Especially after Fashion Week (it’s always before Fashion Week) we question ourselves or more dubitate about the sense of the fashion circus from time to time. No doubt we are fashion lovers and love to study fashion theory. But there always stays the little doubt when discussing what if the designer would have placed the seam five centimeters above the chest would that have made a better look, did you see that little blogger girl with the bow in her head, why the hell did he choose yellow and not green and what did that guy anyway do in the front row? Because in the end we do not save lives. We live fashion.

The new project by Estée Lauder creative director and Instagram art star Donald Drawbertson wraps up our thoughts in a brilliant metaphor by saying ‘Fashion is Nuts’.

We guess there are not many people allowed to picture fashion icons with nut heads and still be loved by the  fashion people. Thank you Mr. Drawbertson.

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In collaboration with the New Yorker leather brand Zana Bayne designer Marc Jacobs launched a limited S&M-style accessories collection before Valentines day.

Part of the collection are leather pasties which intend to make it appear as though the wearer has had her nipples pierced and a collar and leash set. Prices ranging from $65 to $240. The release of the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey movie two days before Valentine’s Day were no doubt an inspiration to Jacobs and Bayne.

On his gateway to the S&M world the designer does not forget his trademark. Every piece of the 6 parts collection is designed with the typical Marc Jacobs heart.

Oh Marc, we like it dirty even we are not that into Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Let’s talk #Superstars! Rita Ora: singer/ songwriter/ entertainer and designer NOW.

By wearing one of these old Adidas trackies she brought the classic back into fashion. Reason enough for the German sportswear label Adidas to oblige the 24 year old Slasheuse for a design cooperation. Now she introduced her new Capsule Collection named ‘Super Pack’. A little Pop Art comic superhero overdose theme inspiration ‘BANG. PUFF. BOOW!’ which will be available in the shops and online 1st of March 2015.

What Rita wears sells. On the Adidas ORIGINAL youtube channel she philosophizes about the similarities and difficulties of her work, designing and the role as a superstar. But not only seeing herself of being one. She proves that the Superstar Original whatever one does to him will stay a Superstar Original. A clever move when you just put your name on a classic shoe. 

Superstar Rita Ora for the Superstar Original what a smart marketing move from Herzogenaurach!






LAVA. For the first time Marcel Ostertag presented his new collection at an off-location at Berlin Fashion Week. Live music in the beginning a flashing presentation of the collection and a big final with a singing Shawny Sanders who is accompanying Marcel for many seasons as a model now. After the show we stayed at the location for a while and had a non-alcoholic beer.

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The autumn/ winter 15/16 collection of Designer Dimitri is set under the theme Greek Goddess Meets 70s Girl.

Ethnic aesthetics from the 70s and classy drapery of the ancient Greeks are the inspiration of the Dimitri AW 15/16 collection. Romantic chiffon dresses, golden headdresses, ethno accessories and many more details are combined in the tender collection. Using a color spectrum of magenta, lime, green and purple, nude, light brown and gold. Not mixing the colors but showing into each other coherent creations of different fabrics like wool, silk, Crêpe de Chine, leather, cashmere and jersey. Combined it makes the wearer appear as divine 70s girls.



The lavera Showfloor was staged at the Umspannwerk at Alexanderplatz. We made it to the closing show Friday night. Full house and the D. MACHTS GROUP proved the fusion of hair trends, cosmetics and fashion. Classy and expressive hair looks combined with the fashion creation of the Esmod students.



We followed the Black Soma’s calling “Try the dark and mystical side of the mirror and find out!”.

Dark and mystical are the right words for describing this adventurous journey through their fashion show in Berlin last Wednesday. The designer Lukas Butkiewicz staged his new collection in an impressively different and artistical way. It was up to the visitor to move and to discover the dresses while walking through a mystical forest with models on swings or sitting on branches. And the dresses totally fit into this dark dreamworld. Straight lines and black plumes leapt to the eye and gave a raven-like impression. We discovered many cocktail dresses and evening growns – but everything seemed to be charmed – in a positive way. You felt like seeing fashion of another beautiful world. And then there was this one girl that got our attention. She was different. She was the only one dressed in white – a gleam of light in the deep forest.

This show was a great experience with a wonderful and charming new collection.


A big thank you to our Fashion Week Virgin Ella Wunderland for this little report from the Black Soma showcase!

Barre Noire presented its collection at the Stage of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin location.

Entering the room we can hear the birds singing. The guy behind me tells something about a Berlin club in the 90s where they had the same set up. Never mind I was still a kid by then and did not go to clubs. I enjoy the birdsong and have a look to the left and right and it somehow feels like being in the jungle.

As I have a free seating ticket I decide to stand behind the third row to have a better view. The show starts and the ones in front of me stand up. Thank god I am long-legged.

But let us focus on the fashion: complex floral jungle allovers, shirts with matching applications to the bottom, overhanging midi skirts, hole patterns, purple and greens make the collection round. Nice wearable cuts for men and women.

The easygoing elegance of designer Tim Süßbrich will definitely bring some greens to the next winter season.


The catwalk debut of Sopopular at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin seemed very professional. Designer Daniel Blechman did present a grungy wearable sporty look for Berlin men. Black in different nuances and textures for the clothes, paint for the mouth and nails. No clean male models but characters with tattoos.

Black three-fourths leather pants, hunched socks and rough boots as a base. Every piece fascinating on its own however in combination simple. The concentration of most of the tops is placed on the waist. Outstanding the transparent PVC rain coat and cape. Anyway the jacket with the swallowtail, black pants and boots is our favorite.


Sadak Fall/ Winter 2015

PENG. Spots on and here we go with our first Runway Show of this Fashion Week.

On my kitty-corner this magical couple  so concentrated and beautiful. Last minute seated Nikeata Thompson in the front row shouting and cheering on the models. My company has no clue of fashion he says but accidentally knows on of the the models passing by on the catwalk. They are tall, small, tattooed, long or short haired. Naturally presenting the collection of newcomer Sasa Kovacevic to atmospheric Hip Hop beats. Coral red, black and white are dominating. The cuts wide and easy. Long shirts, hoodies and baggy pants.

What a pity the show is over. The vibes scatter within seconds and while walking out I catch two girls talking behind us ‘some designers just pop up for Fashion Week and than you never hear of them again’. No judging but this designer has a fan base and for sure there will be a lot more to come.

Ivanman Fall/ Winter 2015

Good morning fashion world. Our first show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin this Monday morning is the Stage Show of the Berlin label Ivanman by designer Ivan Mandzukic.

Scattered in the white room on platforms male models are standing like frozen. Resisting the pushing mass of press and fashion people who try to get the best picture. Dressed in classy black suit pants color blocking dominates the upper components of the outfits. Whether brown shirts with purple fine knit sweater, pink jackets with orange applications, a brown coat with pink lining or an orange with orange combination. A little out sticking an off-white combination with just a little pink somehow perfectly fits into the rest of the collection.

Dandy Men Fashion with a love for details. And if you are too shy for the total color blocking on the top you still can walk on chromatic heels but do not forget the loud socks.

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Sven A. Kirstens neuse Buch ” TIKI POP” ist, wie auch seine vorhergehenden Bücher , ein Fundus für alle Anhänger , Sammler und Fans des Tikikult in den USA. Vollgestopft mit Wort und Bild über unzählige Artefakte , von den Ursprüngen des Tikikult über dessen Höhepunkt bishin zum Niedergang .

Sven A Kirstens beschreibt eindrucksvoll und detailreich das Auf und Ab dieser Bewegung. Zweisprachig in Englisch und Französisch erfährt man hier detailliertes Wissen über eine längest vergangene Epoche des Tikikults in den USA und darf schliesslich doch auf ein Revival hoffen.
Für alle Tikiheads ein Muss im Bücherschrank wo es mit Sicherheit nicht verstaubt! – von Rioturban

Tiki Pop – America imagines its own Polynesian Paradise von Sven Kirsten (TASCHEN), Hardcover, 384 Seiten

Wir trafen Tiki Schnitzer Rioturban in seiner Heimatstadt München und er zeigte uns seine hölzernen Kultobjekte. In zeitraubender Kleinarbeit erschuff er diese schrägen Obelisken. Wer überdimensionale Tikis live sehen möchte, kann diese gerne besuchen, im Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio in München oder auch auf die Website von Rioturban schauen.


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They are called Pixel Panties — Made with squares, fit for round bottoms. They’re designed for people who love retro games and 8 bit visuals but couldn’t find a way to make them fashionable and sexy. These panties make that possible.

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What about all these old toys in my apartment? Is it a collection or will you break them to make some art?
Kris Kuski did so! He is an American artist working with deconstructed toys in his groundbreaking sculptures. Check his Churchtank series at SlashMuse™ Magazine!
This work is brainblasting. I can look at his plastiques for houres and houres…


Designer/ Model/ Celebrity/ DJane/ Hipster/ Buyer/ Partyhopper/ …, January 2014.


Open up the curtains. Roll out the red carpet and off we go its Berlin Fashion Week again.

Berlin lives from the tourism despite two seasons of the year when its fashion tourism. Stressed but well dressed people hustle from one fair to another fashion show and back. As time is limited and one does not want to put himself on the line to get stuck in a traffic jam, miss a shuttle or even a free drink at a new fashion hot spot its important to dress up smart in the morning or bring a big bag to change within the tight schedule.

Getting up early on Wednesday we started the day at Bread and Butter Berlin – Ich bin ein Berliner. Followed by PANORAMA Berlin to check out the relevant urban and contemporary fashion trends for autumn/ winter 2014/ 2015. Seeing Marcel Ostertag opening his own defilee in a cream coloured robe at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tent. His collection for powerful women; leather optic, silk, fake fur dresses, see through chiffons, sequin embroideries in cream, blue, black and white. Next stop the Opening Reception of Mila Et Mila Showroom Shop Gallery: beautifully oscillated jewelry. Stopping by at PANORAMA’s Swing up to the 20’s party. Dancing at the Esther Perbandt’s after show party surrounded by completely enthusiastic people – still under the spell of the earlier show at Volksbühne Berlin. Fashion Week Nights are long – a burlesque spectacle welcomed us at Bassy Club to celebrate Lena Hoschek’s show.

A crazy day at Berlin Fashion Week. Thanks for having us. We will be back in summer.

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You wanne get in my pants, Mister?
– there is still room for you, no worries!


Already in previous collections Maison Martin Margiela showed off with some criss cross baggy pants. Last November they relaunched the style in their H&M cooperation to give more people access to this stunning classic, in which you could easily fit layers of tights or even a second body to keep warm. As Stockholm is getting cold again, it is time to dig out our MMM oversize Jeans and get cosy Antwerp-style!

How fashionable is it to dig out a ‘high street remake of an old classic’ one winter later? – Perfectly fine but if it seems too boring just change the way of wearing it this winter. SlashMuse decided if we slasheurs can be anything we want, so can these pants, here worn by R as a jumpsuit…

Speaking mannequins, amazing dresses, gender confusion and show pieces. Design and curating wise was the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibitions in Stockholm’s Arktiketurmuseet a Spectacle for all senses!

“Anyone with a heart-shaped pump will exit his fashion world seduced, lifted, entertained, moved, appy. Gaultier is alive and unforgettable”


From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
15 June – 22 September 2013


I often couldn’t stop laughing, because he is such an over the top genius full of skills and irony!



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