Especially after Fashion Week (it’s always before Fashion Week) we question ourselves or more dubitate about the sense of the fashion circus from time to time. No doubt we are fashion lovers and love to study fashion theory. But there always stays the little doubt when discussing what if the designer would have placed the seam five centimeters above the chest would that have made a better look, did you see that little blogger girl with the bow in her head, why the hell did he choose yellow and not green and what did that guy anyway do in the front row? Because in the end we do not save lives. We live fashion.

The new project by Estée Lauder creative director and Instagram art star Donald Drawbertson wraps up our thoughts in a brilliant metaphor by saying ‘Fashion is Nuts’.

We guess there are not many people allowed to picture fashion icons with nut heads and still be loved by the  fashion people. Thank you Mr. Drawbertson.

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In collaboration with the New Yorker leather brand Zana Bayne designer Marc Jacobs launched a limited S&M-style accessories collection before Valentines day.

Part of the collection are leather pasties which intend to make it appear as though the wearer has had her nipples pierced and a collar and leash set. Prices ranging from $65 to $240. The release of the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey movie two days before Valentine’s Day were no doubt an inspiration to Jacobs and Bayne.

On his gateway to the S&M world the designer does not forget his trademark. Every piece of the 6 parts collection is designed with the typical Marc Jacobs heart.

Oh Marc, we like it dirty even we are not that into Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Let’s talk #Superstars! Rita Ora: singer/ songwriter/ entertainer and designer NOW.

By wearing one of these old Adidas trackies she brought the classic back into fashion. Reason enough for the German sportswear label Adidas to oblige the 24 year old Slasheuse for a design cooperation. Now she introduced her new Capsule Collection named ‘Super Pack’. A little Pop Art comic superhero overdose theme inspiration ‘BANG. PUFF. BOOW!’ which will be available in the shops and online 1st of March 2015.

What Rita wears sells. On the Adidas ORIGINAL youtube channel she philosophizes about the similarities and difficulties of her work, designing and the role as a superstar. But not only seeing herself of being one. She proves that the Superstar Original whatever one does to him will stay a Superstar Original. A clever move when you just put your name on a classic shoe. 

Superstar Rita Ora for the Superstar Original what a smart marketing move from Herzogenaurach!






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The Road Story Vietnam: A beautiful short film by Georgy Tarasov let’s us lean back and feel the wanderlust in our hearts. Being free like a bird, enjoying the beauty of nature and exploring life.

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When we decided to meet in Myanmar in the end of the year we did not know that this was going to happen for real. Three girls with the same fate brought together by accident.

Only ten days time tightened up our plans to explore the country known as the golden land. Being isolated about thirty years from the rest of the world this destination showed us the most friendly people, a not developed for tourism spot out in this world, delicious Shan Noodle and Shwe Gyi which we tried to test through the whole trip, a temple landscape more impressing than Angkor Wat, e-bikes that introduce the sustainable idea of tourism, floating gardens, one leg rower and much more.

Arriving in Yangong a warm welcome to Myanmar by our friend with garlicful currys and strong mochitos let us stay awake far too long before going on a 10 hour bus ride to Bagan the next morning.

What a beauty. What a mystic place on earth – Bagan.

Actually we wanted to go hiking in Kalaw. Due to the circumstances we did not make it. German coffee time at the Amara Mountain Resort made our afternoon. Going on a train ride through the country was suggested in our travel guide. As the train derailed before we even boarded we took a crazy bus ride with the locals instead.

Inle Lake the next stop of our trip we arrived to celebrate the light festival, watch the morning procession and finally relax at the pool.

Back to Yangon we explored the city and enjoyed the last days together. Goodbye summer.



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Beautiful Pai.

After a wonderful time in Lao we arrived to Thailand by land.

One day in Chiang Rai with banana breakfast and a visit at a temple.

A visit at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the most famous Temple in the area, standing near the top of Mount Suthep to the north-west of the city of Chiang Mai. Here I got this white wristband from a monk.

In the streets of Chiang Mai we found this little delicious bakery. Staying in Asia for a longer time awakens the desire of real bread.

My travel fellow has a passion for great food and places to stay (and I love her for this characteristic). In Pai she found us the most amazing two floor bamboo house on a fish farm outside the city within the rice fields. As the place was actually closed but she somehow did manage to sneak us in the kitchen was officially closed but they had tea and bananas. Those bananas can not be described in taste but for sure those were the best ones in our whole lives. When not hanging around in our hammocks we were cruising with our scooters through the magical green hilly landscape. It felt a little like at the end of the world. Hippie heaven in the middle of nowhere. No not everything was delicious we tried at the food market notably the fresh coconut banana pancakes sold by an old lady made us come back.

Pai is located in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. One gets there by bus or mini van. Arriving that little paradise at night we did have a pretty nightmare getting back and had never felt that travel-sick. But the trip is definitely worth it.

Again in Chiang Mai we did board the night train to Bangkok for our flight to Myanmar and found ourselves in the children and women carriage.




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Especially after Fashion Week (it's always before Fashion Week) we question ourselves or more dubitate about the sense of the fashion circus from time...

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