About SlashMuse Magazine

About SlashMuse Magazine

In a decade of artists / writers / actors / stylists & musicians we can be anything...

...anything but inspiration.

In a state of trance our chipsy nails bang the drums of annunciation. We breathe the temptation of imperfection in extreme portraits and obscure zeitgeist. Crucial snapshots and visual trips are our appetizer that make us taste blood of the non-dictated aesthetics.

Slashmuse Magazine founded in 2011 has the aim to inspire & irritate. A poetic view on hardcore art and extreme mode in a post-postmodern society. Its the Obsessive art of urban poetry.

Online Top Dog: Milano (Alfredo) Zorro

Born here, raised there he changes home like his tunes. Even in the biggest blast staying true to his signature. He is the Master of all "why didn't anyone think of this first?!" -situations. His electric view added a genious detail to the crew.

contact: milano@slashmuse.com
office munich

Creative Chief: Lola Tivoli

Blue lipped sitting in row 3 of Iceland's opening show as if she just escaped from a circus company. She bedazzled us. Now we have her. Loving velvet sausages she can get high on Couture. Bow tie + tinned food!

contact: lola@slashmuse.com
office stockholm

Governor of Style: Zoe Pigalle

In slowmo chasing the red she is a sugar kick. Carrying a monkey on her sunglasses she can bring even old capers back in fashion. Her mind blowing temper is rooted in china's disco, titillated by Belgian fries & Berliner Currywurst. Une mélange folle!

contact: zoe@slashmuse.com
office berlin