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In slowmo chasing the red she is a sugar kick. Carrying a monkey on her sunglasses she can bring even old capers back in fashion. Her mind blowing temper is rooted in china's disco, titillated by Belgian fries & Berliner Currywurst. Une mélange folle!

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The sixth year in a row Marion Cotillard shows her beautiful face on a Dior advertisement campaign. In a Marylin Monroe like dress she floats along holding a bag from the Dior Spring/ Summer 2014 collection.

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Lori Allison/ Sheryl Fenn/ Winona Rider/ Kate Moss/ Vanessa Paradis/ Amber Heard/ … Johnny Depp.

Having a look at those beautiful women Johnny Depp had within the last three decades lets the question arise: What do men actually want? Is it true love, sex, pain, loss, attraction, adventure or what are they looking for?

Johnny dated some of the most stunning girls of the last decades. Got married to stylist Lori Allison in 1993. The divorce two years later. Dated actress Sherilyn Fenn for four years than Winona Ryder. After the break up the tattoo ‘Winona Forever’ became ‘Wino forever’. 1994 to 1998 our favourite Kate Moss was spotted on his side. And finally everyone saw him settled in on Vanessa Paradis’ side. Living on a french winery and in Los Angeles, having two kids one thought this is the perfect match. In June 2012 the relationship ended after 14 years. A week ago he celebrated his engagement to Amber Heard. Will the 23 year younger actress be the one? Slash Muse stays on the ball.



‘Es gibt nichts erbärmlicher in der Welt, als ein unentschlossener Mann, der zwischen zweien Empfindungen schwebt, gern beide vereinigen möchte, und nicht begreift, dass nichts sie vereinigen kann, als eben der Zweifel, die Unruhen, die ihn peinigen.’


Quote: Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832). German poet/ natural scientist/ statesman.


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What a pity the Adidas ZX Flux in Black/Multi are sold out – of course. <3

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‘Sex and the City’ style icon Carrie Bradshaw in real life Sarah Jessica Parker is turning 49 years today. Slash Muse says *Happy Birthday*!


cover picture: Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker August 6, 1999.

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spaghetti / bavette/ olio/ vino/ parmigiano/… – Bella Italia.


Whenever going to a another country I love to go for a stroll in local supermarkets.

But to be honest whenever one buys something on vacation does it really have the same taste arriving home. Do we actually use it? Once I bought lentils in India to cook Dal (an indian lentil dish which can be served as main or supplement). I stored the lentils for about  three years in the kitchen shelf (dry and hermetic packaged). When finally cooking them it happened that they stayed stone-hard for ever. Just to mention one example.

But shopping from Italian supermarkets turns out to be more successful for me. My favorite olive oil, a huge piece of Parmesan cheese, some bottles of this one red wine and Bavette No.13 (a flat spaghetti brand) always find the way home with me. And yes I use it regularly and it tastes as good as on vacation.

Of course due to globalization we can buy nearly everything from everywhere at home however the atmosphere cannot be compensated.


Photos taken at Hofer Market in Sterzing – Vipiteno. Yes for some this is not Italy but geographically it is.


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first day of spring/  होली/ Holi/ spring festival/ Hindu religious festival/ … – all over the world.

Welcome spring we were waiting for you!

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Saigon/ street food/ authentic decoration/ people – District Môt, Berlin.


Standing in front of the restaurant sets you into holiday mood. Entering this with love for the detail designed place feels like being in Saigon without a long distance flight. The food is authentic and delicious. The service nice and fast. They even have a little market stand to buy things and take them home.

Thanks to the friend of a friend who suggested us to try it out. We will come back and so should you!


District Môt

Rosenthaler Straße 62

10119 Berlin


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Temple/ film set/ children/ smiling people/ sun set/ stones/ cultural heritage/ Dollar – Angkor, Cambodia.

Both have been here, fighting in a overwhelming film set which is in fact an UNESCO cultural heritage. Walking through Angkor makes one hard to believe how people between 850 and 1200 AD build this place with its many many temples. The Angkor Ta Prohm Temple overgrown and looped by trees and Angkor Wat itself are only the most famous ones.

But besides the impressive Khmer Period there were cruel times in Cambodia which cannot be ignored. From 1975 to 1979 approximately 1.7 million people where killed by the Khmer Rouge Regime. Only four years in power the Regime is responsible for one of the worst mass killings of the 20th century. Visible by todays population structure on the streets: young people, many children and babies, little elderly. But people are smiling, hoping and working for a better life.

Sitting on the top of a temple watching the sun go down makes the world stand still, at least for a moment.


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Einstein/ People’s Republic of China/ puberty/ european premiere/ one child politics/ astrophysics/ Generation 14plus/ Berlinale 2014.

There are people in China who eat dogs and yes there came up the question from the audience if the movie was about stopping people to eat dogs in China. Indeed this was not the intention of the movie.

The movie directed by Cao Baoping playing in the section Generation 14plus of the Berlinale 2014 shows the life of the 11 year old Li Wan who lives with her grandparents. A typical situation caused by China’s one child politics. Interested in astrophysics she is rebellious against the social norms. To motivate Li Wan to take her studies more serious her father buys her a puppy. Not interested in the new pet in the first place she becomes very enthusiastic about little Einstein. When the dog runs away her little world falls apart.

The story which is partly based on screen writer Jiao Huajing’s own life, shows the challenges and problems which teenagers and parents in China face nowadays.

Zhang Xueying with her sweet sixteen years plays the main character persuading and impressive. A name which one should remember.

SlashMuse says good luck, well done & thank you for coming to Berlin.

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Noisy/ different/ breathtaking/ distracting/ amazing/ crazy – China.

Entering a Chinese street soup place at lunch time means an unbelievable noise of smacking, burping and spitting. And that’s only one example why it seems that you either love or hate China. I did not meet many foreign people who said their feeling about China is ‘so so’.

Eating is a major purpose in life of Chinese people. Ordering Chinese Food in Germany has nothing to do with real Chinese food. While we order ‘chicken sweet sour’ with rice people in China prefer to eat at a round table with many small dishes to share. Fancy dishes are 1000 year-old eggs, jellyfish salad or turtles. Not uncommon is that you can choose the animals still alive at the front of the restaurant. But they also have dumplings, noodle soups, delicious vegetable and meat dishes. About the rice; the more prosperous people are the less rice they eat. This can make it pretty difficult to survive a business dinner where one is offered the best of regional dishes. Asking for rice means the offered food is not good or not enough – whereby the host looses his face.

But despite the very different culture with its sometimes for foreigners strange seeming habits, there are many great sights which are worth visiting; the Great Wall, the forbidden city, the Hutongs in Beijing, the Terrakotta Armee of Xian, Shanghai a city that never sleeps, the Westlake in Hangzhou and the old town of Suzhou – just to name a few of them.

Furthermore there is a dazzling nightlife. The Chinese like to play and to be entertained. Many nightclubs are costly designed and decorated, there are separate tables to stand and sit on and a lot of dance performances. KTVs (karaoke places) you can find all over the country where people like to sing and drink.

Ever tried whiskey with iced tea or snake schnapps?



Designer/ Model/ Celebrity/ DJane/ Hipster/ Buyer/ Partyhopper/ …, January 2014.


Open up the curtains. Roll out the red carpet and off we go its Berlin Fashion Week again.

Berlin lives from the tourism despite two seasons of the year when its fashion tourism. Stressed but well dressed people hustle from one fair to another fashion show and back. As time is limited and one does not want to put himself on the line to get stuck in a traffic jam, miss a shuttle or even a free drink at a new fashion hot spot its important to dress up smart in the morning or bring a big bag to change within the tight schedule.

Getting up early on Wednesday we started the day at Bread and Butter Berlin – Ich bin ein Berliner. Followed by PANORAMA Berlin to check out the relevant urban and contemporary fashion trends for autumn/ winter 2014/ 2015. Seeing Marcel Ostertag opening his own defilee in a cream coloured robe at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tent. His collection for powerful women; leather optic, silk, fake fur dresses, see through chiffons, sequin embroideries in cream, blue, black and white. Next stop the Opening Reception of Mila Et Mila Showroom Shop Gallery: beautifully oscillated jewelry. Stopping by at PANORAMA’s Swing up to the 20’s party. Dancing at the Esther Perbandt’s after show party surrounded by completely enthusiastic people – still under the spell of the earlier show at Volksbühne Berlin. Fashion Week Nights are long – a burlesque spectacle welcomed us at Bassy Club to celebrate Lena Hoschek’s show.

A crazy day at Berlin Fashion Week. Thanks for having us. We will be back in summer.

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Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem/ Wailing Wall/ beach/ Church of Nativity/ pilgrimage/ … – Israel.

Good morning Tel Aviv. Waking up with an wonderful view of the coast side, shopping at Azrieli HaShalom Center and a wonderful dinner with sea view. Hummus, fish, falafel, freshly baked bread and delicious chocolate cake for desert. Later that night cocktails at the beach. 11p.m. still 25°C end of november. 

An early wake up call the next day and on the road to Jerusalem. Passing ghettos, colonies built in Jerusalem stone, dry as well as cultivated landscapes. A tour at the Wailing Wall, a look at the Church of Nativity and a glance at the al-Aqsa-mosque. Nowhere else one might be closer to religious history and currentness of disputes.

Résumé for the last 48h: what a fascinating country between history, disputes and a new generation of people who want a change.

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Costumed kids asking for sweets, mortuary drivers at the traffic light and a hallway full of scary decoration.

HALLOWEEN in Berlin, October-November 2013

Halloween as an nowadays established event in german living rooms did dominate Berlin nights for the last few days; Carved pumkins with spoiled brats, fake spider’s web and scar secretion all over the city. Inspired by Wolverine, a bloody fight, organic carrots, granny’s teeth, legless women and Lena Hoschek’s Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection meeting Minnie Mouse we dived into the dark hallway of spookiness entering the Haunted House. Attending the Halloween Oscar Awards with many spooky fellows.

Thanks again to the great bloodcurdling mastery of Haunted House!

A bus, a tent, a very old analoge camera, two weeks time and four brave friends looking for the adventure of their summer.


Berlin/ Glashütte/ Wien/ Graz/ Piran/ Orsera/ Porec/ Rovinj/ Bale/ Outlook- Fort de la Punta/ Prematura/ Pula/ Plitvice Lakes National Park/ Linz/ Lochau/ Berlin, July-September 2013


Starting right after work we arrived late in Glashütte, a little town in Saxony traditionally known for its clock crafts. First critically eyeballed ending up in the only open bar – having beer with the locals.

Next day after a nine hour drive on the czech motorway we arrived to Vienna. Mission Viennese Schnitzel; as big as the plate, with potato salad on an extra plate and beer. Unfortunately it was raining.

Starting of with a desire of sun we stopped in Graz and stayed over night; climbed the castle hill and enjoyed the 360 degree sight over the city, went shopping in the old town with its little alleys and shops. Walked the bridge of the Murinsel by night and imagined the frightening power of the Mur.

Back on the road, music up, windows open, leaving Austria heading to the Slovenian coast. The seaside appearing in front of us- Italy on the right Croatia on the left. A stop in Piran to take a first fresh breeze of the sea and to buy kilos of Fleur de Sel (Piranske Soline) which is gotten from a near by Fleur de Sel plantation.

After leaving Slovenia, just passed 100 metres of nowhere, we entered Croatia. Not beeing prepared at all we were driving along the coastside. Already night time we got a space at a camping ground in Orsera and a fat thunderstorm on top. The next day brilliant sunshine, our tent up in the second row to the sea (many campers come to the same ground for decades- which made us unprepared just arrived birds of paradise to an attraction).

Based in Orsera we explored the urban hinterland. Porec is on the World Heritage List. In Rovinj we lost our hearts – what a beautiful town on a rock, a spiral road leads one to the top. In charming bars one can watch the sunset while having a drink. Bale – reported to be a artist town – was rosting during lunch time.

Time to move. The next camping ground emerged as Fort de la Punta which was hosting the OUTLOOK Festival 2013 at that weekend. Time to dance at that amazing breathtaking location. Pula the city with an well sustained amphitheatre is worth visiting.

In Prematura (a national park in the very south of Istrien) it was time to enjoy this unbelievable crystal clear water again. Swimming in the sea after getting up from a tent is the best morning exercise in the world.

Final stop in Croatia was the Plitvice Lakes National Park in the very west of the country. Lets do not talk about how and when we got there. Fact is we arrived at Branka’s Appartment House (Branka is an old slavic name and means armament- just for the few of us who had their doubts and expected a giant). Branka an unbelievable nice host (found on airbnb). At the Plitvice Lakes National Park the Winnetou movie was shot. An unbelievable natural spectacle with blue blue clear water.

Time to say goodbye. On our way back a stop in in Linz: expecting a perfection of Linzer Tortes. Not successful, learning effect – do not think in stereotypes.

Last stop of our trip a tiny village in the Upper Palatinate. Nothing to see, nothing to do but two weeks laundry.

Arriving in Berlin Saturday night, more than 3000 kilometres behind us we are still friends and willing to do it again.


The bus was us a great home.

The tent is bigger than expected and waterproof.

The very old analoge camera did not survive the trip. R.I.P.

Two weeks time are not enough to capture this delightful spot.

Four brave friends found the adventure of their summer.

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Winters in Berlin are long and cold. Time to pack your clothes and escape to sunny places. That does not always mean to go to Asia – we went to Marrakesh and enjoyed the oriental breeze.


Marrakesh, Morocco. March 2013

The souks of Marrakesh; aromatic, colourful, noisy, tight and angled, full of surprises, strangers and seem never ending. To get an idea and escape from the hustle and bustle get on one of the rooftop bars and enjoy the sights of the atlas, buildings and busy city while having a glas of fresh peppermint tea (Café des Epices or KOSY BAR).

A must see is the Jardin Majorelle formerly Yves Saint Laurent’s home and inspiration. Still not tired? -take a carriage to the Menara Gardens and watch the sun go down. You even can ride a dromedary. Finishing up the day at a cosy hamam or with an oriental dinner (Le Marrakchi).
Home is far far away.

University of Cambridge

Someday we come to a point where things in life start to be a long time ago.

For example when a school invites you for a reunion dinner, when you meet up with people who are grown up now- but you still share youth secrets and memories of the best times of your lives. A secure time, having the idea of no borders, exploring love, sex and friendship. Just look into yourself think about those endless summers/ places/ people that give you back this unique feeling.


Cambridge my Dear, thanks for having me <3



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