter though. The mixture of madness and passionate friendship recalls something in me.


/ Taking photographs, what is it that makes you choose an object or a person?

▽ Apart from the planned shootings, the pictures I take are basically a visual diary recounting the path of someone passing through the world. They are frozen time slots from east to west, from town to town, from one memorable meal to the other, from one known face to a complete stranger. I like to believe that my photos are collected lives, experiences, accidents, paths crossed. They are imperfect and unplanned, just like life itself.


/ Are you a nerd regarding typographies?

▽ Am I?


And more serious matters:

/ Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction?

/ Stripes or dots?

/ Augustiner or Tegernseer?


/ If you get a ticket to travel on a flying carpet tomorrow, where would you go to?

▽ Cape Verde (with a stop in Amsterdam)


/ What’s the best song of all times?

▽ Lovely Rita?


/ Rumour has it you are working on an exhibition…any date yet?

▽ I’m trying to put together an exhibition with all my INtheMAKING series, but it is definitely taking longer than the initial thought. No dates, no venues yet. Berlin for sure, everything else is yet a mystery to be solved.


/ Are there any good Halloween parties coming up in Berlin? Will you go?

▽ Very good question… Pumpkin carving competition is my master plan!


/ Obrigada and thanks a lot for checking in with us! It was lovely, Rita!




Interview & photographs: Lola Tivoli, 2013



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