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Milano Zorro is one of SlashMuse™ Magazine's main contributors. He is traveling all over the planet interviewing the freaks of today. He did millions of photos in countless cities and on numerous fashion showcases. – Feel free to contact him!

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This airplane exhibit looks like it was attacked by hundreds of old-fashioned arrows and shot right out of the sky. The piece, entitled Avião, was developed by Havana-based creative collective Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters).

Avião was exhibited at the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012. The team produced the piece as a symbol of modernization. As the sedentary, modern machine sits in direct contrast with the antiquated, wooden arrow and feather weapons, viewers are encouraged to consider the past, present, and future of technology as it affects our everyday lives.

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Here is a compilation of models falling on the catwalk.
It’s not easy to walk on high heels shoes and it’s common that models fall because of it. Pretty embarrassing but they don’t give up…

Most of them stay pro and keep on doing their work, some with their shoes, others without…

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1. Katy Perry

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Emma Stone

4. Jennifer Aniston

5. Emma Watson

6. Beyoncé

7. Rihanna

8. Britney Spears

9. Taylor Swift

10. Iggy Azalea

11. Jennifer Lawrence

12. Jennifer Lopez

13. Mila Kunis

14. Kim Kardashian

15. Lily Allen

16. Kristen Stewart

17. Miley Cyrus

18. Anna Kendrick

19. Kelly Osbourne

20. Cheryl Cole

21. Selena Gomez

Thanks for sharing ;-)

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The 5ths ambassador of the Illustration Now Series is a profound mingle mangle!
You will find all kinds of contemporary illustrations, drawings, paintings, comics etc. in this single book. All styles & techniques are represented in this well assembled compendium.
You will find yourself flipping through this book for hours…

Today’s most exciting 150 illustrators from over 30 countries, featuring both personal work and high-profile client projects.  Flexicover with flaps, 19,6 x 24,9 cm, 448 pages, ca. € 29,99

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Sven A. Kirstens neuse Buch ” TIKI POP” ist, wie auch seine vorhergehenden Bücher , ein Fundus für alle Anhänger , Sammler und Fans des Tikikult in den USA. Vollgestopft mit Wort und Bild über unzählige Artefakte , von den Ursprüngen des Tikikult über dessen Höhepunkt bishin zum Niedergang .

Sven A Kirstens beschreibt eindrucksvoll und detailreich das Auf und Ab dieser Bewegung. Zweisprachig in Englisch und Französisch erfährt man hier detailliertes Wissen über eine längest vergangene Epoche des Tikikults in den USA und darf schliesslich doch auf ein Revival hoffen.
Für alle Tikiheads ein Muss im Bücherschrank wo es mit Sicherheit nicht verstaubt! – von Rioturban

Tiki Pop – America imagines its own Polynesian Paradise von Sven Kirsten (TASCHEN), Hardcover, 384 Seiten

Wir trafen Tiki Schnitzer Rioturban in seiner Heimatstadt München und er zeigte uns seine hölzernen Kultobjekte. In zeitraubender Kleinarbeit erschuff er diese schrägen Obelisken. Wer überdimensionale Tikis live sehen möchte, kann diese gerne besuchen, im Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio in München oder auch auf die Website von Rioturban schauen.


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Watercolor illustrator Mark Hall-Patch gives us the DeathPop Club, what he calls “A recontextualisation for pop groups who make/made the devil’s music.” These images may give you some frightful flashbacks of the bands you adored in your younger years but rest assured, they are NOT coming back to haunt you…well Bieber might.

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Alex Grey (born November 29, 1953) is an American artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art (or visionary art) that is sometimes associated with the New Age movement. Grey is a Vajrayana practitioner. His body of work spans a variety of forms including performance artprocess artinstallation artsculpturevisionary art, and painting. Grey is a member of the Integral Institute. He is also on the board of advisors for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, and is the Chair of Wisdom University’s Sacred Art Department. He and his wife Allyson Grey are the co-founders of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, a non-profit church supporting Visionary Culture in Wappinger, New York.

Human figures are stripped of their covering (“the skin encapsulated Ego”) to reveal a complex multi-colored system of organs, bones, veins, and arteries that can be seen to be generating rainbow fields and crackles of pure white energy that penetrate the vacuum in every direction, an effect that could seem ghoulish were it not for the presence of the subjects eyes, which gaze out at the viewer with an often astonishing humanity and are revealed as the true ‘windows of the soul’.

Alex Grey has said that after the unexpected death of Terence McKenna, he felt that he (and others) had felt the call to ‘step up and speak out about psychedelics’ to try and occupy the void in psychedelic culture that Terence’s early departure created. And one of the reasons that Alex Grey has become the most popular speaker on psychedelics since Terence McKenna—and perhaps the thing that separates him from other visionary artists—is the fact that there is a serious philosophy behind Alex’s work, and that he himself has been (and continues to be) one of the great students of psychedelic history.

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Angst Inducing: Born in Seoul, South Korea, Xooang Choi works in sculpture and isntallation, creating painted polymer clay figures that often literally illustrate metaphorical terms of abuse in Korean. Xooang received her MFA in Sculpture from the National University in Seoul.

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They are called Pixel Panties — Made with squares, fit for round bottoms. They’re designed for people who love retro games and 8 bit visuals but couldn’t find a way to make them fashionable and sexy. These panties make that possible.

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Remember, if you’re having trouble getting it to start, blow into it.  (ゲームボーイ Gēmu Bōi)

What happens if you try entering the Konami code?


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Yumiko Kayukawa has a new show, ‘Wild Wild East’ up at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco.

I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of her book Sweet Yumiko, and signed to me for my Birthday long ago. Love it!

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What about all these old toys in my apartment? Is it a collection or will you break them to make some art?
Kris Kuski did so! He is an American artist working with deconstructed toys in his groundbreaking sculptures. Check his Churchtank series at SlashMuse™ Magazine!
This work is brainblasting. I can look at his plastiques for houres and houres…


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There is no better place to be in Stockholm in autumn than on the roof of the only student house in Gamla Stan. It is a beautiful old house from which you see all tourists in the seize of ants. The view over the old town is stunning and if you are lucky someone might just be celebrating a crayfish party up there! Cheers!



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